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The differences between the South and the North in the United States ? [Copy link] 中文

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Yanyin, you must remember--only barely over half (decimal points over 50%) voted for him in 2004, and in 2000, he lost the popular vote. I'm still confused how he even managed that many, but not all of us are as you described, and his approval rate is dropping probably as we speak.

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He was also re-elected out of fear. He put us into war, and when people are "in war" they are more likely to stick with the same leader, no matter what they think of him. It's a psychological thing. People don't want to change leaders at a time of distress.
Maybe one reason is they think that since he started it he must know more about it than a new person coming in, that a new person might make it worse...?

Just a thought.

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I know the answer to this question too.

I'm like the guy at AskJeeves, except I can answer the questions you ask instead of just compiling a list of questions I can answer that you haven't asked.

How in the world did he get elected for a second term anyway? The americans are just as blindly patriotic and brainwashed as the chinese. Bloody hilly-billy-republican-gun-totting-god-bless-America-rednecks.

Bush was re-elected using the same strategy the Republicans are using this year.  They allow the Democrats to get way out in front and then the Democrats self-destruct.  Democrats are a factionalized and fractious bunch.  So when they get a lead, it will immediately start them battlilng with each other.  In 2004, Howard Dean was the early front-runner favorite when Bush looked unbeatable.  Once Bush looked un-electable, the liberal wing of the party seized control.  America hated Bush so much, they would elect anyone.  So they chose to not offer a reasonable alternative.  They chose to offer the public John Kerry, who is waaay to liberal for most Americans.  That's how Bush won.

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I was a Democrat....

...but the modern Democrats have lost their mind. Clinton I thought did not do a bad job. Or should I say
he at least allowed the Republicans in the Congress and Senate to do the great job they did.

You still should remember, that 911 was almost all, planned on his watch. Should also take
note, that before GWB the stocks were already crashing down 6 months before he was elected.

The Democrats must come more to the center.....they are whacked....and lets just say... least more than 50% agree with me.

Did I like Reagan better than GWB...yes...but GWB under the circumstances has done a great job.

The Democrats might win in 2008...but not with Hilary

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Mr. Fish...... Democrats like the partnership between Celtic Catholics, Hispanics and United Churches...

versus.....the Republicans, of the Baptist, Germanic churches....

yet both needs European Fake non Hebrew Jewish bankers.........

ha ha ha

Mr. Fish......its a washout....

You need a new ALLIANCE.......a Catholic-Asian-Black political party.....
Reformation of Amerikan for Americans......
It's the ONLY WAY....

Green Dragon

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Why you picking on me?

.................................Bush                Kerry              Nader

White (72%)             50%                 49%               1%

African-American       9%                 90%                1%

Latino                         24%                 75%               1%

Asian                          27%                 72%                 \

Seems like the Democrats have the Blacks...Mexicans..........and Asian

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9/11 was an axe ready to fall at any time.

2 fish, the first of the 9/11 plotters entered the USA in 1991, when Bush was still President.  In the early days after 9/11, it was believed that the hijacker who entered in 91 was actually the leader, not Muhammad Atta.  In fact, they each could have been leaders of the plot, with Atta taking on the operational responsibilty because he had a greater interest in seeing it through.

What most people forget when they say that 9/11 was planned on Clinton's watch is that Clinton was not liked by the Pentagon, the CIA, and the FBI.  All these military/ law enforcement organizations that failed America on 9/11 were hostile to Clinton.  So Clinton was the outsider and the one who could not be trusted.

Same thing with the stock markets.  Clinton was supposedly anti-business, but the market topped new records under his administration.  Bush is supposedly pro-business, but the markets won't trend.  In Clinton's later years, businesses Republicans tried to remove him from office by impeachment.  So they were extremely hostile towards him.  Then the markets fell apart.

Looking at the situation objectively, any nation that experienced a presidential impeachment, a bubble market, a failed election, and a major terrorist attack would be called a third world banana republic.  Yet that was exactly what happened to America from 1999-2001.

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