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Liver Cancer + China [Copy link] 中文

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This is the highest of all cancers in China. It is very rare in the USA. Is there a reason
why this lethal cancer is so high in China?

(50% of all liver cancer deaths in the world happen in China)

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STD + America

This is the most common of communicable diseases in America.  It is much less prevalent in China.  Is there a reason?  Why is this often lethal and disfiguring and embarassing disease so high in America?

(Over 50% of the world's STD in teh world happen in America, even though it has only 5% of the population).

Why, Fish, why?  Do you have STD?  Did that get to your brains?

Y'know, AIDS still has no cure.  America has 3 times as much AIDS infected (or about 13.5 times on a per capita basis) compared to China.  Why is that Fish?

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STD + AIDS = America ?!
------ 淡泊明志 宁静致远 ------

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In America AIDS is STD

With medical technology "50 years ahead of China," the only way that America can have 13.5 times as much AIDS compared to China is because that society mistakes irresponsibility for freedom, and thus unlike in the rest of the world, AIDS is mainly a STD, and America's political system is inherently defective and has no wherewithal to deal with the problem.

Isn't that true, Fish?

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The advantage China had was compared with the disadvantage of America
and  both American  excellence and  Chinese  shortage were difficult to compare

this imbalance was engendered by the historical factor
so insignificant is discussion about the different

why no try best to do more significant things to constitute the future
our chinese economy need to rapidly develop ,our civilization need to continue
the poverty also is trouble our landsman ,the medical service stands the little level

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No Need to Self Deprecate

China's per capita medical outlay may not be as rich as that in America, but China's medicine is certainly not "50 years behind."  China's life expectancy is among the highest, and first year newborn mortality rate among the lowest, of all developing nations.  

When blabbermouth Westerners come in here and start mouthing off how supposedly inadequate China is, they are not here to offer to share their bounty.  They are here to plant discontent, and to feel superior.  It is only right to put them in their place, where they belong.

Have no doubt in your mind, that as the Chinese continue to work hard and work smart , China will continue to improver.  There is no cause to lose faith when the economy is still  the fastest growing in the world.

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...what am I going to do with you? You are impossible

This was not an attack on China. Let's talk about STD or Aids in America on another thread. I
would be happy to join you there.

Liver Cancer + China is a thread about China. A serious dealy illness that I thought any caring
and compassionate person in China would like to get out in the open.

When you are open...instead of talking about something else.....and ask questions....what is
the cure..what is the reason.....

it helps people.

Somehow...I do not think you are Chinese at all. I do not think you care at all for the
Chinese people.

I think you Tong are an enemy to the Chinese people.

Shame on you Tong.

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