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What do you think Western view about China? [Copy link] 中文

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to seneca

when have you been to China?  Please come to China  and see what happen in here. Mr. Ding said : develop is hard reason!!! If every west reporter like you, it is easy to get conclusion that west people cannot understand really China. In addition, i suggest you should learn chinese  and our history, not only your eyes and your image!!!

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To bossel: Chinese people don't know about western countries, so do western peo

Can you say they know more about China? most of chinese people learn english or other countries' language for the purpose of learning something from western countries, but what about western countries? there are few people learning chinese ,and they absolutely rely on media in their countries . and there are few western people knew the history of china being invaded in the past. Only think there are refugees going to western countries for freedom. I would say there are more chinese people going to western countries in the past  for their lives due to many chaos and wars.
Those quotes you posted here were from BBC sponsored by government, fine, these posts don't mean BBC  journalist's views of point  are different from government ,what if the difference? there are many private media in The Great britain and exert less influence on people than BBC. the main stream reports reflect  really the attitude toward China, not only these . I can also pick up these kind of reports from China media also.
Nowadays, Chinese people send their kids to study in England or other western countries either studying in marketing or arts or science. but there are few old chinese people ( i mean our parents) having been to England or other western countries and they knew most about Soviet Union, Why do they take this action ? it is because they knew  about western countries from China media.
If you say chinese people only knew about western countries from Hollywood movies,  could you tell me how much you know Chinese movies,  i am sure you know this guy, zhangyimou  because he won the prize which must satisfy non-chinese opinions ,otherwise he wouldn't won in Hollywood, but i assure  you don't know others if they don't show up in Hollywood . and chinese people know cold play, beatles, and which chinese singer  do you know? do you know Tang poems?

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western views correspond to values

as an american, i am really pissed off when i have my voice silenced, especially regarding political issues.  that has happened too many times here on the china daily forums.  

for instance, i want to discuss why the government jails internet dissidents under its subver5ion laws.  i want to discuss real political change in china, but cannot.

when westerners like myself encounter this type of action, what are we supposed to think?  do you want us to think, "well, that is ok, chinese culture allows for that sort of suppression."  no!  that is not true!  it is not the culture, it is the g0vernment system!!

i would agree that most of the negative news about china (although most all western news is negative anyway) is because of western values.


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Have Lived in China, Seneca? Up your ass more likely!

To put in bluntly Seneca, there are more crap in you then a Christmas turkey because honestly, you do not your ass from the hole in the ground with your opinion.

Granted China's media may not be as astute or diligent in their reporting but at least they do not behave like some "know all" looking down their noses and pontificating garbage under the guise of journalism.

A case in point. Just where are the omnipresent western media with their "bleeding heart", "fair and accurate reporting", "human rights" etc. etc. when it comes to telling the truth on the number of civilian casualties in Iraq?

We are talking about murdering countless innocent defenseless women and children with cluster bombs and condemning them forever to a life poisoned by DU or depleted uranium bombs?

Surely if there is a double-standard and hypocrisy this takes the cake!

Now for you to come and crow about "China does not know the world" or the "Chinese hacks""30% bad news and 70% good news from China, and 70% bad news and 30% good ness from the rest of the world" proves who is from the trees trying to sell horse manure.

And please don't insult the good names of the "Seneca" Indians for they have much more sense in them then a monkey like you.      

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How come you're not pissed off on Guatanamo Bay, with prisoners no one knows or

Isn't it strange for you to be pissed off about Chinese dissident being jailed in China when the number of people held under the so-called "atriot Acts" and "War against Terrorism" in American jails is considered a "top secret"!

So, secret that no one except the AG knows the exact number of people held without charges or why or where they are being held.  

How is it these prisoners jailed blindfolded and shackled like animals are classified as a "threat to national security"  while those of the rest of the world are considered "dissidents"?

Surely you cannot deny seeing pictures of prisoners in chains, hopping like rabbits as they are led half naked to bathrooms or left to swelter under the hot Cuban sun in Guantanamo Bay's Gulag?

What was it the world was told? They are "Enemy Combatants"!

Surely a 15 years old kid (reported lately and who knows there could very well be 12 and 10 years old) ought to be treated more humanely?

After all, we are constantly being reminded that in America, every prisoner has rights; especially children and that  the rule of the law applies equally to everyone. None are being discriminated.

So, where are all these stuff about "Innocent until proven", "equal justice for all", "America does not abuse prisoners", "human rights" etc. etc.?

Well where are these mantra peole like you see loves to crow so often now .....hmmm?

There is a Chinese saying, "make sure you put on your own pants first before you worrying about pants on you daughter in-law". Before you come here to lecture people about China's errors look at yours first!                     

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What's the fact?

If you watch CNN that often, and  I remember clearly, there is one script a few days before this world turn into 2004 in CNN, named "economist 2004", the host is "Lou " something, if you want to know the exactly name, it should be in the CNN websize.

It basically saying the economist predict what will happen in 2004 from some famous economist, there is a topic attracted me very much, one economist talking about the counterfeit car in China. He recalled the chairman of the automobile or something had been predicted the counterfeit car will occurred in china maybe a few more years from now. surprisingly it actually happen in china now, and he compare the same thing happened in Japan and Korea back in the old days. and he conclude, "china, has a more than three thousand years culture, never been colonize, it is impossible for china to give up a such a basic industry..." in the very near future china will has her own car undoubtedly.

One general has been said if taiwan want to independant, it is too bad it too close to china. if some one want to say china should change her identification, I might say it is too bad she already been thousands years never been change, it is very hard to see it will be westernize in this generation or even in the future.

It is funny to say if you ask a chinese to copy your idea, it is difficult, he might accept it but he will generally put more his idea into it, and he will say copy is stupid, and obviously he is not stupid.

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arthur has been deleted
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yes, it's very dirty!

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