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Military Coup in Thailand, Right Now!!!!!!! [Copy link] 中文

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BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) -- The chiefs of Thailand's army, navy and air force met with King Bhumibol Adulyadej to declare they were taking over the country, according to a televised statement early Wednesday.

The coup is being led by Thai army chief Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, who announced that the military and opposition Party of Democratic Reform were taking over while Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was in New York for a U.N. meeting.

Sonthi said Wednesday he would meet in the morning with government officials and leaders of other institutions, such as universities

Thaksin canceled a scheduled Tuesday evening speech to the U.N. General Assembly, a U.N. official said.

He insisted, however, that his government was still in control of the nation.

Tanks and troops patrolled Bangkok early Wednesday after the army said the military was taking control. (Watch tanks roll through the streets of Bangkok -- 3:53)

Police were closing stores and directing traffic off Bangkok streets, residents told CNN via e-mail, but no violence was reported.

The coup plotters declared martial law and suspended the constitution of the Southeast Asian nation. They also declared Wednesday a holiday, with schools, banks and the country's stock market closed.

"The armed forces commander and the national police commander have successfully taken over Bangkok and the surrounding area in order to maintain peace and order. There has been no struggle," the coup announcement said, according to The Associated Press. "We ask for the cooperation of the public and ask your pardon for the inconvenience."

Sonthi, who is known to be close to Thailand's revered constitutional monarch, will serve as acting prime minister, army spokesman Col. Akarat Chitroj said, according to The AP. Sonthi is a Muslim in this Buddhist-dominated nation, AP reported.

Foreign news networks, including CNN, from which Thailand residents were able to monitor the beginning of the coup, were later removed from the country's cable systems.

Only one local station was broadcasting and it was showing pictures of the country's king, according to an e-mail CNN received from Nio Paul, who identified himself as an American living in Thailand.

On a television station remaining under his government's control Tuesday, Thaksin declared a state of emergency from New York.

Troops on the streets of the Thai capital had yellow ribbons on their weapons, a sign of loyalty to the nation's king, to whom the coup plotters proclaimed their loyalty.

Former Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai told AP that Thaksin had forced the military to act.

"As politicians, we do not support any kind of coup, but during the past five years, the government of Thaksin created several conditions that forced the military to stage the coup. Thaksin has caused the crisis in the country," he told The AP.

At least four tanks and a number of armored vehicles were stationed around the royal palace in Bangkok, CNN's Dan Rivers reported.

Soldiers apparently were setting up roadblocks, and what appeared to be members of the royal guard surrounded the palace.

It was unclear if the soldiers were loyal to the government or to those attempting to seize power.

Two tanks were parked outside the government headquarters, which houses Thaksin's office.

About a dozen soldiers patrolled around the Erawan Hotel in the city's business district, AP reported.

There have been 17 coups in Thailand since World War II, and rumors of an 18th have been circulating around Bangkok in recent weeks as Thaksin battled considerable pressure to step down. This is the first coup since 1992, AP reported.

Thaksin decided Monday night to reschedule his speech to the U.N. General Assembly for Tuesday night and return to Bangkok afterward, according to U.N. officials. He originally had been scheduled to address the assembly on Wednesday.

Though he canceled the Tuesday speech, it was not clear when Thaksin would return to Thailand.

Elections in Thailand are scheduled for November after the country's constitutional court ruled that a vote in April was unconstitutional.

Thaksin had called for the April elections, three years early, after opponents accused the billionaire leader of abusing the country's system of checks and balances and bending government policy to benefit his family's business.

Some Thais gathered outside Government House in Bangkok to get pictures of themselves with the tanks and troops, AP reported.

The coup caused little stir in Bangkok's popular tourist districts, where foreigners packed beer bars and cabarets just a few miles from where the tanks were posted, AP reported.

CNN's Richard Roth, Dan Rivers and Ellen Rose contributed to this report

Copyright 2006 CNN. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Associated Press contributed to this report.

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what a great day

It is so refreshing to wake up to such great news.  It is a move by the Thai people which is LONG overdue.
They have rid their country of probably one of the world's biggest crooks on par with the little weasel who is
holding the reins in North Korea.  Hopefully they will be able to take control of some of the millions of bahts
that he has stole from the people.  One thing is for sure - there never has been a better actor in charge of a
country (yes I even include Reagan in this), making a huge part of the populace believe that he was in some
way a leader interested in the common man while at the same time robbing the country blind.  Hopefully also
is that some of the King's graciousness can be reflected in the new government.  The common people in
Thailand need and deserve a fresh start in a totally different direction.

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just do it, the courageous, fearless Thailand's army, i'll keep a close  watch on your performance

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Reply #2 overkill's post

have to disagree with you on certain points......about Thailand.

1)the Thai leader was an elected official.

2)he didn't have to steal a single satang, he was already a very rich person before he enter politic but i can imagined your mind being poisoned by his enemies' propagandas.........He side-stepped the Bangkok's elite and that made a lot of people jealous and also showed the stupidity of the country folks.......they should back the  over-thrown Prime Minister because he was bringing alot of needed reforms....only those richer populace  missed out, hence the propagandas........

3) Ronald Reagan was never a good actor. period.

4)the King of Thailand is a constitutional monarch, he should not acted otherwise, perhaps, senility gets to him ? I can't answer that...........

5)What direction, may I asked ? The Thais been been backing the wrong horses since time immemorial......they even backed the Japs in the  World War 2, remember ?

and now a wee bit about the wee weasel...............he surely is a short person but he is a Dear Leader........
and also the son of the Great Leader and he is doing for China, what Israel is doing for the U S of A

Kim Jong-il rules, o.k. ?   
It is important that man dreams, but it is perhaps equally important that he can laugh at his own dreams...............5555

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Reply #4 qingxun's post

We can send you Ms. Qingxun to settle the "Dear Leader" problem!!!!!

how about that?

ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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go ahead

You can disagree all you want, but when you are either terribly uninformed or absolutely insane, it doesn't

Anybody, can you understand ANYBODY, who claims that the weasel is a "Dear Leader" to the common North
Korean people or that he is the son of a "Great Leader" is either legally insane or a pathetic excuse for a
human being, without a doubt!  Both of them represent tyrannical, hideous, blood-sucking scum!

You are also totally incorrect about the relationship issue.  China is doing the same thing for the little weasel
as the USA is doing for Israel.  It is called propping up and China should be ashamed about propping up a
person who on a regular basis tortures and starves the people he is supposed to be leading.  Israel makes
many mistakes but comparing them to the regime in North Korea is absolutely absurd.  Israel has never
advocated the erasure of any of it's neighbors whose stated modus operandi is the total destruction of the
Jewish state!

Did I say that Thaksin was not elected?  The answer is absolutely not, but for your information, the last
"election" that he "won" was boycotted by his opposition and that is why the election had been totally

As far as his wealth is concerned, he was no where near as wealthy before he became prime minister than
afterwards.  When he became prime minister he was required to "neutralize" his assets to avoid any conflict
of interest.  He completely subverted this process by moving his assets to his relatives and servants.  Then
he proceeded to promote and enact policies that multiplied his assets value exponentially.  His policies also
reeked of monopolization of the communication business in Thailand which also aided in adding to his
millions.  This is certainly nothing I've cooked up, it's common knowledge!

You are totally wrong again about Ronald Reagan.  Ronald Reagan performed one of the biggest con jobs
on the American people in the history of the USA.  There are people who actually believe that he was one of
my countries greatest presidents.  There is a continuous drive to name things after this actor who never
should have been allowed past the terrible "b" and "c" movies that he made.

4. "he should not acted otherwise" I have no idea what that means but your insinuation that the great king
of Thailand might be "senile" stinks in the same vein as the insults that Thaksin has piled on him.

5. "What direction, may I asked"  Again, I have no idea what that means in English.  The direction that would
be best for the common people of Thailand would involve policies whereupon they would not be buried in
the earth under the heel of a tyrant such as the one that was just deposed!  The Thai people are a great
people and deserve to be led by people who realize that and respect that.

I will end with a story about an incident that occured a few years ago prior to Thaksins second election
"victory".  It points out exactly the kind of person he is and what kind of leader he was.  He invited all the taxi
drivers to a dinner one day.  He totally conned them into believing that he PERSONALLY was supplying the
meal, but it was paid for from government sources completely.  If you want taxi driver reactions to this meal,
they are easily found in the archives of the Bangkok Post.

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ha ha read my next thread, dear ms. overkill!

......the SHIZOPHRENIC BEHAVIOUR mention by Riau Propaganda Spokesman, Mr. BinLadin is coming on!

ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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