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First Date on Friday! Some questions.... Epilogue [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by mark069 at 2006-12-9 04:49
How old are you panda?  That sounds like something someone very young would say.....

Silly of you to ask how old he is.
Shut up!

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respect & don't try to get your $ worth on your 1st date

if anyone cares about my advice on their 1st date...DO respect her & agree with her on all subjects & don't be a fool now...i kno you kno tons.  and don't hang out in a dark place with yur 1st date...cuz ya gonna scare the crap out of her...i know you wanna try something...just don't do it, kiddo!   but you surely can take care her to romantic quiet places like boardwalk, park...and remember your bedroom is not a romantic place.  go to a nice bistro place that won't cost you an arm & a leg.  and i say if you're running out of cash then take her home & give her a normal hug...and i kno watcha have in mind at this time around...remember what i've said b4....don't even try!    but did you get her celfone number yet....watcha waiting for....say you'll call her later.   alright!  to be a player gotta kno how to play.   and welcome to the klub stud but not cheapstate.

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OK, here's what happened...

Ok,  I got there first and confirmed my reservation with the matre di.  I sat at the bar and got a glass of wine.  After a while I started to get worried - is she going to show me up?  

Then I see her walking through the crowd of Friday happy hour people towards me - I don't think I described her to you guys yet - she's got short curly hair and a pretty face.  She is 5'3" with a slim build and she seems very self confident.  Anyway, we get our table and after a little conversation we find out we both grew up on the East Coast of the US within 50 miles of each other her in NJ and me in NY.  At one point we are talking about a new material I invented and she keeps asking questions prompting me to go into more and more details.  I try to redirect the conversation towards her but she claims to be fascinated with that stuff I was telling her about...

The bill comes while she is in the restroom so I give the waiter my credit card quickly.  She asks me how much the bill was  - I say I don't know (I really did not).  I see her thinking - she starts pulling out money and I tell her it's on me.  The receipt comes and as I am signing it she sees how much and slides over half.  We argue some more but eventually I just give in.  She's fiercely independent and I am now wondering perhaps if that was her way of telling me she's not interested in going out again?  

We leave the restaurant - it's raining slightly and I ask her if she wants to get coffee.  She says she has a 9 AM meeting to finish graduate school appilications which are due in a few days so we call it a night after dinner.  As we part ways I am kind of fumbling my words trying to say goodbye and then she says "you have my e-mail address - send me an e-mail if you want to go out again".

So there you have it.... it's hard to say at this point if there will be a second date.  What do you guys think?    If I do contact her again, I think I will wait a few days just so she doesn't think I am too anxious to go out again with her.....

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I think she's interested in you, but she has pretty good character of being so independent, you shouldn't worry about that. She might feel really uneasy that you paid for her.

Just a bit odd why she didn't ask you to call her out instead of's not really efficient

Try to ask her a bit in email and then you can get some clues... maybe

gl :)

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Originally posted by mark069 at 2006-12-9 04:49
How old are you panda?  That sounds like something someone very young would say.....

It was a true story, so I told it as it was.

But yes, I never grew up. I just say what I like - childish or not.

Nothing is serious because we are born, mess about a bit, and then we die.

My wife was the same, she once wrote her name on my penis in permanent black marker pen just before I went on a business trip to stop me having an affair!

Nevertheless, I can be very serious when necessary.

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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Ok, it's been a few days, time to email her! Unless you have already.

Don't worry about who paid, and that she said email instead of phone, etc. Judge by how the conversation went, and she DID say to email her if you want to go out again. I wouldn't have said that if I didn't want to go out again. Don't worry that you're emailing, I'm not a phone person. I don't like just sitting there talking in my own house, I feel like I'm wasting time, there's something awkward about it. For me, phones are for keeping in touch with people who are far, and for quick things, like "ok, I'm on my way, where should I meet you?" and stuff like that. Maybe I have some 'phone problem" but I really don't like talking on them. I like to either do things in person or email.

In fact, in my recent efforts to meet people, I put out an "ad" looking for activity/language partners, and a few people replied by saying absolutely nothing about themselves, just "You sound interesting, give me your number"... I was like... yeah right, whatever, I have no idea who you are, not one thing about you and I'm gonna give you my phone number? For me, my phone number is a semi-private thing. I know anyone CAN get it somehow, but I do NOT want people I barely know calling me at any old time, interrupting my work, food shopping, on a bus, etc. My phone number is for people who I really really want or need to get in touch with me at any moment. So don't feel offended if you don't get her number for a while, some of us are like that.

ALthough - I guess I would give my cellphone # to someone if I was meeting them somewhere, especially somewhere odd being here in china, to make sure we both get there or explain why I'm late if I have a problem.

SO... email her. Tell her you enjoyed talking with her, etc, whatever you want to say you enjoyed (pick a thing or two you enjoyed), and maybe ask what other things she likes to do so you can do something next time rather than just eat. Maybe name a few general things & see which she likes, then you can plan it.
small concert coming up?
movie? (no, not yet)
weird, but... Xmas shopping together at a mall?
antique car show?
miniature golf? (too cold?)
Small local play, maybe for Xmas if you both celebrate that
find out if she's the exercisey-physical type, if so, maybe... ice skating? indoor climbing lesson? think of something (or two) you've always wanted to try, that you may even suck at, and tell her you've always wanted to try it, has she ever done it - if not does she want to try with you?

Oh, shopping - forget the mall idea - how about a quaint little town with lots of small unique shops, like New Hope, PA? It's right on the border of NJ/PA. It's got about 4-5 streets of unusual shops (antiques, clothes, pottery, everything), cafes, tiny art galleries, bars (some with live music if it's a weekend) - you can stroll & choose as you go along what you'll (sorry, ehem, she'll ) want to do. They also have walking tours of old houses or of the neighborhood, one of them talks about ghost legends in the area. They also have a mule barge ride..... maybe not in winter, and boat rides up & down the Delaware River (about an hour each).

There's a whole website just for New Hope, but maybe it's far from you. I went there several times, twice with a senior citizen group, then I had to go back on my own to explore at my own speed & look at cooler stuff than I could get away with while leading seniors around town. There's a nearby playhouse down the road from it, an old barn-looking thing, I think.
I am not rich.  :L

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is your post novel post?

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