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Continued from #21

Female to Male (FTM)
Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS)

A. Metoidioplasty or Metaidoioplasty (phallic clitoral enlargement, stand to void)

The procedure confers the advantage of minimal surgery with preservation of natural sensation and erectile function.  Donor site forearm scars avoided. Overweight patients may achieve greater length with pubic lipectomy which will recess the body surface line.

In this procedure the clitoral hood is lifted and the suspensory ligament of the clitoris is detached from the pubic bone, allowing the clitoris to extend out further.  When the female tissues have been primed with testosterone, the clitoral head may resemble an adolescent glans penis.  An embryonic urethral plate must be teased away from the underside of the clitoris to permit outward extension and a visible erection.

For those patients who desire to void standing, the urethra is extended into the neo-penis. This may be accomplished simultaneously or performed secondarily using either a vaginal flap or buccal mucosal graft.

Please understand in that metoidioplasty involves a fair amount of tissue transfer, some degree of post-operative swelling is expected.  Complications may include but are not limited to less than anticipated length, torquing of the clitoris (usually amenable to release), loss of sensation, tissue necrosis, localized infection, persistent tenderness or hypersensitivity, transient or permanent narrowing of the vaginal opening which may render the vagina incapable of penile penetration, urethral narrowing, urethral obstruction, and urethral fistula (leakage of urine anywhere along the pathway of urethral extension).  Between the first and second stages leading to urethral extension, voiding patterns and trajectory may be forwards or backwards and may splash wetting perineal, labial and vaginal skin.

Fee $12,500.  Please call for details.

Testicular prostheses and scrotalplasty $5,000.

B. Penile Implantation for the Neo-Phallus patient.

A penile prosthesis confers the wherewithal to penetrate which may be the defining moment for a successful conclusion to gender reassignment surgery.  Clearly the intimacy of complete sexual contact is sought equally by patients and their partners.

Fee including inflatable prosthesis $8,000.

C. Insertion of Testicular Implants into Labia.

This should be performed as a procedure unto itself or with urethral extension to minimize complications.  To prepare the labia majora for implantation, a tissue expander may be employed for a few months.  This also creates a more pleasing scrotal appearance.

Soft silicone implants are used and are available in varying sizes.

Fee including prostheses $5,000.

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Originally posted by bo_chen at 2006-7-18 19:25
I just read a NEW in,a women professor changed her sex into a man.and she (he,I do not know which I can use) is a  professor in [co ...

What would you do if you are a woman but through genetic confusion during the developmental stages you also got a tiny penis above your vagina. Now a day, you have a choice (surgically)to be a man or a woman . There are still other considerations that I have not mentioned i.e.Psychologically, emotionally, socially, etc... 60 years ago,  you didn't have a choice. Well, you can chop it off or keep it hidding (if you call that a choice) to be a woman or show it off to be a man (I doubted that you would want to show off that small penis (size of a baby toe, in some cases). Food for thoughts.                                              ----The BS bird of the century---

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Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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Originally posted by tmphgt at 2006-7-19 05:03

For this post, today, I am the BS bird of the century!:lol

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It is unimaginable

TB: I have heard a lot of male-female operations, but few female-male surgeries. For male-female operations, I think it is relatively easy, just chop off the penis and open a hole, haha, I know it is far more complicated than I know. For the female-male surgeries, I doubt if the artificial penis can really work, say erection, ejaculation and orgasm etc. functions. I do not have much knowledge on this, but it is common sense that the erection involves with blood vessel, nerve terminal etc., it is soooo complicated. So is there any research or report on how they really work?

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happy to be a man

as I am male,I like to hear my gf or someone else call me "hi,man!"
It feels sooooooooooo good! hahhaSample Text

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an easier way to realize manXwoman change

I would like to be a broker engage in bridging the wanna be man with the wanna be woman, and change their heads if the surgery conditon is ok. that's a more satisfied way to realize both aspirations because their willing to change sex stem from some mutation in brain, not the malfunction of body, so it's better to change heads.

Of course, I will charge some commission as intermediary if the surgery is successful.
One thing that's truly hard to eradicate is the idea.

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