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aftermath of going abroad [Copy link] 中文

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It May In Fact Be Structural

It is certainly easier for the Chinese to "make it" in the U.S., Europe and Austrialia, since the locals are so much lazier and don't want to study.

With New Zealand's strong interest in temporary work permits for foreign workers, and Australia considering same, the trend is that more Chinese will be working overseas, a rather profitable move for all countries involved. ... php?urlpinaid=22608

The Chinese govt. has already listed the temporary working arrangment as part of FTA negotiations with the Aussies, including both skilled and unskilled labor.  

Emu'd be too busy trying to stay competitive, or he'd be out of a job soon.

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yes, they also go to Japan.

mostly Red neck workers, like construction workers, kitchen helpers, chefs, karaoke gals.....
It's not only Europe, British club states, and USA.

They are also in IndoChina, Thailand....but more as BUSINESS people rather than Red necks!

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so those who go abroad need to change their necks from red back to yellow.

some chinese people staying in USA become bananas--yellow skin covering white hearts. They cling to the white society and have whites' hearts though they are yellow from the outside.

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Yes, I believe a lot of manual workers go to Japan. But obviously it's too far for them to go to Europe, so we tend to get the well-educated Chinese - we wouldn't let manual workers from Asia in anyway, given the availability of Eastern Europeans. Of course I'm talking about legal migration - illegal immigrants are a different story.
"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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Last heard, about 500,000 to 1 million chinese from the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaya and Singapore are working in Japan. They make quite a neat sum and return to their homeland. Many club gals marries older age Salaryman as the Japanese gals are "hard to get along...with their fake politeness, a big discriminating mentality"!!!!

Well, the British Club is probably the 2nd wealthiest collection of states in our present world. In addition, the British has a "culture of allowing home rule", "autonomous local government" which is very "similar to traditional chinese culture"...British governance allow a "variety of cultures" which is quite "comfortable to the traditional chinese people" mindset....

In addition, the British club advantage of being the "most resource rich" grouping in the world...must have matter a lot to the Cantonese immigrants.

Malaya for example use to have "home rule" or "local government" but it was "sabotaged" during the "Mahathir-Lee Kuan Yew" fight for Numero we can only "manipulate from behind the scene"........must have some elements of British tomfoolery behind it........ha ha ha

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Originally posted by eye2eye at 2006-6-17 02:20
mao zedong had never been abroad, so he knew how to defeat the enemies--japs during the anti-jap war and kmt troops during civil war.

that is why zhou enlai was ousted during long march. zhou en ...

But China did not prosper under Mao. It was only after he died that China's economic revival began. The KMT should not be refered to as enemies. They were just as Chinese as the Communists were. Had the KMT won the civil war, China probably would have been a lot richer much sooner. Mao closed China from the outside world for decades. The KMT would not have done that.

On another note, it is true that many Chinese are choosing to stay in China rather than to move abroad. I know several people who have returned to China after moving abroad. It is very difficult for a non-English speaking person to become established abroad, so ultimately life in China is better for them.

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Originally posted by yanyin at 2006-6-26 12:56

Had the KMT won the civil war, China probably would have been a lot richer much sooner.

That is not evident at all. GMD (not KMT) had a lousy economy with hyper inflation for a long time. The economy in the PRC improved until 1955.

Whatever would have happened with GMD as victors is just speculation. We know that they ran a government of tyranny on Taiwan for many years, in fact just like China in miniature. It wasn't until the 70s that they began their march toward democracy and economic prospering.

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