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Here is an idea about china from a complete foreigner point of view. [Copy link] 中文

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Brad, may I call you Brad??

I don't know how you concluded from my post that all the foreigners are spitting in China.  In fact I can only speak for myself.

As for your "finger" comment, thats just the thing, I don't have to use my finger if I'm spitting or blowing right onto the street.

Anyways I was just pointed out the positive to spitting, it completely avoids using tissue, which is good for the enviroment, which is good for all of us.  Just putting a good spin on what I suppose is a touchy issue.

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learn to swallow

Thankyou for sharing your body fluids with the community. You of course have no germs and the people can walk around them.
Do you spit in your room?

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In my room??

If by that you mean do I spit on my own floor, no I don't.  I'll use the sink or toilet, and on occassion I'll do it out the window.

As for germs I think it is more safe to spit than to use tissue.  With tissiue there is a great chance I'll get some germs on my hand.  I'll then use the door handle at the mall, which you'll use next, right before you sit down for a meal.

If germs are on your shoe, it's much less likely they'll make it to your mouth.

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Place this man in a bubble please.

Oh man! Why do you leak so much?
Warning to all people in your neighborhood to carry umbrellas when walking near your house.

Use a tissue and wash your hands. Respect the city you live in, you are a visitor there are you not?

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that's gross

spitting and blowing your nose on the ground it just usually just touches your shoe,but what about all the little kids and pets that run around on the street,and are constantly touching the ground or picking up something on the ground?then they get the germs on their hands,and go running off touching everything else.i agree with bradley.use a tissue and wash your hands.if there isn't a place to wash your hands carry around some wet wipes or something in your pocket.
i wonder..... if you're such a friek about protecting the enviroment,do you not use toilet paper when you go to the bathroom?you're using the same thing there that you would be when you blow your nose or spit into a tissue.
now about getting germs on your hand from blowing your nose with a tissue,then touching the door handle of the mall right before someone else does,well,you can't help you just expect people to not touch anything,or wear gloves?everything you touch has germs on it.unless everyone washed there hands after they touched something,or before the touched something,it's impossible to keep germs off the mall's door handle and everything else.

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