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Chinese students in terrific school clothes [Copy link] 中文

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What about the schools which previously had administrators that took bribes from certain parents to enroll a student. What about administrators that pocketed school budget for his personal use. What about principals that have lavish and swank offices while the rest of his school looks gutter. That is a administrator without integrity and care and yes I will call him/her ignorant and uneducated. Do you have a problem with that?? Then show me your sense of humor.

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WE have banned all cigarettes advertisement even on TV!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Personally I am more P'd off at Marlboro, etc (the advertisers) than anyone else. These kids are seeing their logo CONSTANTLY. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. They're taking advantage of the fact that the school & the families don't have a lot of money, and they are LYING, CHEATING them by saying "oh sure it'll be cheap for you!"  Marlboro should be giving the SCHOOLS money!!!! Even in the US, there are some schools who don't have enough money for extra activities, so they need to get it somewhere. Some schools tried (don't know who still does it) having a TV in the cafeteria, and during lunch the kids could watch TV. Ah! BUt what are they watching?!? Does anyone ask that? It turns out they are watchng things they really, enjoy, geared exactly toward their age, maybe even educational, but with plenty of commercials or product-placement for big companies (coke, McD's, etc). Those companies ***gave the schools money***, which the schools needed in some cases, so the school said "ok, we need the money, the kids see ads all over anyway, what's the difference?" But please....! To put ads for unhealthy things in SCHOOL - where the kids should be learning that soda, McD's, and cigarettes are BAD for you? I think it's disgraceful. If my kid went to that school I would be P'd!!! I would insist they be taken out, or I would come take my kid out for lunch time.

It was a big stink, I don't know who still might be doing this.


Hey the parents can do something! They can take the patches off, or put a patch over them!! I would, what's Marlboro going to do, come and yell at them? They already got a HUGE amount of free advertisement AND some cash. They're already ahead.

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for one important reason

the school adminstors must choose the advertised fabric to make school jackets---
If it is for F1, it must be faithful of not containing toxic material. It maybe hard to be imflamable. It's all for the safety of the pupils. It's more important that protecting them from tobacco advertisement.

Why the principal didn't think of that. She didn't know there're toxic material found in kids' clothes in the market. In the interview, she just told the reporter that they chose the jackets for the bright orange red colour so it'd be easier to find missing kids in outdoor activities.

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In some school, the situation is much better. Their school clothes are in nice style like the ones in Taiwan or Korea.

However, I do not think it is a good thing to ask the students dress the same.

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