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No cease fire for you...says China [Copy link] 中文

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"UNITED NATIONS -- "We are confused by this meeting, we are now farther away from an agreement,"
a key member of the U.N. Security Council told NewsMax.

The ambassador, speaking on background, complained that the special Council meeting (Tuesday) to
hear a briefing from a delegation representing the Arab League, "did not accomplish anything."

The high level delegation traveled to New York City from Beirut, Lebanon where an emergency meeting
on the Middle East crisis had just concluded.

The diplomat added that both Russia and China, who had expressed "tentative" support for the
U.S.-France cease-fire proposal "seem to be backing off."

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Terms Must Be Fair

If the terms are not fair, the rift is still there, and there would be hostilities for many years to come.  China already suffered 4 casualties (1 dead and 3 harmed) in the conflict, by contributing to the UN peacekeeping efforts there.  It is only right that all proposals must be vetted carefully, and all sides be heard.  The Arab League sits right next doors, and understand the situation the best, on the ground.

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I wonder why the U.S. wouldn't stand out to make efforts ceasing fire between Israel and Lebanon. The U.S. government give themsellf a good excuse of  finding long-term peace. Why not we stop fire first and then we sit down and find solutions to the conflict between Israel and Lebanon? That is because the war is the America wanted.
I am always confused about the American war against Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't know whether the war is the Iraqi and afghanistani people wanted. I don't know the war is justed or not. I know the U.S. represents the police of the world. But I don't care. .Somebody must be.What I really care about is whether you are a good policeman or not. The war between Israel and Lebanon shows that the America is not a good policeman.

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you love to fish eh!

I, m not  surprized. the "united nations" are a erelivant ,as the "league of nation" was .I would not at all be suprized that the people will soon ask thier govenments , to remove themselfs from an organization as useless as the u.n. Democracy should be brought  to the u.n ,its run and vetoed at will, as we all know by the same old gang.oh yes, I don't  mean  bomb the hell out of the u.n .like you know is doing . OR the same democrazy  that the poor iraqis are getting.,you know rape ,murder ,torture ,the destruction of your country. CIVILWAR!!!!!!!!!!!!        ON a lighter note  I think the shooting will stop when  J.R Ewing gets his $100 / barrel oil. theres aquiz for yah.

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Who do you propose to do this thankless job?

"The war between Israel and Lebanon shows that the America is not a good policeman. "

Is the USA better than the U.N. who let the Hezbollah put rockets all around the monitoring
station where the U.N. Chinese guy got killed.

Think about that. This U.N. monitoring team (why just monitor)...watched the Hezbollah build the
bunkers right next to the U.N. monitoring station. What kind of a group is this? The monitoring
team warned the U.N. leadership...who did nothing.

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What is the UN Supposed to Do

What can the UN do, when the top thug has used the veto how many times to block all resolutions calling for Isreal to act reasonably?

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"J.R Ewing gets his $100 / barrel oil. theres aquiz for yah"

Come you just watch sound bites? If Syria/Iran get more involved with this ..... might be talking $200 / barrel oil...or more.

Nobody wants this any price....but it almost can not be stopped.

Funny isn't it....

Everyone loves peace.

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