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Darkeyes, have hope and good cheer.

Darkeyes, I just read again  you message, and must tell you something that I read, and also had someone tell me a long time ago.

You must dare to love.  You must truly wear yout heart on you outside sleeve.  It is in a dangerous place there.  And by loving a person, or several persons, you may in fact get large hurts done to your heart.  But it is better to really have loved truly than never to have loved at all.  I have found that to be 100% correct.  A person who can love and give of ones self is a truly good person.  Yes you can be hurt, but that is just the stupidity and smallness of the other person, not  your fault.  

Be sure that your heart will soon fill with another love and each one may be sweeter than the last because you have more experience. Just be careful not to get too much experience!  (Just kidding!).

Please use my e-mail in the last posting if you want any private message, or any help at all.


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Hi,... you're such a warm-hearted person although I don't know you're a man or woman.  You brighten my dark cold night, make me feel warm.  

last night, I told him 'I'll meet a man today'. He replied me ' hope I have a nice time...even though he want to be the man'. I still love him in my heart. I can wait him if he just say 'wait me'. but he never, he 'wish me have a happy life.'

I don't know what's true love. I think i have found. but he quit. He said 'it's the dream to be with me'. i want the dream come true. i did everything to make it true but... he is coward...

I need commitment love. i want to find it. I feel warm even imagine I can borrow your shoulder to depend on for a while...

I want to cried loudly like a 5years kid losing her dearest toy... i want to forget everything we have spent.  

I have a job that make me still have food, a room. I'll try to cheer me up without thinking.

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Hello flyingwith,
             I think that we may like to write each other. Please see my post at
If you are interested,  Please email me at

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Darkeyes you are the wonderful one.

         I think you have the good attitude and mind, really.  Oh, I am a man, and one who loves DaLu, truly.  And I have only respect and friendship and love for all Chinese people, no matter what.

If you want to use my shoulder please do!  I was so sad when I read your e-mail, that to be truthful I cried a little myself.  I just do not like to see a human being mis-treated or made to feel bad for no reason!  It makes me sad and sometimes a little angry.  But I must not be angry because that only makes us older!

It seems to me, just from your postings that you are of a good heart and have just the right idea.  I have no idea about you friend.  I hope and wish that he would return and make you happy.  But I fear, and feel, that maybe this will not happen.  Sometimes men can be so hard on women and even other men, children, whatever.  If you want to e-mail be privately you can of course.  

This will come to me and also give me your address on the Internet.  This is maybe a little more private for you.  But whatever you do is ok with me.  Just please, please be of good cheer and for sure things will get better.  I mean this most sincerely.  I will be in DaLu, in Beijing, then down to Guangzhou, and even to Hainan at Sanya in April for a month, doing some business, seeing old friends and things.  I have not been to DaLu since Chinese New Years and miss it a lot!  

It pains me to see you in such obvious pain with loving this man, and I am really willing to help you and let you use my shoulder.  I am pretty strong!  Also, very gentle and understand that each person is really a completely different person from any other.  And that has to be respected.

Please write to me and maybe we can get you cheered up!  Certainly plenty of people have posted back to you and I think  y ou can see that this is a good thing, and truly a sign that many good people are there to help you.

MeiWeiwam  (by the way, the wam at the end of my name was just to get a longon name so I could be in the China Daily News Postings, I am really just MeiWei.

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Darkeyes are you OK?

             I have not seen any postings from you lately.  I hope everything is well with you and you are doing well.  Your problem, as I said, is really one of the oldest in the world.  Be of good cheer, some one else will soon fill you heart.


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mei wei, I'm OK.

Sorry to let u worry me. I seldom visit the website so haven't replied you for so long time.

I'm okay. I joined friends to go dance recently. Then I don't have much time to feel sad and darkness of life. thanks for your such caring. it's so warm in my heart.

I don't expect the man will come back to me although he often say 'I'm his only true love'. He is not the man in my life any more. He left me alone for so many dark, helpless nights. He can bear to let me in torture for so long time. He wished me happy life and i told him I do with new boy friend. ;-) I don't really have but i want let him go.

I watched a Spanish moive several days before- 'Woman in my life' . I'm so touched by the people falling in true love. It's such a great feeling to meet the man in your life.

if some day I really meet the man in my life,... i imagine it's in a sunshine day, we can see each other in the eyes.  we  in the sunshine kiss each other to show the world ' we're in love'.

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darkeyes, ur great!

it need some time and belief ;-) believe and happily expect it will come...

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