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I am allergic to mango [Copy link] 中文

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Geeeeeze...we have started a School of Poisons!

ha ha ha

First it was Vit. K to cause heart palpitations and high blood pressure...
now it is Mango skin that cause "allergic reaction"....
next is Potasium Chloride.....

this great info guys....
better get that drink of pure water....wash out those poisons. ha ha ha

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Originally posted by lau_guan_kim at 2006-5-24 03:38


You can avoid future occurence by the simple process of not eating mangoes, that is unless you ar very certain eating mangoes causes that.

I suggest you try eating another mang ...

It seems Zyrtec is to cure allergic rhinitis, will it work for my condition? Anyway , thanks a lot for your kindness.

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We learnt about other poisons... RICIN from the Amerikan Regime press...
..and poisons from diseased sheeps......from the Hebrew Jews....

let's make this thread an ENCYCLOPEDIA of poisons and diseases!!!!!

and we know about H5N1.....
...about the NIPAH Virus...
..about MAD COW disease....

let's add more to the list....

..amphetamines, ketamines from Jewish chemist......

tell me more.....

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Poisons that attack the vital organs of our body!

As a human, we should realize that our body can be poisoned by

(1) Brain
(2) Heart
(3) Lungs
(4) Liver
(5) Gastro-intestinal tract
(6) Prostrate
(7) Kidney
(8) Bladder
(9) Urinary tract
(10) Nervous system
(11) Eyes
(12) Ears
(13) Nose

We have such a large array of biological weapons that can be used.

Example...Aflotoxins are easily recovered from Fungi culture on simple grains. It is tasteless, difficult to detect and can be used to target certain vital organs.

Mr. Lau, is presently ingesting minutes amount of it on a regular basis!!!

Then we have ANTRHRAX, this is a JEWISH weapon, it is used powder form but mostly to threaten.....

Then we have NERVOUS SYSTEM poison, such as ADENOSINE mimics..that paralyses our body...

Mr. Lau, how about more POISONs in this thread!

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Next time, before you eat mango or pineapple, soak pieces of them into 2 percent salt water 30 min, you will not brother by allergy any more.

That is a efficient way to get off chemistries which cause allergy.

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Originally posted by lau_guan_kim at 2006-5-24 19:33

Zytec is an antihistamine that takes care of allergy. Rhinitis is an alergic condition of the respiratory tract.

As Zyrtec is a second -generation antihistamine which has none of t ...

Thank you very much for your professional advice. You are so kind.

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