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Which country will be the next superpower? [Copy link] 中文

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And the Time is Now

"Its only a question of time before a mad man tries to gain power in the world "

To most around the world, Dubya is pretty out of control as a mad man.

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Is what caused bush to have a aggressive stance in the world stage . If your not a terrorist sponsoring nation you have nothing to worry about concerning bush. At least bush has a reason for his aggression . Stalin and Hitlers only reason for aggression is conquest of land and people. There is a difference. Also bush is limited becouse he is not a dictator and has term limits. He stated before sept-11 that he is not into "nation building"  but then came the terrorists . The terrorists are to blame for bushes foreign policy , but of course most would rather keep there head in the sand and blame bush like tong.

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Bin Ladens

But doesn't Bush and his mates have links with the Bin Ladens and several oil companies and defence contractors. So high oil prices and lots of small wars would make Bush et al richer.

Didn't the US government run on a theory that you had to have an enemy to get your people to cooperate with government and make sacrifices? That guy Leo Strauss dreamt it up. The Soviet Union was chosen as that required enemy, but now they have to make do with global islamic terrorism. It was Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz who supported this idea and fought against the option of peace with the Soviet Union; they prefer to stoke up cold war instead. Now it seems history is repeating itself (but with the same guys in charge!!) and they are stoking up war with Islam to provide this much needed enemy.

Can't people see it is the same old trick again to control the US people? How can they do the same thing twice? We've got all this terrorism now because guys like Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz want it that way; they are so good at stirring up trouble around the world, it's what they're good at. They've even tricked the Islamic Fundamentalists into working for them without them even knowing it.

I think CNN is telling people they have to make sacrifices in the fight against terrorism; that's the whole point. People will die all over the world just so governments can keep their people quiet!!

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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it's really hard to comment. I don't think China will be. it's ridiculous for there are stlll so many problems remained to be solved.
pls raise some contributive questions. i think this question is meaningless.

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China oh course!

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An icegirl in Chongqing! Don't you melt?
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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Originally posted by iamnobody at 8-16-2006 17:04
Which country do you think will be the next superpower after 20 years?
1. China
2. remain U.S.
3. the E.U.
4. Russia
5. India
6. Japan
7. The Middle East
8. No country can be the next supe ...

I say Russia and the KGB will be revived due to natural resources and Mr. Putin, along with the US retaining its current status (there can be more than one superpower).  China will soon be dealt a blow when its own baby boomer generation falls prey to low population growth (one child policy that's more effective in the educated ad high salary city populace), and as its empolyment and welfare standards rise investment may be directed elsewhere.  A society that is overtaxed and underpurchases is no different than the EU.  Regardless, they'll replace Italy on the G8 list or it'll soon be called the G9.

Watch out France, those soviet plans to invade and capture Paris may come alive in the next decade.  You can have back our WWII cemetery unless Chirac begs on his knees while asdfjkl; Bush's asdfjkl;, though neither will be in office.

Japan won't be armed enoguh to be taken seriously unless they take out North Korea for the US.

India is a  joke as well is the M.E.  

We should have an option for Islamic radicalism (though not a country, they are a legitimate virtual country/society) and Israel.  The latter might become one with mass genocide and the capturing of Syria,Iran, or S.A.   

I'd also like to see a Union of Commonwealth countries listed (informally includes the U.S.).  

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