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who you wish to be the new american president [Copy link] 中文

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It's approaching to the final battle of 2004 us presidential campaign.
Who you want to be the president of next term of presidency?  Bush, Kerry, or Edwards. They are presidential candidates most likely to take office so far.
Different president may take different attitude and approach towards Sino--US relationship. And some Chinese enterprises have already fallen victim to the recent moves of Bush administration trying to increase employment rate.
In recent weeks, US government launch a series of anti--dumping measures against Chinese goods, contending Chinese exports are hurting the interests of American work. But these moves are nothing short of pre--election measures to gain more votes to secure the neat presidency. These moves are not responsible to the workers of the both sides and won’t solve the root of the unemployment problem.
The president are capable of adopt measures that are hurting the Sino--US trade in the long run but helpful to their presidential race in the short shoot.
I wonder can any of the US president value the relationship of the two country more  than  his throne.

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ha ha

The whole point of an elected president is one who values his "throne" more than he does relations with special interests - whether those relations are with other countries or with his buddies from Texas.  You made me laugh by hoping that an American president would value Sino-US relations more than his presidency. ha hah hah...

A major reason for holding elections is to keep politicians in touch with their constituency.

Something to keep in mind is that the Republican (and that means George Bush's) fiscal policy is MUCH more friendly to Chinese economic growth than ANY democrat's will be.  Edwards is campaigning on an anti-NAFTA (US/Mexico treaty) platform that emphasizes American jobs over free trade.  Kerry is more free trade than Edwards, but he is still running on a platform that criticizes American jobs lost by the Bush administration to countries like, oh say, CHINA.

Furthermore, Democrats are much more activist in areas like human rights, international law, environmental protection standards, etc.  Chinese authorities probably won't appreciate increased American criticism in those areas either!

On the other hand, if you want an administration a little less trigger-happy and independent than the Bush administration, the democrats are your ticket!  It's a tough call really.

I'm guessing not even American tariffs and protectionism can put much of a dent in the freight-train that is the Chinese economy, and the Chinese government is pretty good at ignoring human rights and environment criticism anyway.  So I'm guessing most Chinese would favor a Democratic administration.

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Yes, I agree that Bush is far better for China trade policy than any Democrat will be.  I don't think any US president is nearly as responsible for the economy as his critics say.  But it goes with the job - the pres. gets the credit when times are good and he gets the blame when times are bad.  Clinton got lucky, Bush did not.  Neither had much effect on the domestic economy - not Clinton's tax hike, nor Bush's tax cut.  The bust and China's growing economy were well beyond any American president's control.  And no one can change the reality that China and India are very attractive places for outsourcing what were once solidly American-based jobs.  If Kerry is to be believed (I don't believe a word he says), then China will suffer greatly if he becomes president.  He wants to severely punish (read tax) American companies who outsource jobs to other countries.  Even if he becomes president, he would never get such a law passed through the solidly Republican Congress.  He can rant all he wants on the campaign, blame Bush for everything, blah blah.  But if he were president, his hands would be tied by a very hostile, Republican House and Senate.  At least Bush doesn't even pretend to be able to stop manufacturing jobs from going to China and he doesn't ever say he's in favor of tariffs.  

Final note.  No one should think the term "special interest" means anything.  Whatever a candidate disagrees with, he calls a "special interest".  Whatever he agrees with, he calls the "will of the American people."  How can a company like Mobile-Exxon be called a "special interest"?  They employ more US workers than any other company and pay billions in taxes.  I'd say they're a general interest, in that it's in everyone's general interest that such a company be competitive, be able to keep people employed and earn profits so they can pay taxes.  I understand a lot of people don't like Bush, but I honestly think he tells it like it is a lot more than Kerry or Edwards, who will say or do anything they have to in order to get traction.

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Who wins doesn't make much difference I never hold hope from other countries. Be

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They are all equally parochial

There is not much difference between the Demcrats and the Republicans; or indeed between the contestents for the Democratic nomination. USA has painted themselves into a more and more insular and parochial corner. There is a paranoia and fortress mentality afoot. As someone summed up adequately recently, America has no friends, she has special interests. So there is no significant difference to the rest of the world until USA starts to look into the mirror and seek some overdue changes internally; namely stop being such self-righteous hypocrites.

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no difference

   I do agree with popcorn. WE do not depend on anybody else. We mainly  rely on ourselves. The stronger we are  the  more favorable  the situation will be to us.

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Maybe we should try this!

   Did you ever notice how things go so much better when the boss is gone? Maybe we should try four years without a president........

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