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What does happiness mean to you? [Copy link] 中文

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rich in spirit, peaceful heart, simple life, be in good health

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I have been looking my magic wand.

If I get it,all your wishes will come true.

All get your happiness.

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Happiness its a tricky thing....

Happiness for me are all the fond memories that I think about. I think about the goals that I achieved, kissing a girl the first time, being hurt but overcoming it, geeting promoted, etc. Now... I say to myself "Not bad man... not bad at all", I smile... yes I was able to make some good decisions. Pretty good, I'm happy.

Right now I'm super happy, a pretty girl thinks I'm attractive. Wow... flattery it will kill me!

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Hmmm.... I see, and agree with most of you....

All these things I'm hearing are not materialistic things, not physical things. So why do so many people (here on CD, in other threads) say money CAN buy happiness or money is necessary for happiness? Now that I put forth the question "what is happiness" I am hearing most people naming things that money can't buy.

Are people seeing the question "Can money buy happiness?" differently than I am? I'm trying to understand the difference....

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Reply #32 freakyqi's post

I think the question of money and happiness is more complex than just saying, “the best things in life are free” or, “money can buy happiness.”  A lot has been said on both sides of this issue.  Here’s my two cents for money.

Money may not buy happiness directly, but it is a lubricant, greasing the skids of life and making happiness a lot easier to attain.  Likewise, the lack of money can cause a lot of unhappiness.  Money is to a happy life as oil is to a well-running engine.  You don't need a lot, but you need enough.  Enough money to keep from feeling poor in whatever society we’re in is a necessary but not sufficient condition for happiness.

Look at some of what people have said makes them happy

Rousseau said, “Happiness: a good bank account, a good cook, and a good digestion.”  The first two require money, and the third is easier to have with the good food money can buy

Flyinglily said, “can do what l like to do freely with free heart”   Doing what we like, travel, sports, hobbies, having pets, etc., usually  costs money, but if the money is taken from other family needs like rent or tuition, the pleasures bought are guilty pleasures and the heart isn’t free.

Lovekq had a big one, “for me, it means no worry”  Lack of money, how to pay the next bills, is one of the biggest worries many people have.  In my case, I’m so happy that I have enough money and a secure income to cover basic needs and some modest pleasures without worry.

Sinfulangel said, “give the best to the loved ones...and have a simply and easy life”  That doesn’t seem to involve money, but I think it does.  An an example, in order to give her the best education they could, her parents spent a lot of money sending her to Australia.  Likewise, ease and simplicity of life in today’s world are pretty hard to attain without enough money.

Many have pointed out loving family relationships.  Yet problems caused by insufficient money have poisoned many relationships and been cited as the cause of many divorces.

Sure, a mountain sunset, an ocean wave, or a baby’s smile can make me happy.  But it would be a lot harder to be happy if consumed with worry about where the next dollar or euro or yuan is coming from.

Does that mean that we should always try to maximize money?  Of course not.  As you and others have said balance is necessary.  Your case is a good example.  Moving to China will probably be a big financial sacrifice for you, but the gain in rich experiences will far outweigh any monetary loss.

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happiness is.......

huh, gotcha, its a trick question.

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happiness is staying with the people u love, happiness is getting what u want, happiness is what u did was accepted by others. happiness is to see the people what u love happy.etc.

happiness is a kind of feeling, just feel it personally.

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