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Virgin, so important? [Copy link] 中文

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And you should go away with such kind of men, it is too bad.

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Always thought it funny that.....

the men that want virgin women in bed always want "experienced" workers when it comes to employment.

that cowboys always prefer a horse that's been broken in, etc. etc.

Virginity is much overrated.  
Communication is the most important source of personal power.

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may be it is the culture and customs made this question so historical..............
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Originally posted by iamnobody at 2006-10-16 15:22
Always see some question post on the internet such as " I am not a virgin but how to tell my boyfriend?" or "Do you care that your girl friend is not a virgin?" As a girl always ...

If only under 30 people not a problem, if only under 300 people we have a problem....character....

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While I agree with you, I must still state that there is no right or wrong for others.  It is their choice, not mine to like what they like.

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I'm a Canadian living in Africa and I just came across this post when I was doin a study on the age that most girls loose their virginity. The attitudes over here are really casual when it comes to sex pretty much the same as overseas in the country I'm living in as well as South Africa I am sure.

Forgive me for not exactly reading in detail all the posts above but

Originally posted by iamnobody at 2006-10-17 10:27
Thank you susansusan. Only girls in China or grow in China can know that

I just wanted to say that shouldn't this go for a guy as well as a girl??? What people don't understand is that guys who loose their virginity later hurt much more than guys who don't. And since 90% of guys actually loose their virginity between the ages of 14-15 these days you find there's not alot of support for these guys. I'm 20 now and things have changed SO FAST in the past few years it's crazy.

Read this the first few reports on this page.

Now you'll see from there according to stats in 2000....

the age at which most girls lose their virginity has dropped by four years - from 23 to 19 - within one generation.

And it now has dropped another four to like 14-15 in just a few short years again. I grew up in a home that wasn't exactly Christian or anything but just had more strict rules than morals and so I always had this attitude to sex that wrong and all that stuff you think when you're a virgin so strong, it hurt too bad to find out that my first girl friend was not a virgin, even if I was supposedly the second one (though I doubt it lol).
So what do you guys think and I also heard that Asian people had a lot of morals especially in China and Japan so is this true and are the girls their mostly virgin till they get to 18??? Thanks for readin.

Sorry for raising this thread back from the dead but it's not too old and I just wanted to see what  y'all think.  And I'm thinking of coming to live in Asia when I finish my degree so there's a nice reason. I've always admired you guys. :)

BTW, I lost my virginity when I was 19.

Edit: Just wanted to add I think the attitude people have (especially guys) to virginity depends on how you were brought up and what beliefs you've always had. My brother doesen't care that his first one wasn't a virgin. Considering the fact girl's emotional center of the brain is 30% more advanced it's understandable that they lose their virginity fast and can get over it easily compared to boys.

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not so

If my GF is a Virgin, I will be happy. Cause one day she may become my wife.
If my GF is not a Virgin, I will not be sad. Cause one day she may leave me.

If my virgin GF leaves me, I will be so sad. Cause we may develop to good pair.  
If my non-virgin GF and me have the chance to get married, I will not be sad.
Cause we have both made a choice.

If I get the opportunity to choose between a virgin one and a non-virgin one, I will first consider the virgin one. Cause she will give her whole love to me once I win her heart, and always will do.

But If the non-vrigin one has a crush on me and decide to love me until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, I will definitely choose her. Cause I know she is the only one.

What if both virgin and non-virgin make a strong mind to love me?
I don't know. Who can tell me?
A bosom friend afar brings distance near!

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