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Yuan revaluation coming soon? [Copy link] 中文

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You better spend more time on "what is called" "counter cyclical spending"....
in time for the expected recession by June 2007...

If you have "conspiracy theories" about those "rich Anglo loving Amerikan", spill it out....but are you able to spot which Mutual fund they'll be better! ha ha ha Remember, each elite gang has a mass organization...including our own Taoist or Buddhist, clans grouping. The Amerikan elites are similar to us in structure.

Now we have reached the state of what "Capitalist countries" called over capacity in the manufacturing sector.

Oil refineries,

and whole lot of new investments in new....

oil drilling,
gas, iron ore, non ferrous mines...

(find out who are all those RICH OLD MAN sitting in leather sofas and thinking of all kind of games!)

Green Dragon
Third Force

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Not yet

It's still not revalued

I am waiting here, with my RMB
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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Waiting , waiting, waiting...

You can wait 'til the cows come home.

We will float the RMB when it is in China's interest to do so and not disruptive globally. Speculators can take a long walk off a short pier.  On the other hand, we might decide to narrow the band again very soon, say USD1=RMB8.5, would that be helpful to you?

We will do it after the Beijing Olympics. We will think about it.

Out of idle curiosity on a slow day, how did one such as you escape from Soro's smelly orifice, him reputed to be a tight-arse and all that?

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heck, the oil price increase has slowed....
in fact, crude price now is US$66 a barrel...

ha ha ha

So no need to revalue the Rmb...
just print more....would get the same result....

ha ha ha

Cestmoi...use your head!
Business skills!

Green Dragon
Lord of the code

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Mr. Cestmoi...understand the basic theories...

..understand world history and struggle of man..
...understand the many ways people are organized..

and how the struggle between the greedy and the loving....versus the many shades of the rainbow!

openess and transparency has its own problems of people unable to choose....
without help....

Green Dragon
Lord of the code
Trend setter

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China has already explained this

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Reply #27 jetsam's post

or we can PRINT MORE RMB, revise minimum wage legislation in the provinces step by step...

ha ha ha

I have to give Cestmoi more ideas! otherwise he calls me "from Soros arse"...

ha ha ha

HEy Mr. Flotsam, ooops Mr. Jet....

Those Amerikan mutual funds, non core Aseans, Europeans are buying up properties in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and trying to benefit from the rise!

We had almost Rmb2.6 billion worth of deals done in 1 month in Kuala Lumpur!

I cannot imagine the amount of trade done in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong KOng to take advantage of the rise of the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.

It's the Wild wild West investment craze again!

Green Dragon
Trend Setter.

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