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who you wish to be the new american president [Copy link] 中文

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You silly simple-minded fools!!!

The American president is powerless. They are merely straw-men, propped up by global corporations--and the Chinese are being tricked by them, hehehehe!!!

Western corporations have tricked your old potato-headed leaders. The west is sending factories and millions of jobs to China for two purposes: One is to acquire massive wealth, and the second is to depleat China of all of its natural resources.

Commerce and production is run on energy--on oil. The west owns the world's oil, and China has very little.

China has 1.3billion people and America has a little less than 300million, and that will drop immensely, when the post World-War2 "baby boomers" begin dying, giving America a negative population growth; whereas, China's population will continue to grow, such that it will rapidly depleat all resources, and such that there will be mass starvation.

And, between America and China, how is balanced trade possible? 1.3 billion people vs less than 300 million people? Oh, balance is impossible!

There is a method to the mad genius of the global corporations!!! Capitalism, in its ugliest form will starve China to death!

Do you remember when Hillary Clinton visited, saying that the Chinese should have human rights...that they should be allowed to have large families? Large starving families!!!

Oh, but there is no future for China...nor for the world. The world is dying through corporate greed! The environment is dying. The oceans are dying. Food sources are dying.

Nuclear and biological warfare will soon end humanity and all life on earth!

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i hope a chinese can be the president of amrican !

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Be careful of what you wish for. You might get it.

I am very proud to say that the governor of my state, Washington State in the Northwest corner of America, has a Chinese governor!!!

He is a Democrat, and he was freely elected by the majority of people in this state.

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agree you

yeah, the election is the business of the U.S,

we always focus on the outer enviroment  and atmosphere,

rather than on the inner fairs.

thou the outer situation is in favor of us, or against us,
but the atitude is not just from Bush himself,but from the U.S,
the past history has witnessed that the more power,the more respect will
gained,everything depend on us,

everything is in our hand ,not other,not "special relation"

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well, it will do good to China if the president of USA remains the same,i.e. Mr. Bush takes over another four years presidency.  in my view, a policy, esp concerning foreign affairs and international business, should remain unchangeable for a long-term. if it is another person, the Chinese government would have adjust anew to the new president, or say, to the new policy or attitude on teh Sino-USA relationship.

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mybe turns me

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I agree with you! POPCORN

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