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The differences between the South and the North in the United States ? [Copy link] 中文

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OK fish

Not all you guys from the south are rednecks, but you have to admit there is some stupid people that live there. That's assuming your from the south.

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..many from the south are from very humble backgrounds....

but the north...

it has become 3rd world.

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I live in the North of the US, but I believe I have a pretty unbiased view on life here. Geography-wise, it is much more pleasant, to live down South. I've visited a few times and many of the people seem much more relaxed than I will ever be living up North. It is much warmer in the South than it is here in the North, so maybe that contributes to their relaxed style of life.

As others have said before, we, here in the North are much more industrious than our Southern counterparts.    I think we, here in the North tend to gravitate to white collar jobs such as doctor or lawyer, whereas Southerns will work in blue collar jobs such as manufacturing.  Also, the South is far more idealistic for agriculture. Our Northern winters tend to be too harsh for plants...

I also agree that Southerners tend to be more religious than we are. But in the North you can find, I believe a stronger variety of religions. If you search in and around the cities, you may find a Buddhist temple or an Islamic Mosque. Whereas, in the South, I find that Christianity tends to dominate the region.

Anyway, here's where I'm going to end my unbiased portion for now. Feel free to ask me more later, but I think I need to clear up some heavily biased opinions about my country here. To be totally honest, I believe Northerns are just as racist as Southerners. If you look within the small towns and cities that dot the North, there is not as much variety as you would see in the South. But that is simply my opinion on demographics between the two regions.

Moving on, I think here in the North we do pay slightly more taxes than in the South. Should that tax money go into something useful, you tell me. For example, Massachusetts or as some of us, in New Hampshire like to call it "Taxachusetts" has some of the highest tax rates in the country. But if you travel on their roads... you might go through the roof of your car...haha. If you don't get it, then I'll just say their roads are pretty bad. Case and point, the Big Dig in Boston. It's probably one of the biggest wastes of money in my lifetime. The public works project has gone over budget by what I believe is several million USD. To top it all off, the project is not of high quality. I won't go and explain each and every problem, but I'm sure you an idea how Massachusetts tax dollars are spent.

Anyway, I don't know enough about tax dollars in the South to give a real accurate description of what they do with it though so I'll keep my mouth shut on the subject. But on the subject of taxes, Democrats often put high taxes on their citizens in return, if their government functioned the way they wanted would have greater funding for public schools and universal healthcare. Republicans, on the other hand, dislike "big" government and prefer to keep the gov't out of their business. Politics goes much deeper than that, however but I will explain more if you'd like later.

But I would like to target Frothow's post declaring that Southerners are foolish rednecks. Any intelligent person would know that they are not all "rednecks" so his own stupidity has blinded him to the fact that while there are "rednecks" in the South there are probably just as many here in the North. Also he ignores the fact that not all people in the South are "rednecks". So who's stupider? The fool who knows what he is, or the fool who doesn't?

Another cultural note, the South has some notions of honor within their culture, which probably results in a more war-like culture. The North has no such beliefs possibly as a result has always tried to find a peaceful resolution to protect trade and other such industries which a war would disrupt.

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PS Froth: There's probably just as many dumb people up here in the North as there are in the South. But hey, who's counting?

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Reply #18 tranman1988's post

I live in Massachusetts and yes the taxes are a bit more but the pay is more as well ,but lets go on to the real problem with the south, Gorge w bush , its because of them that that total retard was elected . Lets look what he did to the US economy  , he single handily turned a
massive surplus into a massive deficit . Most of the world hates us now including are allies oil prices are through the roof  i could go on and on but i think you get my point.

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Let us show the Chinese how to fight against each other

It has been my biggest complaint against the Chinese. Here we have more Americans
saying more bad things against their president...than the Chinese do.

Froth- "its because of them that that total retard was elected"

Now if you are a Democrat or a Republican...saying this about YOUR president is exactly why
you guys have lost the elections in the past. It is not the truth....and you sound like a child
when you say it. It sounds like flotsam.

Did you know...

"percentage of children born in New York City last year who are living in poverty: 52%
[Citizens' Committee for Children of New York (N.Y.C.)]"

This is why the taxes are so high

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Well, let's look at President Clinton's foreign policy. I would encourage you to look at President Clinton's involvement in the Rwandan genocide. A sterling performance no? Oh wait, I forgot, we turned a blind eye to the entire god damned thing. But hey wrap your mind about this one, when asked to cut the lines of communcation between the Hutu murderers, the US said, "We believe in Freedom of Press" If you can't form an opinion on that let me tell you mine. "TOTAL AND COMPLETE BS" Here in the states we believe in limited freedom, not unlimited. We both know that if someone broadcasted they were going to murder someone, the police would go in and make a crackdown before it happened. So why didn't the US get involved? Tell me, Frothow, why we didn't save those Tutsis from being murdered? So get off your liberal butt off your high horse. What about our activities all around the world? The Balkans? Yugoslavia? Kosovo? Why hasn't anyone been talking about Clinton's war crimes? Bah, what a misguided

PS: I'm not a Republican nor a Democrat. Bush and Clinton were pretty crappy presidents in my opinion. Maybe you've been been brainwashed by politicians to find the real truth. Or maybe you blinded yourself to world during the economic boon during the Clinton administration to remember the atrocities commited.

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