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installation与erection的区别? (E--C) [Copy link] 中文

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Electrical installation up to the motors and low voltage distribution with switch gears, including erection.

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The act of installing something (as equipment); A building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry; A formal entry into an organization or position or office
Something erected; a construction.

如题所示:erection 指的是基础设施的安装,如架子等  电线杆之类可以用ERECTION 不用INSTALLATION

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use seperately in different field

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Erection是动词加后缀变化而来的,erect的英文含义是set upright,fix or place inand upright position, set at right angles,中文是向上装配的意思。因此这个词多用于厂房的修建,construction of buildings by builders,电力工程往往是一座发电站的建造,动力锅炉是电厂的核心装置,达五六十米之高,真是平地出高楼。erection这个词来表示电厂建设的安装、建造是一个很恰当的词。当然erection也有puttogether,assemble之意,这只是词义间的相互转换罢了,也是近义词的体现。但总的来讲erection这个词适用范围远比installation这个词要广,它含有installation,而installation却不含有erection,因此大型设备的安装要用erection这个词。


  The erection comprises installation of the quoted air cooled condenser readyfor operation complete with auxiliary units including supply of the requiredlifting appliances and scaffoldings, supply of site equipment and necessarytools, unloading and storage of the supplied material and the final paint coatof surface other than those galvanized before, but excluding installation of electrical equipment.


  另外,当我们把安装作为一个集合词,对整体设备进行安装时用的都是erection这个词,例如:Erection will be made by an erection contractor appointed by GEA with all workinvolved supervised by a GEA site manager.During the erection process , quality assurance tests covering essentialplant sections will be made on the basis of an erection test plan , including, but not limited to leak tests of the heat exchanger bundles , thedistribution and dephlegmator piping . Completion of erection is recorded inan erection acceptance report , listing missing and/or outstanding work , ifany.Start of erection on the agreed dateErection of the plant will be made by one or several erection contractorson behalf of GEA . Coordination between the erection contractors and theclient will be made by a site manager appointed by GEA , and this normally is a GEA supervisor.

  installation是动名词install加后缀变化而来的,install的英文译义是set inposition and connect or adjust for use , place or fix (apparatus) in positionfor use . install没有erect那样明确地指出安装工作是自下而上的,它可以是一种设备安装,组合到整个系统中去,例如:

  Central heating has been installed in our house.After installation of the main and auxiliary condensate pumps , installationof the piping of the condensate system is made.Installation starting at the dephlegmator piping to the condensate tank andfrom there to the main condensate pumps and on to the inter-and aftercondensers of the steam jets to the limit of supply.Installation of the auxiliary condense pipes-starting at the hotwell via theauxiliary condensate pumps to the condensate tank.


  On completion of the preassembly , the complete bridge is lifted to itsfinal position with a crane.Assembly of A-frames at ground level.The A-frames are assembled in groups on the ground and lifted by a crane onthe platform , where they are bolted.Mounting of ladders and access platformsLadders and access platforms are mounted during the erection phase of thesteel structure.

  A car equipped with air conditioning带空调的车

  另外涉及安装的词中还可用到place , bolt , fit等词,这些词可以把安装的动作更具体化。如:

  Placing of bridges into leveled supporting points.将(风机)桥架放置到水平支撑点上。

  Bolting of base plates to bridge steelworks.将底板用螺栓紧固到风机桥架的刚件上。

  Filling of fan blades装配风机叶片

  通过以上例句可以看出,erection这个词除了有向上装配,建造的意义外,其含义较为广泛,还应包括installation , assembly , mount等义,而不是后者包括前者。


for more information, please access the following URL
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

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I remembered I had saw this ID at before. great!!

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richan Post time: 2011-12-15 09:42
I remembered I had saw this ID at before. great!!



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tempax Post time: 2006-10-9 00:22

  设备安装在招投标文件中最常见的是installation这个词,其实正确的选 ...

我觉得erection 很少用。
我翻译的时候做多见的是installation,mount, set up, buid up, assembly,install, fix up,get set 这一类的词。


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