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Love or Career? [Copy link] 中文

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ok let's say...

there're a girl and a guy. the girl has hinted many times that she's interested in the guy. the guy also likes the girl (note it's not "love"). but he knows, at this moment: 1. he doesnt have much money 2. he doesnt have time. love is a time/money consuming thing, that's what he has learned from previous relationships. he's still seeking a job. he's trying to fight for his life. she's kinda rich. he knows that if he goes out with her, he wont be able to financially afford it. but if the girl pays for everything, he will feel guilty and ashamed. he doesnt want to do that.

the guy is confused, but he's not theconfused.

so would u date that girl if u were the guy? (if u are a girl, imagine yourself being a guy. )
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Screw money, go for it.

What, you want to hear more than that?

Ok, fine:
Does the girl already know the guy doesn't have any money and already think she likes him anyway? If so, good start. If not, don't pretend you DO have money or try to buy her anything expensive.

Are you going to let MONEY, a totally temporary material object with no emotions or intelligence, ruin possible good times with a cool person you kinda like and might like more? Don't be a wimp. (or tell that to whomever you're talking about)

Oooh!!! Should I hang this dollar bill in front of you and wiggle it and make the dollar say, "Oooh look! Look at me, I can make this whole person NOT go out with this girl!! Haha! Look he's afraid of me, he's afraid of a little piece of paper!! I can control his life, by NOT EVEN BEING THERE, BAhahahaha!!"

You gonna let that dollar bill laugh at you like that?

There are plenty of things to do that are free/cheap (trust me I know:)) and plenty of ways to show you care and you like someone than buying things.

-Making her dinner at home
-shoulder rub
-holding doors
-taking walks
-going to cheap/free places like museums, parks, free community concerts of weird/old music (it's ok, you can laugh at them)
-make a card
-make other gifts, like a bracelet of beads, or other things (roam around craft stores for ideas)
-rent a movie (or borrow one from a friend )
-when you do something nice together, save something from it, like a pretty little rock, and show her and find one she likes too and keep it so you remember your walk
-take pictures of stuff you do together
- have these things out on your TV or shelf so she sees them if she comes over, or keep the rock in your pocket and visibly play with it 3 dates later (slick one, huh?)

I just thought of that rock thing now, that would actually be REALLY romantic. But now that I said it I can never use it, so it's all yours.
I am not rich.  :L

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The guy is androcentrism and a coward.

Haha, I know he is not "heconfused".

Bye the way, it was I who voted "Yes, I would."

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now dude listen to me, carefully, i guarantee you that if you dont date that girl, you WILL regret, and you will tell your friends about your regrets many many times after you get drunk for many many times, and you will feel really stupid,

so you HAVE to go for it.

and here is the most important part  ------------- how to deal with the problems

please refer to MS. Freaky's post above, she is an expert, in fact, have you seen the movie hitch?i think she might be Mrs HITCH

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oh, forgot to vote...

There. Voted yes, of course.

Oh, and another thing. Besides imagining I am the guy, I imagined I was the girl, and I was rich and liked a guy with no money.

If I liked him, and hinted at him and he did nothing, I'd think either:

A - "he doesn't like me"
B - "I think he likes me but... does he think I won't like him because I have money & he doesn't? Didn't I already show him I like him? What is he waiting for? Hmm. I hope he's not lacking confidence, I thought he seemed pretty cool.... but if he thinks that low of himself..... that's too bad.... Darnit, another perfectly good guy scared away by my money. Is it true what daddy said, that I should just stick to rich guys? But... the selection is so crappy... they're all full of themselves and think they can buy me..... "

Ok, I got carried away imaging being a rich girl with a crush.... ahhh... a girl can dream....

(i'm serious, I'd probably think all that, I really typed as I was imagining)
I am not rich.  :L

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Oh, and I'd think, "I want a REAL guy, not one who thinks he can BUY my love. Like Rob, every time there was a little problem or I showed I wasn't happy, he bought me something, thinking that would make it all better. WHat I REALLy wanted was for him to actually LISTEN to me."

Yeah. That.

And this:
"I just want to rest in someone's arms, someone who will put his arms around me and kiss my head and not expect anything of me."

"I want someone who will listen when I want to talk about our relationship and actually help try to figure it out when I am unsure of how it is going, rather than all those guys who just try to stall those conversations, which actually makes me feel even MORE unsure of our relationship, which makes me more clingy, which I know he hates, but I can't help it; if I don't feel confident, that's what happens. I'd like to at least always KNOW how he feels, even if it'snot always great, so I don't feel all worried and uncertain."

That's some good stuff there, I hope you know. If you're a guy you should read that last paragraph a few more times.

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I am not rich.  :L

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To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

I think  money is very important ,but it is not necessary . and we know that if you want to do something ,you always have the time to ,  it is just a  pretext you said you have to time to bla bla bla ...

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