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Originally posted by zhaoyi1124 at 2006-6-28 15:12
Ben was born in the year 2000B.C. So in 1985B.C he was 15 ans in 1980 B.C. he was 20.

"15 ans"?
this I suppose is French logic..

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Reply #8 divina's post

Interesting typo.  I think zhaoyi1124 meant to type "and", but "ans" also makes sense in French.  lol

It's also interesting that when Ben was born nobody knew it was 2000 BC.

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A girl was eight years old on her first birthday. How could that be?

Maybe she was born in the month which is the chinese lunar extra one.

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you all too, I'm 20 this year, and 19 next year, hahaha..........

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I like the first one! Clever.

The second one about the 8 yr old girl... hmm.... I'd like to say I'll think about it, but honestly once I click off this page I will probably forget about it so let me think now.........

.......... (imagine the Jeopardy music....)  ........     ....

. ..................... ................................                          Hmmm.........

Well, you could just mean her first birthday that anyone acknowledged, like she was an orphan or something until age 8 & didn't know how old she was..... or she was in the womb for 8 yrs & 9 months.... Ok..... Hey, is the girl not human? Is it a girl elephant and elephants have an 8yr gestation period? Ok, I'm trying to think outside the box so to speak.... but at least you can see I'm trying......

Hmm...... Is it another BC riddle, like she was born when Jesus was and she skipped some years or something, and year one was actually... HEY!!! I know!!!! She was born on Feb 29, so her first birthday was actually, wait, wouldn't she be four.....

Ok, I'm onto something. (racking my brain, whatever that means)...
Feb 29, 2000 - born
Feb 29, 2004 - birthday #1, but 4yrs old.... Chinese do birthdays differently but that's the other direction. Oh god. Was there a time where we skipped a leap year & had 8 in a row?

I give up.
For now.

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Or the case of FREDERICK in Gibert&Sullivan's PIRATES OF PENZANCE -- He was born in 1856 and wouldn't be 21 until 1940 :


For some ridiculous reason, to which, however, I've no desire to be disloyal,
Some person in authority, I don't know who, very likely the Astronomer Royal,
Has decided that, although for such a beastly month as February, twenty-eight days as
        a rule are plenty,
One year in every four his days shall be reckoned as nine and twenty.
Through some singular coincidence -I shouldn't be surprised if it were owing to the
        agency of an ill-natured fairy -
You are the victim of this clumsy arrangement, having been born in leap-year, on the
        twenty-ninth of February;
And so, by a simple arithmetical process, you'll easily discover,
That though you've lived twenty-one years, yet, if we go by birthdays, you're only five
        and a little bit over!
RUTH. and KING.        Ha! ha! ha! ha!
        Ho! ho! ho! ho!
FRED.        Dear me!
        Let's see!  (counting on fingers)
        Yes, yes; with yours my figures do agree!
ALL.        Ha! ha! ha! ho! ho! ho! ho!
FRED.  (more amused than any)  How quaint the ways of Paradox!
        At common sense she gaily mocks!
        Though counting in the usual way,
                Years twenty-one I've been alive,
        Yet, reckoning by my natal day,
                I am a little boy of five!
RUTH and KING.        He is a little boy of five! Ha! ha! ha!
ALL.                A paradox, a paradox,
        A most ingenious paradox!
        Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!, etc....


        All is prepared, your gallant crew await you.
        My Frederic in tears?  It cannot be
        That lion-heart quails at the coming conflict?
FRED.        No, Mabel, no.  A terrible disclosure
        Has just been made. Mabel, my dearly-loved one,
        I bound myself to serve the pirate captain
        Until I reached my one-and-twentieth birthday ?
MABEL.        But you are twenty-one?
FRED.                I've just discovered
        That I was born in leap-year, and that birthday
        Will not be reached by me till nineteen forty!
MABEL.        Oh, horrible!  catastrophe appalling!
FRED.        And so, farewell!"
when you speak of this -- and you will -- be kind

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