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No religion, no tooth fairy, no god... grow up! [Copy link] 中文

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There is NO NEED for religion. Grow up!

Trust me. Religion is useless. Spending time chasing little gods and angels and all the other metaphorical dreamscape  (including big gods and the big God and so forth....) which are the dusttrails of your unexpressed inner desires and needs - is a game. zhen de    ,   for real.    Quit the game.

Own up to your own misunderstandings and get off of the crack cocaine joyride of religion and look at yourself, what a joke your life is with religiosity! Big fool, bigger unhappiness to you and your family and to society.  Just say NO! You will be happy. Your life will be successful. You will grow.

Religion??? uhhhh   like,   uh    no....   !    xiexie, wo men bu yao.
Thus be circuitous and entice the enemy,reaching goals before him: artifice of DEVIATION- SunTze

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Some religious people spend their time helping others.

Some religious people spend their time helping others, like others who are learning English.  

More harm has been done in the name of religion than anything else.  But more good has been done in the name of religion than anything else also.  It is interesting that those who hate religion forget to balance the ledger fairly.  Maybe their hate is more of a campaign of hate than it is a campaign of reason.


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Reply #1, hepcat's post...

Unless you have made an incredible scientific discovery, the existence or non-existence of a God(s) [creator of all that exists] cannot be proven.  While most scientists believe the theory of the 'Big Bang' created the Universe, what created the matter in the first place?

My vote is out until I see definite proof one way or the other.  What proof do you have to share with us that the matter that was involved in the 'Big Bang' just appeared from nowhere without some supreme power to create or start it?

No argument that many wars and bad things were done in the name of just about every religion.  No argument that many wars and bad things were done without any connection to any religion.

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Religion started like a virus several thousand years ago.

Mankind was here before religion ( time frame, what, 3 orders of magnitude before religion? ) although what the genetic outcome in future generations may be is uncertain. Irrationality has trotted out time and again. Really an embarrassment. Today several thousand million people belabour under false ritual and closet fears full of goblins and angels and tooth faeries. A testament to lower brainstem cushiness and the need to believe in the soft life of stained glass churches, mosques and synagogues. Gotta hand it to native Americans who built kivas along the lines of constellations. And to Mayans who built things like the "Snail" (caracol) observatory in Mexico. And to the Chinese who actually wrote down astronomy   when western generations were killing each other over the issue of which hand to place over the other  when praying.  And gotta nudge the Kon Tiki islanders who thought that making big stone faces would appease the gods. It didn't.

More good has been done by Pythagoras,  Newton and Einstein than anything produced by religious eschatology because this material has produced objectivity while religion teeters along the dimensions of subjectivity.

The need for "balancing the ledger" stems from incorrect thinking. The road to reality (I borrow the title from book by Roger Penrose) is dotted with scientists and the carrion along the way struggling with little side issues to address like what would jesus do... a poor tool set indeed to split atoms or understand DNA.

There is no "ledger"; no "great big books in the sky"... no celestial accountant, no one looking over your shoulder or mine or anyone's! No one need be "on the ledger" books of religion to balance anything.  God, allah, jehovah  - and company   are not even wrong. The answers don't matter because the question is incorrect. I speculate here in China that godists (my new term) will be deselected genetically (sociobiological DNA transmission transgenerationally ) by dint of subjectivity: reliance on throwing the bones, reliance on "this book guarantees me this or that..." such is nonsense and people like that will have less fertile productive family patterns western or Chinese. .

In fact there is no need to prove god or religion. This is another formk of humanity's witch hunts. We can understand the world at very small levels (atomic)   and  very large levels (cosomological) best precisely WITHOUT reference to gopds or angelws on the head of pins or what would jesus do or what would jehovah have said or allah... such tools are poorly used in the telescope and the microscope (which were invented by scientists, not eschatologists after all ).  

Probably the analysis of "more harm done in the name of religion" may be a falsehood☺ as well because plagues and volcanoes (e.g. 535 AD) have brought civilization to its knees. Yet many a contemporary of those events thought - and wrote -  plagues and the flu and locusts were a sign of god  and lacking simpler signs certainly fools in the past believed that when the skies went dark for several days at a time due to events such as Krakatoa well just no doubt as witnessed in their accounts historically that they believed something like "We just made god angry this time and we don't know why..."  So really the analysys is incorrect at the radix.

This does not require a big scientific discovery. Just a little clear thinking.

You are probably fairly western - classically lite (sic) trained. Here's the routine: smidgin of Newton, dollop of Kant and then bring in the renaissance... with big god vamping up out of the books like a Bach tocatta crescendo. You're saved by the bell.

I would encourage you to throw the bible(s)away, old and new testaments, skip the koran and go directly to read "Not Even Wrong" by Lee Smolin and (Sir) Roger Penrose's "The Road To Reality". It might clear away some of the ledger keeping and balancing which cloud your analyses. Then you can avoid godists like the plague (pun intended).

But if you are in China you are here for a good reason, perhaps your sixth sense tells you that something is wrong with this incomplete map of the universe you have been handed from the west and here in China you can get a complete picture. In case you haven't noticed the homies here don't play that, religion I mean.

If so, you are in the right place.

☺ falsehood - in this case, reasoning of post hoc propter hoc
Thus be circuitous and entice the enemy,reaching goals before him: artifice of DEVIATION- SunTze

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Reply #4 --- hepcat's post...

My post did not try to justify religions.  Of course religions were created by man.

My post challenged you assertion that God does not exist.  I asked you for proof, and you claim that all that is necessary is 'clear thinking'.

My clear thinking is that you pulled that gem from someplace 'the sun don't shine', and cannot back up your claims with any evidence or logical debate other than, 'I just know it is the truth'.

I claim that no convincing evidence or proof exists to prove or disprove the existence of a supreme being.  Now it is up to you to convince me of your point of view.  I don't trust your 'clear thinking' because I don't know you are,or what your background is.  Maybe I can help you start your argument:  What created the matter which is the basis of what the 'Big Bang Theory' says was one glob of stuff that was building blocks of everything in the Universe?  How was it formed?  Where did it come from?  What started the 'big bang'?

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All cultures have religion.

All human cultures have religion.  Some people believe that humans created god(s) in order to make themselves important.  Humans wanted order and predictability and in disordered world.  It was just too difficult for a caveman to believe that his life was so unimportant that it could end just by bad luck.  So the caveman created a god who was all-powerful, and then whenever something bad happened, it happened because the caveman did something wrong to make the god(s) angry.  Soon higher powers were behind everything that could not be predicted.  The hunt, tomorrow's weather, the growing season.

I don't know if there's any truth to this.

Even as our universe is ever-expanding, it itself seems to be contained in something else.  It's like a balloon that is expanding.  But the balloon is in your room, in your home, on the surface of the earth, which is in the solar system, which is in the galaxy, which is in the universe, which is expanding like the balloon, and is inside something else.  What's beyond the ever-expanding edge of the universe?

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Mr. are interesting!

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