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Invasion of Iran going well. [Copy link] 中文

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We like the Iraqi people....

...but the Iraqi government of old....we did not trust.

don't you remember sadame talking a bunch of smack. Tell me you don't forget. He would ignore
the worlds pleas to allow inspectors.....than he would say they could come in.....then he said
they could not come in.....then we would mobilize....and then we would have to back down...because
he said world inspectors could again come in.

Time and time again.....until we had to bitch slap him.

Yes it is sad the innocent civilains suffer...I agree with you...I do not like to see this. But right now,
it is the terrorists that are doing this in Iraq. It is Iraqi against Iraqi. The bad Iraqi do not want
a Democratic government....they want to blow up and cause terror.

The people of Iraq have voted.....honor it.

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Time and time again..

Yes, the world watches in horror as the Yanks do it., time and time again.

Booze and cards, hitting a few balls, buds taking their turns at a little poontang, and barbecue afterwards.  

I'm sure the bitch slap part is mandatory, as Americans worship violence so.  In this case and many others, the 14 year old girl (just considered a body part, and no more) is also murdered, together with the parents, AND the 5 year old sister.

The people of Iraq also voiced the indignation and have demanded that the occupying forces and their murderous rapists go home and rape their own kind (and they do) instead.   Why have you not done so?

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I agree that there are probably some in the US (and Israel) who would want the US to topple or invade Iran (using other people's kids, mostly those of the poor). The war in Iraq is getting unpopular because of the number of US soldiers killed (not sure how much the oppression and daily killing of Iraqi and civil war weighs in the  balance of the war unpopularity in the US), so I really dont think there will be a draft and would be very surprised if the US actually went ahead with a war in Iran, it would be politcal suicide for those that would approve such a vote as would the draft.

I dont know if or when you have access to the movie "Who killed the electric car?", but to make a long story short the technology to make electric cars has existed for years but is being hidden so that oil companies can continue to profit from selling oil for car and so that garages (and car companies) in the US can continue to profit from the maintenance of internal combustion engines (more moving parts, oil, air filters, more wear, etc). China should develop and manufacture electric cars, there are people around the world (and consumers in the US) who would love it!

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had you trusted sadam for his words that he has no nuke weapon, the senseless
killing of civilian would not have happen now and the us would not have wasted
valuable billions of dollar.

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Lebanon planned in advanced as test for attack on Iran

Here's a very interesting article about Lebanon in the NewYorker magazine.

It appears that Israel contacted the US before the whole mess started to plan the attack in southern Lebanon as a test for attacks on Iran.

Now it seams that the reason the US and Israel wanted to and planned destroy Hezbolla before the conflict began was to allow either of them to attack Iran without having the expected retaliation of Hezbolla on Israel. Now, if the US or Israel attacks Iran with air strikes (as I previously stated a ground invasion would be surprising), Hezbolla will want to retaliate against Israel but they will be in the middle of the Lebanese army and international forces(who will do the dying as a buffer instead of the Israeli army).

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US involved in planning Israel's operations in Lebanon: report

#12, Ice, I also read the same news from AFP sources via channelnewsasia ... view/224719/1/.html

..................."When they grabbed the soldiers in early July, that was then a pretext" for Israel's assault on Hezbollah, Hersh said Sunday on CNN television.
"We (the US) worked closely with them (Israel) months before, not necessarily ... knowing when it was going to happen, but when there was an incident they will take advantage of the incident, what I call a fortunate timing'," Hersh said.
"Nobody is suggesting that Israel wouldn't have done what it did without the Americans," he added ..........

Also, the West has been circulating fake info regarding the kidnapping of 2 soldiers, the two Israeli soldiers had been captured NOT IN ISRAEL but during an incursion into southern Lebanon by Israeli forces on July 12.
So that was a legitimate capture by the Hezbollah.

US is destroying yet another country after Palestine, Afghan, Iraq, Lebanon, in less than 5 years!
I think all countries ( Arab and Asian ) should be equiped with nuclear weapons to deter from US's attack.

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I have mostly had access to western media which mainly stated that the Israeli were captured in Israel. In the US (and to some extent in UK, to a lesser extent in Canada, I'm not sure about Australia), a lot of media are owned or influenced by members of the jewish community, so the news that relates to israel is often bias while anyone that questions such a bias or happens to disagree with Israeli policy is accused of anti-semitism. Many citizens are not aware of this concentration of media and bias, beleiving what tey see on TV or what they read in the papers.

I was not sure about the location of the soldiers (its a he says she says situation, since I was not there myself). In any case Israel's attack of civilian infrastructure and disproportionate use of military power is inexcusable as is the US's tacid support and unwillingness to call for an immediate cease fire while civilian casualties were mounting each day is also outrageous, although we now suspect it was a plan to prepare for Iran all along which is even worst.

Who will send their fellow citizens risk their lives to keep peace in lebanon when Israel shelled and bombed a UN post and when it appears that the US and Israel who wont risk troops their may very well trigger the Hezbolla's wrath by attacking Iran?

As for the Nukes for Iran as a defense against US invasion, I have to say that although I currently beleive that Iran's desire for Nuke is in self defense, many people I talk too are afraid Iran would use it in a terrorist attack and it is very difficult to convince them that such Nukes would be a defensive deterent. Iran's anger towards the west (mainly US and Israel) is understandable when considering the role of the US and UK in putting the brutal Shah dictatorship to rubber-stamp corporation pludering, but, Iran's retoric is hurting its image. When they say Israel should be wiped out it might be popular in Iran but it is taken as Public Relation amunition to make people afraid of Iran.

Iran, and China for that matter, should have a number people dedicated and coordinating to public relations in the US, media, and lobbyist to counter those from Israel, for people in the US dont want war but if all they hear is one side that propagates fear they can be dangerous. Investing in PR in the US is almost worth as much as military spending imo. Israel can count on selected members of the jewish community to serve as a conduit, other nations could use similar method so that a certain balance in 'points of views' can be acheived.

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