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In the past week or so I have been editing out too many "bad words". I realize that occasionally people slip up, and I haven't minded editing the 1-2x/week slip up from people who are normally good little boys & girls. But some of you are starting to use those words regularly.

Ask yourself:
Would you want to hear your little sister or young daughter saying the word? If not, don't use it here, children can read here too. Would you say it to your grandmother? Grandmothers can read here too. So can your teachers, boss, the gov't, etc.

And for the person who thinks I won't know what "motherfvcking" must mean, you can stop now. I know you're fairly new here, so just realize I am a stupid human, not a stupid machine. :)

Thank you

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What a bunch of f****** s*** s***** w****** we have here!

(The missing words are: friendly, sane, smiling, women ... or perhaps I am lying!!!)

Who needs to swear? It isn't big or clever and as you get older you grow out of it
Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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Roger That!

- We don't dwell on the past, we remember it.

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I bet most of us know how to swear. Frankly, I have not met anyone who does not know the "art" of profanity. Since chinadaily is not a gallery for such "artistic" exhibitions; In my opinion, why use this forum to prove your manhood/womanhood and/or your long-proven artistic talent?!:)     

---One man's opinion----

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Post time 2006-5-17 09:18:24 |Display all floors you present yourself with people get to know you via them...straight out..narrow-minded, or racist...they're distinguishable....

What if I post these words which appears in some lyrics, well it's common for some metal band...but not cussing actually...
Would you edit or delete them?

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sorry mate

i don't do it on purpose...take it as a compliment because i feel relaxed here...but i will try harder to censor myself and save you the trouble

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Just for the Record

These two rules, from the "Forum Rules", at the bottom of every page, particularly apply lately in the FLR section.

"2. You must converse in an appropriate way to be allowed to participate

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Thread subjects should properly describe the content of the thread. Thread subjects like: "What's this?", "Why isn't it working?", "So, which is it?", should be avoided.

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