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my boyfriend abandoned me for an older lady [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by violeta at 2006-8-29 01:45
I am writing full of tears and completely desperate.My boyfriend who is english 25 years old ,same age with me he created a new love affair with a divorced lady with a ten year old boy ,who is at l ...

Your study is one thing and your love affair is another. I hope you are not mixing them together.

Is this your first love affair?

Devastated by being dumped? Feeling the urge to compare yourself with your perceived competitor? It is very natural for you to react in such an emotional manners. But don't let your "natural" responses drag you down that bottomless black hole. Get hold of your self.

It is a fair game for people to choose whomever they like. look straight ahead and tell yourself loud and clear that "I am not going to waste more precious time on anyone who are not interested in me, love is not a one way street. Goodbye handsome, I hope you will get your happiness with your love and I hope she loves you too!"

Tomorrow is another brand new day. How exciting to be able to choose again. You are unique therefore absolutely no sense to compare. Happiness is waiting for you just around the corner. Who is in control? you are!:)

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I agree with thunderbird

I absolutely agree with you.You think that you love a girl and then one day when you meet the woman of your life you understand how mistaken you had been.

I was engaged in China with a girl.She loved me and I thought that I loved her too until one day I had to live in Italy and fine the real love there.
It was extremely difficult for me to abandon my chinese fiance .I tried hard to overcome my passion for the Italian but I could not.
I feel sorry for my ex chinese girl but I strongly believer that when loves come to you ,keep it it is a gift from heaven.
Am I considered unfaithful?

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Originally posted by alexangel at 2006-8-29 16:44
you should feel lucky you saw his dirty,bad,cheeky sides timely. To find a better one in china. chinese guy is the best one!

I am a chinese guy but I followed my heart.Do not use these hard words .You never know how much I suffered when I had to say goodbye to my ex fiance.I had a lot of nights without a sleep.
  I was at a loss for a long time. How could I live with a woman who I did not love her anymore?How could I tell llies to her for the whol;e of my life?Both of us would be unhappy.

I talked with my father a lot and he advised me to follow my heart.I am now engaged with an Italian girl.
We love each other ,I am very happy.Now I know what real love means.we live only once.

I am a strong believer of the ones who support follow your heart.

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Originally posted by xilaren at 2006-8-29 15:37
The story is really sad but unfortunately life is full of surprises.My opinion is the following.

Stay in your college.Study as hard as you can.Be also with friends.It helps a lot.

I will also ...

I absolutely agree with you!

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Another day , another dollars!

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Just forget it

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just a question......

before deciding to go an study in England; did make any type of social investigation about that country? The people living there? Their traditions? and more......things that are common like part time lovers?

You are a Chinese girl (woman) living in a foreign country. You shouldn't expect people from other cultures to behave in their countries as your own people would.

We shouldn't expect Chinese people to accept the way foreigners sometimes behave in China. Maybe for you a relationship is more than just dating; it means a life commitment. Maybe for your couple it was just dating.

My advice to all Chinese going abroad to study; take care of your feelings when abroad and to who you let those feelings play with.

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