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Russia defies US and sells 24 Sukhoi fighter jets to Venezuela [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by middlekingdo at 18-2-2007 08:15 PM
Ah, yes the Eternal wisdom of the Americans.  If the American government doesn't care about New Orleans, why would it care about a bombing of Texas?  Oh wait, I forgot, bombing of Texas is grounds for another illegal invasion and seizing of resources.  After all, I doubt you care that Chinese people are abused by Indonesians.  When it comes to American people, oh yeah, I should really care.  You are white and you only care about White people, I am Chinese so I will care about Chinese people.  After all, I don't care, hypocritics like you certainly will not care.  

Yawn ....

I can only guess as to what Americans think because, unlike you, I am NOT American. You seem to care that I am white - are you a racist?

You can find many of my posts here where I care about Chinese people - in fact, you should note that one of my threads (to highlight a charity for raising funds for the Chinese victims of the Morecombe Bay tragedy) was promptly filled up with disrespect and nonsense by some of the Chinese posters here.

You know jack sh*t about me and what I care about. You are still relatively new here and have a lot to learn.

I have addressed the Indonesian issue here with others, but you wouldn't know that. I have friends who were there at the time (both white and Chinese). However how many Chinese post anti-Indonesian comments? It was also Chinese people who let other Chinese die at Morecombe Bay - not white people.

Perhaps you can understand the above points. Perhaps you can understand that the anti-West garbage gets tiresome after a while ...

Here is your challenge: find proof that I do not care about the Chinese people. Find proof that I dislike China or the Chinese people. Then compare that with your anti-West rhetoric.
Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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Originally posted by shanhuang at 2006-8-4 08:31
You bet! The Yanks are pissed off badly.

Chevaz is making Uncle Sam very uncomfortable ...

This shows you dont know what you re talking.  And not just because it spells  Chavez.

A year ago, progressive activists and policy wonks descended upon Caracas, Venezuela, for the World Social Forum, a kind of Davos conference for the global left. People packed into the Caracas Hilton to listen to panel discussions on the evils of neoliberalism and the threat posed by U.S. hegemony, and Hugo Ch醰ez, the President of Venezuela, gave a speech to a crowd of some ten thousand in which he called for 搒ocialism or death.?It was a striking demonstration of Ch醰ez抯 importance as an anti-capitalist symbol. And yet, only six months earlier, in the very same hotel, Ch醰ez抯 government had hosted a rather different meeting of international luminaries. The attendees were American businessmen, and the meeting was a trade fair intended to convince American companies that Venezuela was friendly to foreign investment and eager to expand trade with the U.S.


Ch醰ez抯 demonization of the U.S. has had little or no impact on business between the two countries. The U.S. continues to be Venezuela抯 most important trading partner. Much of this business is oil: Venezuela is America抯 fourth-largest supplier, and the U.S. is Venezuela抯 largest customer. But the flow of trade goes both ways and across many sectors. The U.S. is the world抯 biggest exporter to Venezuela, responsible for a full third of its imports. The Caracas skyline is decorated with Hewlett-Packard and Citigroup signs, and Ford and G.M. are market leaders there. And, even as Ch醰ez抯 rhetoric has become more extreme, the two countries have become more entwined: trade between the U.S. and Venezuela has risen thirty-six per cent in the past year.

Ch醰ez has been the beneficiary of excellent timing: oil prices have quintupled since he took over, allowing him to hand out billions of dollars to the poor. But he has done little to diversify the nation抯 industrial base and lessen the economy抯 dependence on oil, while his few tepid ventures into state ownership or co鰌eratives will have no meaningful economic impact. The result is that the ties between the U.S. and Venezuela have actually tightened. And there is only so much Ch醰ez could do to loosen them without wrecking his economy; most Venezuelan oil is heavy with sulfur, and the refineries that are best equipped to handle it are in the U.S. It抯 far easier and cheaper to ship oil from the Orinoco Basin to Corpus Christi than to a refinery in Shanghai. In any case, it抯 far from clear that most Venezuelans want those ties loosened at all; Venezuela has traditionally been more America-friendly than other South American countries. Baseball is bigger in Venezuela than soccer, and there are Subway and McDonald抯 franchises throughout the country.

Sound like just another two faced politician with the prerequisite line in bulls hit.  Its interesting to see just how far hes willing to push his "rhetorics".

The paradox is that Ch醰ez抯 anti-Americanism is central to his global appeal, while American consumers and companies are central to the economic performance of his regime. So, while he抯 going around the world giving speeches about how the goose should be killed, he relies on the golden eggs to keep himself in power. This may seem like a state of affairs that can抰 last, and Ch醰ez抯 supporters and detractors alike assume that, soon enough, his deeds will begin to live up to his rhetoric: he抣l cut off oil supplies to the U.S., or the like.

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Reply #20 greendragon's post

I think you're mistaken there GD. There's a whole ----load of oil shale in Colorado that could very well prove to be a bigger find than all of the middle east.....I read an article about in the other day, on a website called "daily wealth" or something like that. Please google it and search for what's said there as I'm not sure of the site so I can't provide the link.

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Reply #24 exportedkiwi's post

The Amerikan Regime will need time to "gear up" the Colorado shale....and you'll need to "invest in new facilities" to use the heavy crude.

in the meantime it takes from the Mexicans, oil from the Gulf of "Mexico"...
and Alaska....imports from Venezeulans (another high viscosity crude), Nigerians and some from the Saudi.

It's really funny, Amerikan Regime does not really depend much on oil from middle east but it is the biggest meddler in that region.
Mostly on behalf of the Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese and Singaporeans!

Reduction of supply from Mexico, Nigeria and Venezeula will affect it heavily as the logistics in the USA is designed without Colorado shale oil in mind. (ie. it could be expensive and take at least 3 years before the oil can be finally be used in big quantities)

Green Dragon

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Anyway, Mr. exportedkiwi....

I think Mr. Al Gore and the Democrats is thinking of "Green Future"....

rather than risking the Amerikan Empire from being "left behind" in the economic structure of the future!

Green Dragon

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