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LADIES: who pretended to ignore a boy in fact like or love him? [Copy link] 中文

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( I was right lol 500 posts was required (also required for own avatar which I knew ) )

OK, Attn to ALL LADIES here:  who pretended to ignore a boy in fact like or love him?

COPY PASTE  from 12345678lj 's topic

This is a interesting topic, and I have thinking about it for quite a long time. Today, I decided to share it with all of you. Also, your ideas could help me on thinking it.

Some girls told me when I ask this question. Most girls said that pretending not to notice or completely ignore a boy is equal to tell that this girls loves the boy, and she wants to attract his attention by this way. I thought the principle must be, the boy thinks "Why does not she talk with me?" or something like this and become interested in the girl who appears strangely. One memeber of S.H.E. (the one with little beard) also said about this, and the procedure and conclusion are the same with the reasons I mentioned above.

Here, I just want to know whether this is true to all girls-although I know different people have different habbits and behavioring styles-but the method must be commonly used
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congrats on ur 500 posts btw.
- We don't dwell on the past, we remember it.

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when I was younger

I pretended to ignore them.... now I haven't fallen for anyone who hasn't come to me first;-)

I did get drunk over dinner once and told this guy I "wanted" him since the beggining of the month... then he said he wanted me since the beggining of the year...

I don't ever "give in" to just anyone I barely know so the next day I told him I was only joking... he told me he wasn't...

I always used to fall for older guys I could never have anyway so I prefer to just ignore my feelings until the feeling disappears.

Now I'm in a relationship of almost 3 years so I can look but that's it... not interested in anything more!

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voted no

I also was thinking...  there are different ways of ignoring. If you ignore a person completely, and give no hints, then what's the good of that? Unless you are in school and will play it the child-like way of telling your friends to tell him for you....

Another way of ignoring is... well, not to ignore, but to just look away after looking at him. I can see this as being a shy thing, not a game thing. If you like a person you might look at them but you'd be embarassed if they caught you looking at them, so you look away and walk away a lot because you wouldn't know what to do if they saw you looking or said something to you, etc.

Some girls are told (or get the message through media or stories) to "play hard to get". Ignoring could be part of that. In some ways, I can see the benefit of playing hard to get (very small ways) but personally I'm not the game playing type.

In some cases, a girl may give a few hints to a guy, but then back off to see if he will act on them, to see if he wants to persue her, especially if she is uncomfortable making the first move. So maybe dropping a few hints but then ignoring is like.... casting your fishing pole with bait out into the water, jiggling it, then remaining still to see if something bites.

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I voted freakyqi..

I guess I am just a straightfoward person..if I like a guy, I will tell him straight...or try to do something to let him know that I like if he has good feelings towards me as well..then we can do something to see whether we click or not...simple like that....

you always have the advantage if you are the first mover....
I don't know if I like you or love you, want you or need you, all I know is I love the feeling I get when I'm near you.

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ignore? not my style

According to my years of experience... What? Cheeky? Well I guess somebody just wanted to strangle me...

Ok, I'll take an example from my own experience. I used to like a good-looking man in our office, so I intentiously tried some tricks on him... (those tricks people like to use when they wanna attract some specific person's attention) Very soon he took my hints and responded positively, as I expected. The ignoring stage only came after, the following days I pretended avoiding him, seeing him as transparent (that sort of things, I'm sure you know), and was pleased with myself watching him being at a lost...... Hey, don't accuse me!!! I wasn't doing that for fun, ok? Just a little harmless trick, you have to find ways to add spices to your life, don't you?

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I voted No... I'd be shy, probably, but I wouldn't ignore him. God, having crushes can be so annoying; it reduces everyone to their middle school selves ("Tee hee, he looked at me!"), and it's awkward. Good thing I've got a boyfriend...

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