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What's the difference between western and Chinese women? [Copy link] 中文

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I think another difference is that you can find pure chinese blood but it is hard to find pure western blood as there is too much interacial breeding, it has increased the gene pool but at the cost of assimilation, in the future there will be no major difference.
There are no Ugly women , only those with low self esteem .

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Originally posted by sinfulangel at 2006-9-21 05:33
oh....chinese women are like appetitizer.....

Or in your case, perhaps the dessert.....

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Originally posted by aquitaine at 9-21-2006 20:25

Not true in urban China anymore. Divorce rates are going through the roof.......

Of course these societies tried to make divorce be a bad thing to imprison girls in bad relationships wit ... ... /content_328175.htm

""1.33 million Chinese couples divorce last year
Updated: 2004-05-04 11:30

China has more than 1.33 million couples say goodbye last year, with an increase of 154,000 cases than the previous year, according to a recent report issued by China's Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA).

In the report of development and statistic of civil affairs in 2003, more than 8.11 million couples tie the knot by the end of 2003, 0.4 per thousand points higher than 2002, however, the divorce rate last year also rise 0.3 per thousand points.

Since Oct. 1 last year, a new marriage registration regulations has taken effect, couples in China can marry without a health examination or a letter from their employers testifying their unmarried status.

Meanwhile, a requirement for divorce also abolished in the new regulations.

The number of Chinese registering for marriage dropped from some 8.92 million couples in 1998 to 7.86 million in 2002, according to the All-China Women's Federation. But the number of divorces has remained stable in the past five years, at about 1.2 million each year. "" china daily


according to this article 2003 only saw 16% divorce rate in China.  compare that to a recent report (bbc perhaps) that showed 50% of marriages in the UK end up in divorce and similar numbers in the US.  of course the 16% will be higher in the larger cities, but i suspect still far short of western countries.  according to this CDC data in 2003 there was a 49% divorce rate... (in my state the percentage for the 2003 year was 68%).

i am not claiming this as a factual statement, but as i understand most marriages end in divorce in the US are due to financial reasons which if true shows how materialistic america is.  compare that to the common belif that most marriages in china are related to extra marital affairs.  pretty much if you don't cheat on your spouse in china then it looks like things will be fine, thorugh rich and poor.  

again, just another reason some westerns seek an asian wife (not blaming western women soley btw).

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Originally posted by yanjiaren at 2006-9-21 11:40
i am very old fashioned and my chinese husband dated two chinese girls before me...but says i am more chinese than anything else..
but i have a greek tongue..

yes i use it.....

I am sure your husband is a very happy man - I hope he reciprocates!

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thank u, guys..! for yr kind inputs which i feel are some of the most serious and instructive responses i've ever read on the forum...!!! i do appreciate the objective attitudes u take in voicing yr opinion from whcih readers really benefit....!

having read all the responses, i come up with some new questions of which the one i'm most curious about is: what is the difference between a Chinese and western woman who receive the somewhat same education?


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according to this article 2003 only saw 16% divorce rate in China.  compare that to a recent report (bbc perhaps) that showed 50% of marriages in the UK end up in divorce and similar numbers in the US.

Yeah, it is short but it is a lot more than before.

You are right that the biggest reasons for divorce in China are extra marital affairs and also domestic violence (maybe, not sure about the second one).

Several of my friend's parents were divorced too actually. It is becoming more and more common.

On a side note I do think that it is sad that the number one cause for divorce in america is money. Divorce is fine if your spouse treats you like crap or cheats on you, but it is something else to do it for money.

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one of the reasons for the increasing divorce rate in China (which most of the foreigners haven't probably realized) is that, with ever-deepening education of the general public,more and more persons, esp. those whose marriages are pre-arranged by their parents (a practice still existent in some rural areas) have come to realize the immorality of marriage without love...!  haven't u ever heard of that? i think we should be glad for the emergence of this phenomenon which, in my opinion, is a symbol of progress in a civilized society.

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