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New Year (re)Solution to the OverPopulation Problem [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by brobostigon at 2007-2-9 16:41
In 1798, Thomas Malthus predicted that population growth is exponential and would result in catastrophe and food shortages – it didn’t happen.

In 1968, Paul Ehrlich published abook claiming th ...

actually, i m addressing more the problem of negative existence than that of overpopulation:


Fifteen years ago, I accidentally said something on TV regarding the dismal state of parenting in America.  Then I was harassed with no less than dozen phone calls in one afternoon by the local Chinese TV station for an interview.  I had to rudely refused the invitation for the simple reason that I needed at least another decade to think what caused it.

Well, I am still not ready yet, except for brainstorming on forums.  It has never been very politically correct to exposing the evil schemes of socially conscientious, bleeding heart liberals

The whole picture on Western liberalism is distorted by news worthy sensations that have been tossed around between the liberal and conservative factions as if no one else in between existed.  And as brutal and dumb as the conservative warmongers and religious zealots are, the social liberals are joyously and hopefully evasive.  And if there ever is a perfect conspiracy, this one can contend for the top prize.

Well, there are this little-old-me Chinaman and my fellow traditional Chinese, who would rather be caught dead than living the negative existence prescribed by the hypocritical liberals.  A big smoke screen has, however, been erected by the liberals to cover up their preying on the poor and suffering.  They achieve this by self-appointing themselves as the guardians of the oppressed and underprivileged.

The Chinese TV station obviously had sensed this phenomenon and was extremely frustrated for not being able to do anything about it, particularly with respect to the impending corruption of the Chinese youths in America.  Let me just describe what I found out in the last 20 years about the last 500 years on how it all came about for the purpose of setting the records straight.

It started with Christians getting out under the control of Catholicism and made themselves the newly appointed spokesman of God, which used to be solely owned by few kings and bishops.  Now, they dictated what they want God to say.  By marching down this path of wantonness under the excuse of religious prosecution, these social rejects from the old-world Europe ran away from their homelands and severed ties with the fatherland, never sparing any blood spilling on the way.  Like criminals just breaking out of jails, they landed in America and made it a land of the outlaws, by the outlaws and for the outlaws.

Although their Constitutionally legal crimes of enslaving the blacks and exterminating the natives were inescapably obvious, the founding of a free-for-all predatory society, enabled by powerful machines of wars and propaganda, was contrarily propagated as of something benevolent and glorious .

The American image since then has been made impeccable by the oratorical skills of politicians and prize-winning acting of movie stars. And the mobbish public ceremoniously swallowed it hook, line and sinker.  They needed it as a morale booster, when showing off to others, in the face of deteriorating social conditions at home.

And the implementation of  the new democratic custom of widespread balloting to form a unified mob has since caused havoc in the World.  No country has been a match for the democratic war machine.  The me-generation was also ushered in with flying colors.  Besides the minorities, nonvoting poor and unsuspecting non-mob'lized people of the old countries, the largest group of victims is the kids and the unborn, who can't vote.

Family and parenting are joyously replaced by divorce and fatherlessness, and sometimes, gayly by gays.  It's the greatest frontal assault on the traditional family mankind has ever encountered.  Dissenting voices are smeared in the name of political correctness by liberal social parasites appearing in the forms of politicians and social workers.  Of course, the victories that comes with superior military arsenal have also contributed to prevented the dead from telling their stories.

The American liberal scum culture often touched the lives of people all over the world, and ironically always in a self-righteous way.  Only recently one Korean successful businessman made a fatal mistake of not reading a Beijing bestseller, "If you don't want your daughter anymore, let her go to America" and sent his daughter to New York.  She hung herself with an electrical cord one day.  This father was widely accused as oppressive, and, along with it, the Koreans, and even the whole Asian, traditional culture.

Another Phillipine tennis mom was accused of being too harsh on her daughter for not letting her go to a pajama party.  The social workers went to her home and almost arrested the father, when they took away the girl to a foster home.  Finally the whole matter was resolved when the parents agreed that the girl would be allowed to go to parties if her grade is at least a "C", rather than the "B" that the mother demanded.

In another instance during a Thanksgiving dinner when a Chinese mother caught her daughter trying to elope from the backdoor.  The cop came and arrest the mother.

All this was still allowed to happen after two celebrated role-model dads on American TV were exposed as the worst kind of dads in their own homes.

The liberal scum parasites are announcing to traditionally conservative families: "Give us your kids and let us protect their rights."  The traditional families of Americans are on their way to extinction.

Thus far, the self-righteous Americans have practically put all the non-western nations on the blacklist of human rights violators.   It's the best-defense-is-the-offense strategy.  America's social fabric is falling apart.  But as long as they attack the others, no body would notices that.  Obvious phenomena orchestrated by the liberals like the following are handily overlooked.

For one American Idol selected, 10 million kids shorten their purposeful lifespan to 25 years.  And for every successful black athlete, one million slide into homeless drug addiction.  And  for every domestic violence publicly blackballed, marriage rate decrease and divorce rate increases.  And  publicizing domestic violence, child abuse and run away cases regularly on TV had, one time, actually made it fashionable for kids to run away, especially from the fast increasing number of broken homes.

One American wannabe popular female writer in Taiwan personally influenced an increase in divorces among the modernized Chinese ladies after she divorced her own husband and started to write about and popularize the American scum culture.

On the other end of the spectrum in the socially "backward" Asian community, for every suicide committed by a kid due to parental pressure, one thousand made into good universities.

The present confrontation seems to be between those Asians who are still habitually willing to sacrifice for the preservation of their traditional civilization that are measured in thousands of years, against the western liberals, who are more concerned with the next happy-hour parties and thrill rides.

However, the warmongers are as dumb and stupid as the scum are as smart and sleek.  The warmongers are trying to destroy the world, but the scum seem to feel confident they can always come back from the ruins with heart warming lip services.  The warmongers do the external ransacking.  The liberals, internal corrupting.  Propaganda skills are being sharpened in full throttle, along with arms buildup.

Recent events have indicated that the Muslims also consider this negative existence to be worse than death.  Their struggle against America's scum culture is front and center in the current crash of cultures.  Even thought the American have the overwhelming military superiority and one-side propaganda advantage, the Muslims have dug in deep in a death-wish quagmire resistance.

Even though this is all happening right under their noses, the America public is utterly and bewildered confused.  But let America be warned that, if ever the chip is down on culture,  China would side with the Muslims.  And any military-backed freedom and democracy march would not mean a thing when it comes to cleansing out the liberal scum culture.  As anti-war as the Chinese are, if ever there is one thing that would make them change their minds on not going to war, is when their kids are turning bad.

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China does not have a uncontrollable over-population problem.

It has a severe under development of its economy!

The 60 million hectare of irrigated land can produce at maximum 600 M T of grain.....enough for 2 billion people! (if we have 7 - 15 MT rice and wheat yield seedlings planted)......and still have about 120 million hectares of rain fed lands!

Green Dragon

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