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New Year (re)Solution to the OverPopulation Problem [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2007-1-3 13:32

We don't need a life support system to support surplus humans.

All we need to do, is to pack them into cities like New York, Singapore, Hon ...

i dont think people would need to stay in the "dream machine" very long.  it's really a way to replace slow dying by a fast thrill ride.

How the "Movement for Independence of California" going on? Any progress?

the recent joint military exercise between america and japan, simulating retake of island like the fishing island and taiwan, is putting me back into thinking a little hard about it.

my latest realization is that calif's no 1 resident, our governor arnold, is discriminated against from being a president as he is not native born.  so, i may try to make a sign on: arnold for president -- of california.

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Originally posted by christopher_104 at 2007-1-4 02:03
In 1800 it was 978,000,000. I would say God help us ! but I am an atheist

chris, u bring me to another issue:

Let the Young Come and Old Go

Just like certain people have to subscribe to either alcohol or God, whereas they would rather wish to be freed of both, but couldn't, it does not mean they shouldn't continue to wish for it.  They should wait for time to pass and that their wish, if persistent, would someday come true.

Well, we should all wish that we could let the young come and old go.  Pragmatically, this translates to abolish abortions of the unborn and avoid life prolonging efforts for the born, mostly the elders. Yes, it's like telling the voting population that democratic balloting is bad for you, or explaining to the feminists that gender equity would make lives harder for women.  Here, we are asking the born to cast a vote for the unborn.

It should be acknowledged that voluntary abortion, as practiced in the West, and involuntary abortion, as practiced in China, have opposite effects on the psyche of the people.  The former downgrades the preciousness of the newborn and children, while the later is a form of sacrifice for the overall good of the society.  The fact that the people, especially many of the women, in the West are pushing for abortion, while in China it's the government that forced upon the reluctant population, shows that the former is getting more anti-children, while the later is trying hard to preserve the cardinal instinct of appreciating them.

On the other end of the spectrum, that of the old, world all over is racing into the largest industry ever devised by man -- life prolonging.  The indoctrination is also so fierce and complete that here is one perfect crime in which the victims have thoroughly embraced the criminals.

But the truth of the matter is that the single most important wish any person can have in dying is that he could close his eyes willingly.  As one Chinese saying goes: the worst thing that can happen to a person is that he "dies but refuses to close his eyes" (死不瞑目).

Are natural births and deaths becoming a thing of the past?

Do we still feel that our children are us, and they continue after us, just as we do for our ancestors?  Have we lost the ability to ever feel content that we have lived long enough?  Are we really restricted now to only live this one present life, instead the never ending one from the earliest ancestors to the farthest future generations.

Such belief requires us to let the young come and old go.  Could we, for once, just be hypocritical enough to wish for the possibility of this kind of eternal life?  Why, this is a matter of life and death.

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Originally posted by amyamy at 2007-1-5 16:44
I don't know if you read Chinese bbs lately. A few Chinese netizens advocate abolishing one child policy in China. They want 2 children. Some echoed them by blaming the one child policy created agi ...

yeah, this issue is addressed in my reply to christopher above.

but the dream machine is a better way to go for people who are concerned with economy, rather than culture.

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Originally posted by johnyou at 2007-1-5 17:00
aging population has been growing and will cause serious problem if no measures are taken in advance for its's urgently requested  that an effective insurance system be established  ...

interesting.  u reminded me to post the following here:


In traditional China, a person married, especially being a parent, is considered an adult.  But how the rite to adulthood has changed in the modern era!

For the modern Chinese, if one is successful, when he indulges life to the fullest and finally manages to ruin it, that's adulthood; and for the unsuccessful, exams and laboring until he knows it wont get anyway.  

But this is far better than the West.  Here, the well off people aim at couple divorces and possibly gayhood; and the no-so better off white kids go through the military and possibly some real-life experiences at killing a few non-democratic enemies.  Then, there are the blacks and poor minorities.  For them, it's doing jail time.

Well, the medical profession is trying to make us all live to a hundred.  Have we all thought about the potential for terror of the rite of elderhood that is awaiting us?

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Originally posted by polaris1120 at 2007-1-5 17:14
I totally support the one-child policy since it is suitable for China's real situation. When Chinese people are
not allowed to have more than one child, they find any excuse to have another kid b ...

the ultimate choice may be upon only one of the two: more children or prolonging life.

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Reply #5 amyamy's post

I trust manipulation using nature's solutions more than "just" on "self interested" human decisions making alone.....

because you always end up with a nation destroying TYRANT when you choose otherwise!.....

anyway...having a more complex population control system would be beneficial to China as it continues to develop in more sophistication......

and That's Natural...

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
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Reply #8 joeching's post

naw....Mr. JoeChing, have more confidence...

All we need to do is WAIT....
When the BAM trio reforms, Mint rights curtailed, changing demography....

i call it....the Wait, BAM, BOOM....Boing!!!

and you would have the Republic of California, with Mr. CHing as president!

Green Dragon
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