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why you love / like her / him? [Copy link] 中文

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love is a magnetive act of hearts.

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Thanks for your opinions

Hey i just found something unusual, I was in dark these days. Why my b/f has many female friends, who always texted him even in the midnight, I cannot bear that, last night i found some long hairs stick in his towl, which I never use it , weird , right?

And i found a yellow sticker in his wallet , a lady's name and her cellphone number, I said nothing.

Is that because he is a foreigner, who have more attractive than others?  

Even worse, he texted me just now, said i read his text message in his cellphone, ~~~ i felt i was so defamed, why he never asks e before he made a decision~~~

I am really hurt, I am thinking whether i shall continue to save this relationship~~~~~~~~~~

I do admit when we have no contradict we get on well with each other, that's why i always try hard to save our relationship, but just one of his words made me feel deeply hurt~~~

Anyone can help me out with this situation , i need your ideas ~~~~~

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oh friend.....

who can advise with heart matters?

i am like you..but the other way around...

i am deeply smitten by a Zhongguoren..he hasn't got females chasing him...yet.....but a girl from the past..well that memory is still there..he always says about why men can't have 2 muslims?
my heart just sinks...

to tell you something..
maybe i am stupid and traditional...

if he loves you he will not want to hurt your feelings ..that is all i know...

men are hunter ruddy gatherers..even if they have angelina jolie next to them..they will look at 'what can i have for breaky next..

it takes a real man
with real guts
to make a galatea out of his wife..../ pengyou....

not many men left are there?

that is the challenge i have set my one....
but i'm afaid girl..i am an idealist and like most idealists...our ideals come crumbling down on our face....
believe in miracles, they do happen...

just ask him to be honest..that's what you need..then and only then you can decide....

do you love him without conditions?

that is another thing you have to ask yourself...

oh man what they do to us....

whatever it does to you..don't lose your confidence as a woman or feel are in control of that at least...

love and hugs
mad xilaren xxx

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Thanks yanjiaren

I am really aprriciating  your saying.

Love is blind. I have already tried to think can i live without him?

I tried shut down y cellphone in the night, force myself not calling him, but i couldn't do that, i couldn't control myself, tears are like waterfall coming down. I coudn't sleep, even fell asleep, whichis because of sad enough to make me feel fatigued.

God , i suffered not only once, but i am like a fool, still hoping he can say something sweet, but no ~~ no ~~~

That was me always called him. He always say I am sorry i don't feel like talking to you ~~~~

I will continueously calling, he will say you never respect me ~~~~~~~~~ My heart was broken into pieces~~~~
Even that, i tried hard to save to protect this relationship, I tried, and i was shuttered down ~~~~

This is terrible, i am suffering now again, Iam thinking am I worthing to work so hard for this relationship ?

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well.. obviously he isnt committed to this so called relationship... actually i dont think he even take it as a relationship... you might want to end it before YOU get hurt... if you two really do break up, it will take few months to get over it... but it should be ok... and besides, there is no point in liking someone like him... as i said before, end it before you hurt yourself even more... =/

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Haha , your gf looks like a girl.

Originally posted by zhuxuan at 2006-8-24 13:10
Have you ever thought why you love / like  her /him?
When my b/f and I went out for a walk, he suddenly asked me why I liked him .
And i was shocked, yes, why i liked him? I never thought of that ...

As far as I'm concerned, It's girl who usually asks the question "why do you love me " . My girlfriend also asks this question to me frenquently, like a little sploited child.
Another day , another dollars!

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Why do we ask so many "whys" ?

Another day , another dollars!

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