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a black guy dating a chinese girl, normal, magnificent, scary or BT  Close [Copy link] 中文

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wo shi Yanjiaren

that is EXACTLY what i have done..
that is why i took my qingren's name Yan..he calls me Yanjiaren..
and shi de
i am proud of it..
you are beautiful people..
pray for us cos we are apart..we need money and get married..cos my love is across the ocean.i waited forty years for him with one failed marriage each behind us..we are soulmates..but our past was a good lesson..nothing in life is a mistake..just a learning experience..i love all..those that hate me, love me or like me..doesn't matter..i have something to learn from every one..but the one that loves me?
well yes he occupies my heart like a mantra...
ai and qi
ni feng xilaren
can you imagine the kid of a black and chinese?
it would look amazing..
produce of more than one country..i lik

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oh man..

dat ain't nice bro'
what ya cussin' bout yor bro yo'
i iz da mad x
an i like y'ol
da black man
da china man
we all raiz an' fall..
but luv' iz in da heart..
luvin'  iz an art..
where do we start..
me iz sendin' yuz ai and qi
i ain't a zhongguoren..
but yuz good enuff for me!!!!!!

ai and qi
da mad xilaren

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Originally posted by yanjiaren at 2006-8-28 20:17
so many whites date asian beauties..why not us date and marry chinese men..
you are  zhongguoren hunks guys!!!!! and don't let any one say otherwise!!!!!!!

woo-hoo! you go girl!

i believe in the merging of peoples..any colour, any race..let's learn the best from each other?
my nieces are dating black boys, my sis was married to a brazilian and i am trying to get married to my zhongguoren..we need money and visas..ouch!!!
zhe shi hen hao ma?

Hen hao, shi hen hen hen hen hen hao! I'm mixed, though all-white mixed... I guess I'm pastel.. But I think it's really neat to think of my ancestors and how they got together even though their backgrounds were often different, even so far as their countries disliking each other. I'm grateful to them, I admire their persistence & strength, plus I think it's romantic... aww.

And I do believe that it will create "better" people - I mean nature tries to take the strongest attributes from each parent, plus the mixed person may grow up with wider views & a more open mind.

this is a white person-------> <------that's a chinese person
this is a black person ---->  <---- kissing a white person
this is a person from Iceland ---->:hug: <------with a person from Mauritania

-hey where'd the Mauritanian guy go? He was just there a minute ago. Well, I guess not all relationships work out. ;P;P

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I am not rich.  :L

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the mauritanian..

he forgot to apply for his visa...ouch..has to go to the britt embassy and get it lol...

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My story

Hello all,
I'm a chinese girl and is currently in a relationship with a black guy. We've been dating for a year now which I'm really happy about because we are very happy together. Unfortunately when I told my family about it, war has been going on ever since... I never knew my family can be soo racist.. In a chinese family, normally parents would like their children to have a chinese partner but because I live in England, Chinese people are not the only choice for me.... My parents never understood that, no matter wot race people are, there will be good people and bad people... colour does not make a person bad.....

I tried explaining that to them, they just kept saying it is for my own good to discontinue my relationship because they dont like it.. and that they have seen wot "blacks" are like on TV and movies and their experience of black people so force me to stop my relationship.. Not that they ever get to know my boyfriend properly... just judging him by his skin colour..

Just bcoz he is black.... I really dont see wot the problem is...
They said I should consider other peoples feelings before doing wot i want to do.. coz it hurts them..

Hurts them? wot way?

I agree that Chinese people are NOT open in the mind to try to accept other cultures, sometimes full of themselves in Chinese culture.. I dislike it and hate being at home listening to their racist comments..

My mum would even kick me out of the house than accepting him... how over the top is that?

Please tell me y Chinese people are so damn stubborn? Wot is so good about Chinese themselves that they cannot accept others?

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i like you alkun..

go for it yo'

zhong xi rapper iz here to
rap at wedding if yuz want me bro!!!

i iz gueen o' bling
come to nyc to do my thing!!!

da mad xilaren

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Reply #41 dkscott's post

Hi Dkscott. I live in UK too and a black guy with 2 previous relationships with Chinese girls so you can bet I have my own story to tell. Firstly, it's nice to hear you are happy with your boyfriend. This should provide a source of strength for you to withstand the opposition. How does your black boyfriend take your family's view? I hope he is understanding of your situation as you would seem to be in the middle of it all. Dkscott, I am sure you have heard this before 'Anything good doesn't come easy in life!' - Simple and true statement. If you guys are really serious about your relationship then you will have to face opposition, rejection and other pressures - no two ways about it! so on balance in your mind, I guess you have to decide to fight or give in. If you decide to fight, I hope you will adopt a strategy that would never give your family the moral upper hand. They may seem fiercely against you two now but in their minds, uncertainties and maybes would be propping up too...but they won't want you to know that! As the Chinese saying goes: Through persistence, a stone can be ground down to a needle. So dkscott, have the faith that with time and your good stance with impeccable behaviour, that your family would be won over. Be perceptive regarding any change in attitude or thoughts in one or both parents. I wonder, do you get back up or opposition from your siblings?
If you guys do make it, think of the good it would be! Making your parents more open-minded subsequent they are better people, Chinese and black people would learn more about each other gradually working towards a truly global community where people can respect each other and ignorance/unfounded fears are lessened, etc ..not to talk of you guys being together.
I think you should be courageous, positive and faithful but don't expect things to be easy. Try to be reasonable when explaining to your parents be resolute but not rude, be calm but unyielding in spirit and also very important, try to understand their fears too - that will help in devising a strategy to deal with them!

Sorry,..hehe..You probably know all this already but i just feel and empathise with you and hoped to give some support! GO FOR IT SISTER :-)


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