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what happened to us ------------chinese [Copy link] 中文

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Reply #7 eyeofstorm's post

i never try to glorify western mentality, cos i have no idea of what these are, nor do i try to show the mentality you mentioned although it may seems like that. And i never intend  to make readers here to think i am guy with western-minded you described, never.

I just want to express my feeling when i  read the storys from the media. And i surely understand i can not say these words in the crowd.

This is not crazy, no the way you think.

Actually, you do not know what i am talking about cos you have no idea of the history of China and you do not recongnize these chinese.
And i know i did not talk the bullshit.

Anyway, thanks for your reminding.
Btw, how is the sex on the plane?

haha, you do are a good guy.

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Maybe life just does not have that much value to some.....

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damn U and other witness

Come away with me my girl

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reply to petermh

Originally posted by petertmh at 2006-5-13 13:32
I have no idea if you are a chinese or not, you are in the list to be morally blamed....

Thanks for your remind . Pertermh .Frankly to everybody here ,  I am  chinese, working in Shenzhen . I should be blamed because  I , maybe the other passengers , only thought the working time around the corner at that time .  
I feel ashamed for my behavior. But believe me , I would do good jod next time .

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something we should think over

reply to all :  I separate your posts into two group : 1. spiritrace ,andows ,challyz, tensonliu .
2. petermh , eyeofstorm and joehsu .
I guess most of you are chinese .  Very appreciated for your opinions posted here .  Actually , the purpose why I shared my experience here is that I get blame by myself .  I couldn't feel better and forgive myself  these days .  Maybe I would be the target to be scolded hardly .But the most important is that enlighten  my dear chinese fellowmen to think something of ourselves , do self-exam at the bottom of heart .   what happened to us ??  Our foreign friends feel disappointed to our offish , they use "Strange" to describe ....

As far as I know , this phenomena is very common in china  , especially developed city .   we should do something to this .

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The Cup is 3/4 Full

There are evil or insensitive persons everywhere.  Neocons in America certainly have no qualms in hurting people, and a lot of people.  It is true everywhere in the world, and not just in China.

If that is a reason to give up faith in people, you've got a sad life to live.  

This is not the time to give up on life.  The nation, the future of the Chinese race, depend on everyone working hard and working smart, and helping out others when they can.  

The cup is not half empty.  The cup is 3/4 full.  China has at least 30 years of rapid growth to look forward to.  Life is full of hope and simple pleasures.  Yes, sh*t still happens.  But we can only improve things one person at a time, starting with ourselves individually.

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You actually have no blame in this, you were injured......

The problem is years of obedience and being told how to live, when to do something and all that.......
I know most people who see things like this happen want to help, it is human nature. But the culture of "getting involved" stops them. In the past, neighbor would turn in neighbor just to cause them trouble. Even in western countries the fear of "getting involved" stops people from taking action. And, as you said, in the big cities it is more common.

There is no answer to the problem. It is just the way things are. In western countries if a person gets involved the victim can sue them for everything they have and it happens often. Until the laws, the government and the overall culture is willing to change then it will be the same........

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