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Say your tough things, Ok ? (anthing) [Copy link] 中文

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I am in the same situation with mimi88, i am 24 years old but still not make any

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Life itself is tough enough, no matter what walk of life.

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reply to soviet

yes,  I  admit  that   your  words  are  right ,  but  I  do  not   agree   with  your   attitude.
we  happen   some   difficulty, then,  we  can   make  a  progres.  If  our  life  is  too  easy  ,we  will  feel   no  meaning .  Do  you  agree  with  me ?

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Thanks   all    people   to   give  me   writing .  I  will  wish   all   of   you   happy.   And   I   still   wish    you   to  talk   with   me.  I  must   reply  to  you .  :)

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Many years ago, i saw a young man in his early twenties at a cafe eating breakfast.  One slice of bread, and a glass of water.  He was chewing the bread with vigour but i remembering sensing then that he must have felt troubled by his situation.  I hope he's doing better now, these thirty years later.

No job? For how long now? What age? Any dependents?  If i myself answer those four questions from my own condition, everyone else who reads this thread and hears my answers will rather take back his/her own parcel of suffering and walk away quietly.

We try to comfort ourselves by saying it's the rule of Life - that there will always be up's and down's, no matter what we try to do.  Sometimes we try very hard but succeed little; yet sometimes we stand still and success beats a path to our door.  

When he was young, Aristotle Onassis, later the world's richest shipping magnate, stood still outside the door of a bank every morning until the banker noticed him; that's how he started, it was narrated.  However in the last part of his life, his star dimmed and he encountered many personal tragedies.  Ebbs and tides of life.

If i look back my own life, much i would have wanted to have done differently.  But one of the quirks of living is that we do not have the benefit of foresight, only the wisdom of hindsight. We cannot clearly enough see ahead because at each moment our sights are respectively dependent on our own experiences up to that point.  Yet those who could feel the ground moving and how the world can become stand the chance to make it big if they stay focused and relentless. Such as Bill Gates when he saw what IBM's Thomas Watson didn't. However, for all his wealth and present philanthropy, he must surely realise that he remains not a popular man in the whole world, and no vote need be taken on that.  Long ebb, constant tide.

So what is the conclusion?  An old saying, the world owes each human being a living, but the person will have to work hard to collect it.  How? if you can, do.  If you can't, stay fit, positive and most importantly alert until the opening presents itself.  Continue to network and maintain mental agility.  Try to be busy doing something to keep the spirits from falling. Help others, even if by such simple things as giving someone a lift on the  bicycle, or sharing that piece of bread.

Unfortunately these can only be done when young.  Those who are much older and whose strength and fortitude towards life are fast waning will have to depend on one last conviction - that if we continue to plod forward with unwavering albeit weary heart, it doesn't matter if the last leg of the journey will end with having only one sesame seed for a meal.

For what is important in this world is

out of it.

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I wept when i was born, and every day shows why.
——Jack London

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