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中国招商国际  招商局国际
Video Treatment – Idea
Eight Impressions of China
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
Lao Tzu
“千里之行,始于足下”—-- 老子
This idea ONLY used the calligraphy artist... but we then see that he has designed a special CM container - with the Chinese writing and CM logo on the container... which then travels from the factory, along the highway, to the port - loaded - and then unloaded in another country.
这个创意“只”用到书法家…., 但是我们当时发现设计人员设计了一个特殊的带有“CM”标志的集装箱---- 集装箱上有汉字和“CM”标志---- 集装箱运出工厂,沿着公路进入港口, 然后被装到船只上,再后来就在另一个国家从船只上卸下。

‘Expressions’ is a 5-minute introduction to the business activities and values of China Merchants International.
“展示语句” 为5分钟的引子,介绍中国招商国际的商务活动和企业价值理念。

The idea behind this video is to inter-cut between close up details of a calligraphy artist’s brush strokes – painting black Chinese characters onto a white surface – and to then show strong vivid images that depict China Merchant’s business operations – in high contrast tones that appear like painted Chinese characters.
本录像背后的创意集中在书法家笔划特写镜头细节之间的镜头切换---- 在白色的表明上挥毫写出汉字---- 然后画面显示出反映中国招商国际商务经营活动的活生生的动人画面--- 正好以鲜明对比色调彰显写出的汉字。

The video progresses from the calligrapher’s brush strokes and the images of the ports, container manufacturing and toll road businesses, to reveal that the artist has painted an entire new shipping container – using descriptive Chinese characters – and the CMI logo.
录像从书画家的笔画推进,然后显示出港口、集装箱加工和道路收费站等活动的图像,从而显示出艺术家勾画的一个全新的海运集装箱---- 使用描述性的汉字和CMI(中国招商国际)标志。

We then see the white container with black Chinese characters as it leaves the factory along side other new containers. It is loaded onto a truck that travels along the toll roads, enters the port gate operated by China Merchants and is hoisted by a gantry crane onto an international ship. We can even see the container as it cruises on the open sea – and arrives at another port halfway around the world.
然后我们看见写着汉字的白色集装箱离开工厂,沿着其他新集装箱的边沿缓缓而行。 然后装上一辆卡车,沿着收费道路运行,进入中国招商国际操作的港口大门,接着被门式起重机吊起装上国际远洋轮船。我们甚至看见集装箱在开阔海面上航行, 最后在环球航行的半途中抵达另外一个港口。

Chinese characters, painted in a traditional calligraphy style, are used throughout the video as graphic headings to describe the group’s activities – and to help illustrate the meaning and values behind the business.

整个录像片采用以传统的书法笔墨技法书写的汉字作为图像标题,用来描述该集团公司的商务活动---- 这样有助于揭示商务活动背后的含义和价值观。


Large handwritten Chinese characters appear down the right of frame, with a smaller subtle English translation appearing elsewhere in frame.


Expressions – reflects the relationship of the company’s long history, strength and connection – within a nation - at the center of the world’s attention.
“展示语句”--- 反映出该公司在国家范围内的历史、实力和社会联系的各层关系---并成为世界关注的中心。

Our Business        -         describes “what we do”
Our People        -        describes “why our people are important”
Our History        -        describes “our heritage”
Our Word                -         describes “what we believe in”

In addition to these symbolic associations, we can insert key business values or business messages – using the same calligraphy style treatment – of white text over the background image.
除了这些象征性的构思外,我们还可以插入一些关键性的价值观念或商业信息--- 利用同样的书法笔墨技法加以处理--- 在背景画面上村托出白色的主题文本。  


The video should be short – using only the best images, making it easy to follow and easy to remember; leaving viewers with a lasting impression of a distinctive Chinese story, with a long history and a prosperous future, thanks to a continuous process of one journey after another.

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我看你该好好学学该如何说人话! 然后再挑别人的毛病!

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Originally posted by andrewyan at 2006-9-27 20:50
中国招商国际  招商局国际
Video Treatment – Idea
Eight Impressions of China
“The journey of a thousand miles begins wit ...

You are watching CCTV International,
说实在的, 如果实在不喜欢英语, 何苦跟自己过不去呢.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

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