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Mainlanders have babies in Hong Kong [Copy link] 中文

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In yesterdays China Daily I saw an article about changes by the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong to the fee structure for non-residents. It said that Mainlanders and other non-residents, having a baby in Hong Kong will need to pay a higher fee for having their baby in a Hong Kong hospital. Some of the response to the article reflected Mainlanders total ignorance to the situation.
Lets look at why the Hong Kong government took this action. Thousands of Mainlanders flock to Hong Kong to give birth to to their baby so they can get Hong Kong Permanent Residence for their children; but after receiving service from the hospital they leave without paying the bill. If everyone paid their bill the government wouldn't have had to take such action in the first place. Do they, do you think the Hong Kong tax payer should pay for them to have their baby?
Let's look at it the other way around. A Hong Kong person comes to the Mainland and in many cases cannot receive medical service from a hospital until the money is on the table. Don't you think that is more appauling than raising the fees to cover the cost of non-residents having a baby in Hong Kong.
On the Mainland even if a non-resident has a baby it is very difficult, nearly impossible to get Chinese Nationality without going through a ridiculous process. The reason people aren't entitled to Chinese nationality upon being born to non-Chinese on the Mainland is because the parents don't have a Hukou anywhere in China. This right of nationality that is granted under international law, you have the right to citizenship in the country where you are born but not in China or North Korea.
The worst part of all this is that the Hong Kong people who marry  Mainland wives need to pay the higher price because of those neglectful others who didn't pay. The honest Mainlanders who paid their bills should be appauled at those who ruin it for everyone else.
The wife of a Hong Kong person cannot get a Hong Kong ID right away but can only get a three month Tangqing which is renewed every three months until she reaches the front of the queue to get a one way permit.  That means if she has a baby before receiving the one way permit she is classified as a non-resident even though her husband is a Hong Kong resident and she is subject to non-resident fees which of course in most cases the husband must pay.
In conclusion, if Mainlanders want to have a baby in Hong Kong your welcome to but pay the bill before you leave.

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Reply #1 robtam's post

It's expensive to have a baby in Hong Kong...
I have also read the reports from Hong Kong...

no wonder fertility at 1.25...

Green Dragon

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Tantrum Tam.

Dear robtam,

This is not the "  complaints and whinge department ", Why don't you contact the proper authority and whine there to your heart's content. You are fairly typical of the few Hong Kongers who love to yak about nothing. Did you protest about the UK not allowing " British Passport, Hong Kong " holders to go to UK as permanent residents at the time of the hand-over ? If not why not ?

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Mr. Tam..i think Hong Kong has an open skies policy... a crowded city, this is probably inadvertently needed for a vibrant economy.

Everybody from East Asia gets 6 month's visa upon landing on Hong Kong shores. (i think).
If we want to avoid some of the SOCIETAL PROBLEMS associated with pregnant floating mainland population, all you need to do is to issue 4 week VISA entry.

I can understand your worry.....having to take care of mainland child....without a Guardian in Hong Kong!!!!

But, i guess many of these socalled MAINLANDERS are actually Children of Hong Kong citizens with Mainlander wives!!!!

If i recall properly, this is a VERY OLD PROBLEM in Hong Kong!
What we need is CAREFUL ORCHESTRATED PR to explain the situation.
concentrate on the CHILD'S WELFARE without a proper GUARDIAN.
and if it's the SEED of a HONG KONGER....than the HONG KONG government must take responsibility of the offspring!

Green Dragon
My Personal Opinion.

note: Thanks Mr. Tam, at least now i know cost of giving birth is not so high for local Hong Kong citizen!......and THAT SHOULD BE THE WAY! I support!

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The working class of Hong Kong has a concern!

The strange policy on mainland wifes in Hong Kong....much come from the concern of the working class people of Hong Kong who worries about working class mainlanders holding down the wages in Hong Kong.

They seek to restrict the numbers of mainlander in Hong Kong...

They have no problem with WELL OFF foreigners as they tend to add to Hong Kong's economy but have serious problem with the poorer visitors!


Ouch! difficult situation indeed....
Central Government observers, it is really a tough problem....
quite difficult to solve?
Your local resident poor or free entry via many means by other poor cousins?

It's quite obvious, the borders of Hong Kong is also porous....
but they need that PR laws to pacify the Hong Kong borned local citizens!

Green Dragon

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The point is this: mainlanders are coming to Hong Kong having babies and running without paying the bill.

You can stick your head in the sand like mencius(Move on, nothing to see here) or attempt to change the subject like Green Dragon.

Do you blame Hong Kong for wanting to stop this?

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The baying strays.

Dear wowzer,

" ..having babies and running ( sic ) without paying the bill". complains wowzer. This is possible in any transaction anywhere in the world. You can go to a Mexican hotel, stay and eat there and " run away without paying the bill". It is a simple thing for the hotel management to set in train measures to prevent this from happening, not broadcast it on the internet forum and throw a tantrum The only reason why Tam is doing this here is to have a free bash on China. What else can one conclude. You come along and spiced it up to suit your little altruistic anti-China agenda too. I can remember your forcefull rants before. Where is mencius in all this ?

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