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Originally posted by crazyazn at 2006-9-4 14:46

Yes, Economically Taiwan is doing better even after the Billions of Dollars that has gone for investing in the P R C and elsewhere Taiwan's foreign has increased from USD106.7 Bill to USD260+ B ...

Economically better? You certainly not in Taiwan to feel the deteriorating situation.

Read this from a pro taiwan independence newspaper: ... 06/06/29/2003316331

Fitch warns on effect of political unrest

NOT HELPFUL: The ratings agency said that it was not planning on downgrading Taiwan for now, but that political turmoil could hurt much-needed economic reform
By Amber Chung
Thursday, Jun 29, 2006,Page 12

Despite "no immediate impact on the sovereign credit ratings on Taiwan, continued deterioration in its fiscal situation and investment spending has hurt the island's growth prospects and raised concerns of weakening creditworthiness," S& P said in a statement on June 9.

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crazyazn has been deleted
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Economic reform is going on even though the KMT is trying to make the DPP look bad.People are questioning why is it that the reform cannot progress with the KMT and PFP in control of the LY. It is not the DPP's fault people here are beginning to understand.

Do you think the 6 economic minister gone during a-bian's 6 years is KMT fault? That's purely a-bian fault.

You should look at the cash in the Reserves to know if there is money or growth. The Unemployment figures to see whether there is investment spending or not,the higher investment spending, more jobs less unemployment. So in year 2000 Cash in hand was USD106 Bil now it is USD260 Bil. That's why I dont understand their statement.

Then I don't know which of these 2 statements closer to the fact.

How come in the PRC there is sooooo much investment but the unemployment situationis getting worse?? Everyone should have a job now in the urban areas with all these "Spectacular Growth Results" published by the CCP!!!!!!

Because mainland China is a big-vast country, centrally planned economy has this kind of imparities. Just like it's easier to find job in Sin cu rather than in rural Tainan.

Lee Kuo Ting, Chao Yao Tung and Sun Yun Hsuan are great Taiwan economic contributors, it's a pity that dpp can't correctly face this reality.

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Originally posted by crazyazn at 2006-9-5 23:32
"Then I don't know which of these 2 statements closer to the fact."

Do a google search and learn the truth. i.e. if you can access the sites(Could be blocked by your Govt) They know th ...

I access the pro-independence Taipei Times from mainland China and it's not blocked as you may suggest. Maybe there's some differences here... I believe Taiwan's economy is deteriorating and you think it reversely.

So let's build the common ground. I support a-bian for what he's doing today... destroying Taiwan economic and investment environment, escalating the socio-political upheaval, continuously lying about his family's misconduct etc etc. You may disagree with this... but please continue your support to a-bian, we need him to do his great job as long as he can. Since you're so proud of Taiwan's "nationality", it should be easy for you to donate and fight your life for him.

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the only common ground is the kmt is constantly stirring up problems and is making Taiwanese mad and angry, that is why kmt just can't win any elections in Taiwan, and has to run naked back to  the communist dictators for help to promote false proprganda to win elections in Taiwan.

Can't win any elections? Hahaa... see how KMT will beat dpp in this year end election.

You are the typical kmt, your smear campaign of dpp will not work, and your lies will not work.  fact is dpp is growing in popularity,  I seen it for my self.  go to taipei and you will see many new dpp offices.  This is a fact, no matter how many lies and smear campaigns you say here,  dpp and president chen will be the dominate force in Taiwan.

Really? A lot of new dpp offices? Wow! where they got the money from? a-bian's pocket or another donation from sogo?

You can't fool anyone, kmt is a group of power hungery clan that will do anything to rule, they will hire gangsters to threaten dpp supporters, kmt will use money to buy votes,  everyone in taiwan knows this, and kmt has stolen more money from Taiwan government and can fill the entire taipei financial districts.  These are facts.

Then I suggest you should organize a martyr team to bomb kmt headquarter.

You darn right, I will always  support dpp and vote for president chen.

That's what I want to see... continue your support to this political terrorist. I'm looking forward for more sufferings created by him in Taiwan.

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for northwest

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see, how Chen sui bing won two big presidental elections.  ha ha ha to you!
yes, dpp got many new offices, go see for yourself,  that is because Taiwanese people are donating money to dpp.  SOGO coupon is only .40 cents only good for buying a can of soda in 7-11 stores.   ha ha ha to you!
Political terrorist like kmt and ma ying jau should hurry up and move back to beijing.  And you northwest should hurry up and move to beijing too.  Yes, tell us  why your parents ran away from communists? why did your parents move to foreign country.?  The commnist not good enough for you?  You can hurry up and move back.!!   ha ha ha ha ha! ...

Of course he won the election, by sacrificing Chen Yi Hsiong lives. Do it again in the next election.
Taiwanese donating money to dpp? Nahhh they don't even have enough money to print their resume in finding jobs.
Me? move back to Beijing? for your information, I'm in Beijing now. We don't have to persuade a lot of Taiwanese to come and invest here, a-bian already doing it for us, he's scaring Taiwan's talents and they move to mainland China wholeheartedly. Taiwan will only be filled with people like a-bian or you.

Nice job, a-bian, our political terrorist.

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