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an ugly chen shui-bian [Copy link] 中文

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You have been fooled by the mainland news.  The DPP is going strong as ever.   Last year, when I was in Taipei , I saw that dpp has many new offices.
    I know, a two party political system is difficult for you to understand , since you come from mainland.  The people always benefit the most when there are a two political party system.  
Yes, we all know that china has an economic boom.  But, just like all business ventures,  sometime in the near future, there will be a depression as well.  It is during the recession is when your ccp will treat your people terribly.  Just look at the chinese history.  It is filled with one revolution after another.  

Just like all business ventures, Taiwan's economy will deteriorate... and a-bian stupid economic policies will accelerate this. Chinese history is your history about your ancestor's history. It's okay if a-bian deny he's not a Chinese... when he's dead and buried, his graveyard will be on the jurisdiction of Chinese government. We'll see what to do at that time.

  As for Chen sui bing.  Why do I think he is a hero?!!   Because, he does not care about saving face.  He always tries his best to establish foreign diplomatic relations, even if other nations join china,  he does not care,  he still tries his best.  He don't care about saving face, And that is the characteristic of a HERO.  Just look at KMT,  it is very very easy for KMT to give up and join enemy china.  and KMT did just that.  But, dpp and Chen, don't care how  big the enemy is , He always tries  to promote democarcy, freedom, independence.  President Chen is a hero's HERO.   He has my deepest respects!

Of course a-bian don't care about saving face... because he already lose it totally, sacrificing Chen Yi Xiong live for your 2 "miracle" bullet hoax. a-bian is the laughing stock in the world's political arena. Promote democrazy? Yes, with his 2 magical bullets. Promote freedom? Yes, by allowing his son-in-law to do insider trading and let his wife meddle into business ventures... fine freedom! Independent? Nahhh... he already said the same thing so many years, but after 6 years in power, he just doesn't have the gut to realize his "dream". Because it's a dream indeed!
You respect him? don't be silly... he's a low creature and will sacrifice you next time. Will you do the next 2 "miracle" bullets shooting and then let the others to assasinate you? That's why Chen Yi Xiong died. Prove your loyalty to a-bian by doing this.

     Chen has alot of courage to compete with an enemy much larger than Taiwan.    Could ccp do that??  Could ccp fight with an enemy 50 times larger??? NO, I don't think so.  In fact,  ccp sent ambassadors, to kiss up to japanese government for money to invest in china.  Yes, I know, I lived in tokyo in 1998 for one year.  Beijing often send ambassadors to beg japan for money to build china's small cities.

Compete? How did he do that? by making other's child to go to the warfield and he fills his pocket with dirty US$? Beijing beg Japan? that's a stupid imagination from you. Just see all the porno film in Taiwan's underground tv channel... all Japanese.

     And don't say nonsense about sogo.  Sogo is NOT  a department of Taiwan government.  So , I fully support all of mrs. chen's business ventures.  and the stock market is not a department of Taiwan government.  so, his son in law can do anything , I don't care. ...

That's what I mean... continue to support a-bian, his wife and his pathetic family... they will spread dirt and injustice all over Taiwan and the result, more than 80% of Taiwanese wants her out. Fine job!

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You support a-bian? Keep in mind that I support him too... We are on the same side
a-bian greedy family is in the fast track to destroy Taiwan's economy. I don't support any of ddp leaders... but see what happened today, the dpp elderly that being prisoned and punished during KMT era are now standing up against a-bian. Xu Xin Liang, Shi Ming Te, old hag Lee Teng Hui and so on... they used to be seniors in dpp earlier struggle, but now they all against a-bian. You should respect them more than a-bian, am I right?

It's ironic, but I'm satisfied in what a-bian doing in Taiwan. He's spreading dirt and scaring away talents from there.

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Originally posted by sundayrun at 2006-8-10 16:17

debauchee and bitch
Long is the way and hard that out of hell leads up to light.

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What a farce, boy joe-112

Drive to oust Chen reaches 1m backers

(China Daily)

2006-08-23 06:05

Over 1 million people have endorsed a campaign to depose Taiwan "president" Chen Shui-bian for alleged corruption, organizers said yesterday.

Shih Ming-teh, who initiated the campaign on August 12, announced that the drive had reached its target of enlisting 1 million supporters by yesterday afternoon.

"We thank the people who donated a combined 103 million Taiwan dollars (US$3.15 million) to the drive," said Shih.

The former chairman of Chen's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) asked members of the public to donate 100 Taiwan dollars (US$3) each to show their commitment and said he would start a sit-in protest near the "presidential office" once 1 million people had signed up.

Shih has yet to announce a date for the start of his indefinite round-the-clock protest, but it could fall close to Chen's expected departure for a trip to Palau early next month.

Shih's aides said on Monday that he will start the protest as early as August 27 and no later than September 9, and some 200,000 people are expected to join him at the start.

"We hope that Chen will hear, see and feel the anger and anguish of the people...Today not a single person can tolerate any more the acts of Chao Chien-ming (Chen's son-in-law), who still refuses to confess to his crime," Shih said.

He attacked Chen, who himself is involved in corruption scandals, for trying to protect his son-in-law through manipulation.

"The people will lead this anti-graft, anti-greed demand a clean government and social justice," he added.

Money poured in as prosecutors stepped up a probe into whether Chen had misused and embezzled "state" funds. Chen's family also faces corruption allegations.

Chen's wife Wu Shu-chen is being investigated for allegedly accepting large amounts of department store gift certificates and their son-in-law Chao has been indicted for engaging in insider trading.

Chen won his first "presidency" in 2000 ending the half-century Kuomintang (KMT) rule. He was re-elected in 2004.

Shih's campaign follows an unsuccessful effort in June by the opposition KMT and People First Party to pass a legislative bill that would have put the issue of Chen's recall to a popular vote.

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Originally posted by joe112 at 2006-8-24 10:46
    Dpp will continue to be  the dominate political party in Taiwan, and there is nothing you can do, that is why kmt ,ccp and you are constantly using smear campaigns against dpp.  That is what I call a cheap shot, and quite cowardly I might add.

That's what I'm glad too see... a bunch of liars, useless craps leading Taiwan's economy. Taiwan will be finished faster on their hands.

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Originally posted by mencius at 2006-8-27 20:00
If only such a thing could happen in China - then there would be less corruption there. Taiwan really does have a superior political system, I'm glad you celebrate that fact.

Yes, "superior" enough to let a proven liar winning an election using 2 "miracle" bullets and sacrificing other live. You're proud of this?

Does Taiwanese are more better off since DPP got elected? You know the answer.

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