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China can win the war against USA [Copy link] 中文

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This is not a rhetorical post about how China can win a war against the USA. I am writing this post to underscore China's potential to become the world's most influential nation in terms of culture.

The Europeans, like the French, British, and Spanish, have turned their relatively shorter periods of history into top tourist attractions, which have generated lots of cash. No doubt that their colonial past has helped expanding their sphere of cultural influence into other parts of the world, but European culture and history are fairly short and lack substance, compared to China's. In fact, modern European culture has been eroded by American influence via Hollywood and music. This trans-Atlantic influence is likely to continue to be a one-way traffic because for one the Europeans themselves don't have much culture to show for and for two whatever Europeans think is their own has already been incorporated into the American culture. There are many books and studies published on the above-mentioned, so I do not need to provide any more evidence.

China, on the other hand, has had a continuous flow of history, which was partly interrupted in the Qin Dynasty and during the cultural revolution but remained intact overall. The bond between the Chinese and their origin is so strong that short periods of abberations in history can hardly change them.

Quincy Jones, an established music producer, recently visited China and gave a speech on the Fong Huang Channel. In the speech he said that China's production of what he calls "hard products" like electronics is not sustainable because there will always be cheaper labor elsewhere, but China's potential "soft products," ie. the commercialization of China's culture and 5000 years of history will always be profitable. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that the media and entertainment industry will be worth $1.8 trillion by 2010. China can occupy a huge piece of the pie if the government is able to lift a lot of the unreasonable restrictions imposed on the movies, music, and publishing. In China's history, adverse political enviornments have inspired great poets and artists. Their works were not banned, thanks to the non-existence of information censoring technology used in the modern days. Now, looking at the present-day movie industry, if Taiwan and HK, two tiny territories of China, can produce world renowned film makers like Wang Kar Wei and Lee Ang, imagine what China can produce given its sheer size and huge pool of talents. India's Bollywood has been growing steadily, where is China's movie industry going during this transitional period?

America has achieved its sole superpower status in the world by means of cultural invasion and economic exploitation. The latter will take China decades to counter, but the former can be easily accomplished because all the firepower is already there. And movies and music are the best channels to launch this counter-attack. Now whether China will capitalize depends on its government's readiness to accept a diversity of opinions expressed in songs, movies, books, and other media channels.

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Quincy Jones is a load of crap!!!!

The object of all PROPAGANDA strategiest from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and down to Thailand, Malaya, Singapore and Australia..... too "find a middle ground" between an EMERGING SUPERPOWER China and the PRESENT Superpower, the United State of America. This nations are the so called "Prancing Lion states" of the New Middle Kingdom and the Pyramid ministates of American Roman-Hebrew Culture.

so, this crap of Quincy Jones.

China possess and uses about 25% - 30% of the world's resources..
It produces it through high productive farming skills....
It does it by having large mining and extraction enterprises...
and it is enriching its citizens via larger share for the rural folks, by increasing resources extraction efficiency.
It is increasing manufacturing and production prowess to provide further employment to the displaced farmers. Many rural area now is devoid of young people who has gone to the cities for manufacturing and processing jobs.
city folks and manufacturing hub is increasing populating services, high skill city jobs....

It would be impossible for China to export away such jobs....
maybe some low end, cheap assembled products........but impossible to do just song, movies, books....

China is just "too large"......

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Sweet dreams are made of these~

It is wishful thinking to want China to create a larger and more famous Hollywood with stars that the rest of the world can 'idolize'. How many Movie stars or stars in China a Westerner can less than a handful...lets see..Zhang ZiYi, Gong Li (maybe not), Lucy Liu (more of an American than Chinese) , Ang Lee, Yao Ming, Liu Xiang (more known domestically), and Andy Lau is not even in this handful. Ummm ya that about sums up the Chinese Tinseltown population to a Westerner.

This is called Western-privilege and it may not feel good but thats reality. China should not go on this path because it is just not accepted internationally. Quincy Jones is a musical artist and composer, why would anyone take his words in terms of upstarting a 'hollywood-like' industry? A musical one I can see gradually assimilating after a long period of commercial development but as for boldness and originality in Movies...not gonna happen.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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Reply #3 eyeofstorm's post

China can go on the path of "tinseltown"....

but it would not be at the level of Amerikan Regime crap..of having 50% of its exports from such crabby exports.
It cannot afford it....
by the way, many Hollywood tinseltown stars are unknown to the Mandarin or Sinic speaking population which represents 25% of the world's population.
even in India..some 20% of the world's population only knows Bollywood stars, no crabby Hollywood stars known here...

but if you say INCOME earned...of course America ranks high!

ha ha ha

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Originally posted by twchinese at 2006-6-29 06:08
This is not a rhetorical post about how China can win a war against the USA. I am writing this post to underscore China's potential to become the world's most influential nation in terms of culture ...

I think this is for long term!!!

The present singing is done by the WEST as they know from long before music&fame are money spinners!!!

It takes more than Nuke to succeed.

Better to wait for something more natural!

& such thread will meet with many antis...................depends on where the person is living!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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China's transition to modern society

This is one of the most critical issues facing China right now.

To too many people modernization = westernization

If this persists, no matter how advanced China becomes in terms of science and technology, it will always consider itself the inferior of the west because it is a big cultural vaccum.

Consider the analogy from Chinese history. When barbarian kingdoms invade China, such as the Mongols, they still consider themselves to be inferiors to the Chinese civilization, even though they were stronger.

Respect and national cohesion does not come with science and technology alone, it comes from an ADVANCED CULTURE (which by its very definition, must have science and technology to back it up).

China right now is in a lot of danger. It is a big cultural vaccum. That, coupled with the drive toward modernization, is putting the idea in a lot of people's heads that Chinese people should recognize their own inferiority compared to western peoples and western civilization.

More science and technology is not going to solve the fundamental problem. Even China's ancient culture, vaunted as it is, is not modern. If anything it will reinforce the idea of China as a chronically backward culture.

China needs literati, philosophers, artists, visionaries. China needs a golden age of ideas relating to the humanities and social science. China needs a build a BRAND NEW MODERN CULTURE and stop relying on the ancient Confucious stuff. Otherwise, the worshipping of western societies will slowly destroy China.

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