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I am very confused about that why Taiwan do not want to return [Copy link] 中文

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Any country who can openly support and pay lip service to recognising  " one China " and simultaneously negotiate arms sale to one of her provinces to supply offensive arms is detestable, deceitful and demonish. For the province to happily buy and continue to procure such arms , with billions of dollars out of the tax payers' coffers, is shameful, sinister and sickening. This mafia-triad tag-team will not achieve their aims in toppling the legitimate government of China and the sooner this sinks in, the better the Taiwanes future will be. As for the Yanks, good easy money if you can get it !

In what and which way did " democracy " under Ah Bian prevented the acquisition of those $18 billion arms ? Do explain so I can understand. Also mention the rational for a province of China to get such offensive weapons please.  

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Originally posted by joe112 at 2006-7-27 02:17
you ask a good question.  I will answer for you.
Taiwan return to where???  land on earth was not created by beijing.  land on earth was created 4.5 billion years ago.  pacific ocean, sun , moon  ...


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Gi Joe:

You can keep your money, since a poor white guy like you living in Sacramento really need it.  Too bad you cannot afford anything better than that hellhole.     

You claimed to be a Taiwanese, yet you don’t read Chinese, you bear hunt, and you bring up the white interracial card, just like a pathetic white guy.  If you were truly a Taiwanese guy, you should not care that I share the truth about White guys, especially since it is factually verifiable.  

White inventions in America is irrelevant for you, since you are supposes to be a Taiwanese, or did you forget.  Besides, it doesn’t matter who invented what.  It’s more important if you can capitalize on the invention.  US invented the car and the TV, but cannot capitalize on it.  GM is nearly bankrupt.  Ford is not much better.  Is there even a domestic US television manufacturer anymore?  How embarrassing to invent something and cannot make money off of the invention.     

Redneck Joe, you think of women like chattel for one upsmanship.  The women reading your posting can see what I mean.  You are too damn stupid to be Taiwanese.  The Taiwanese I know are 非 常 聰 明.

I know you are desperate to make the White guy look good, since you are a socially inept white guy, the typical kind with the Asian Fetish.  I just gave you room to play the interracial card, just like a desperate white guy usually does when he runs out of factual retorts.      

The facts I’ve shared earlier (whites have lower education per capita, lower per capita income and medium household income, and higher divorce rates in America) are easily verifiable from the US Census, and other US government databases.  Of course you don’t want me to write the truth, because a white boy like you would feel even lesser than you are now.  Poor little redneck, stuck in a hellhole called Sacramento.

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for versace

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Joe the jovial clown.

" Did anyone from Beijing use a giant shovel and shape all the mountains and rivers in Taiwan ?"

Are you for real joe ? Or are you just hamming along singing a song. This is the craziest statement I have read on the forum ever. What are you thinking ? What are you drinking or smoking? Quite hilariously funny in a sad way. If you have to struggle each day with this sort of intellect , you need to see a panel of shrinks quick smart. I hope you can offer us more jokes of this sort before the men with the straight jacket arrive.

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