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In the second half of the nineteenth century, the merchant Riumin gave money for the construction, next to the Cathedral of the Dormition, of a canopied fountain pool. The shape of this structure is stylized in keeping with the notions of that time about the character of old Russian art.
19世纪的后半期,商人尤米捐钱在紧挨着圣母安息大教堂修建了遮有天篷的喷泉池。 这个建筑的形状与当时的古老俄罗斯艺术特征的理念相一致。
The Church of the Holy Spirit (1476) plays a special role in the composition of the square standing in front of the cathedral it links the earlier structures with their austere and concise features and bright-coloured decorative structures of the 17th century.
圣灵教堂(1476) 在教堂的前面坐落的广场的布局取得了特殊的作用,它将最初的建筑和17世纪的严肃和简明的特征和色彩明快的装饰建筑相结合。
Built at the end of the 15th century and modelled on the churches designed for the installation of bells over them, the Church of the Holy Spirit has elongated proportions in its upper tier for functional purposes. It embodies the most typical features of the Moscow Baroque: the plastic expressiveness of elaborate details and clear-cut articulation of volumes. The chapel standing on the low land, at the foot of the hill dominated by the monastery, seems to meet travellers arriving from Moscow.

The Handbook for the Experienced Russian Housewife (1845) contains the following justified statement: “Without putting down German or French cuisine, I think that, for us, in all respects, there is nothing healthier or better than our own native Russian food, to which we are used and accustomed, derived from the experience of the centuries, handed down from fathers to children and justified by our geographical location, climate and lifestyle.”

The tradition of serving starters or hors d’oeuvres is said to have arisen in Russia. Life itself dictated the order of Russian meals. The harsh climate taught people to keep all possible stores of food at home as a guarantee of survival. This explains why fish, meat, poultry and game were salted, pickled and kept in abundance. The traditional Russian starters are caviar, cured and smoked fish and meat dishes. The main courses are heated — rich and nourishing cabbage and fish soups — supplemented by various forms of pasties. Meat, fish and vegetable pasties are the first refreshments and traditional starters in Russian houses, both on everyday and special occasions.
上开胃菜或餐前小点心的传统据说起源于俄罗斯。生活本身就左右着俄罗斯三餐的菜食结构。严寒气候教会了人们尽可能多的在家里储存食物以提供生存的保障。这也说明鱼、肉、家禽和野味为什么要腌制泡制并大量储存。传统的俄罗斯开胃菜是鱼子酱、腌熏制鱼和肉菜。主菜是热菜,营养丰富的白菜和鱼汤--- 并配有多种不同的形式的馅饼。在俄罗斯家庭里,肉、鱼和蔬菜馅饼为饭前点心和传统的开胃食物,而且每天和在特殊场合都是这样。
One of the staple Russian fares has always been kasha or porridge, which also has a ritual significance. It was eaten to celebrate the birth of a new baby or to remember the dead. The bride and groom cooked porridge at their wedding, leading to the popular expression “you won’t cook porridge with him or her.”
俄罗斯的主食之一一直就是麦粥或麦片粥,而且还具有礼节意义。 原来吃这种食物是为了庆祝新生儿的出生或纪念死者。新郎和新娘要在婚礼上煮粥,所以后来就出现了这样的说法:“离了她或他,你可就煮不成粥”。
Bread and grain are the two main foodstuffs in Russia, reflected in such national adages as “buckwheat porridge is our mother and rye bread is our father” and “borsch without kasha is a widower and kasha without borsch is a widow.”
After cabbage soup and porridge, the third most popular food in Russia is probably pelmeni (dumplings). The staple food of the inhabitants of the Urals and Siberia, they are filled with meat, fish, mushrooms or potatoes.

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Hi, Andrewyan, here is the post you put on yesterday: ... hlight=%2Bandrewyan

Good job! In my opinion, It's a very good translation. I only find several places to which I can "insert" my own critics or advice.

Wish to hear different opinions from you

Best wishes.

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Hi, my dear Bro, hly2006! Millions of thanks to you for your timely help by polishing up my translated version! I bought into all your suggestions and updated my version corrrespondingly! Plus, I really appreciated your encouragement! I will try harder to learn from you and other masters here!  Thanks again!

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