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Democracy 101 for mainlanders [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by chinese_yang at 2006-4-20 13:10
You are in a mess, as evidenced by your post.

well, if you come to Beijing where I'm currently in, I wouldn't mind to provide you with free education to improve both your knowledge and intellige ...

I am with you, Chinese_Yang, but good luck trying to persuade TwChinese of
true democracy.

God blesses all,

Forest Servant.

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And yet . . .

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Wow! Ongoing War Crimes are ANCIENT HISTORY

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Another Uneducated Amerikan Brings NOTHING to the discussion

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What a Hilarious Crock!

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America has said 'NO' to international agreements in germ warfare, global warming, antiballistic missile treaty, nuclear test ban and anti-personal land mines and, of course , the world court. Now, she is helping escalate the religious war that the jews and muslims started.

Yes, these are the wills of the American people. But they are also thee-mob-gone-crazy, or demobcrazy. But its fashionable name, democracy, is so firmly inprinted in the minds of many people, that defending it has justified most recent wars.   Since the full implementation of democracy by America after the American Revolution, the world has had only two weeks of peace from continuous wars.

Sun Yat Sen, China's father of democracy, when asked by farmers why China
needs democracy, replied:" only then would we able to fight a war as effectively as the other strong democratic countries".  Today, the number one agenda for America diplomacy in Taiwan is arms sale, so that Taiwan can defend its democracy.

At a distance democracy is a beacon of hope, but close in it's a perpetual war machine.

This system of ruling by the majority through balloting can only be justified through powerful, seamless propaganda backed by superior military might. But at many a critical junction it would take the wrong turn. This is because, casting a secret ballot takes only raw animal instincts, while making sensible open decisions for the public good requires the wisdom and compassion of saints.
This was what happened when Hitler, by pushing democracy to its purest form, or fascism, set the world off to a contest of  military prowesses.  Now, Hitler and democracy both serves as the role models for modern politicians and political systems, respectively.  Democracy and war reinforce each other.  Just imaging China becomes  democratic, or Russian democratically chosen to go back to communism.  Then the world would be held hostage by the whims of opposing mobs.

A good illustration of democracy is the jury system, which is a mini-case study of the democratic process. In jury selection the lawyors always prefer the less knowledgeable and less educated to the more. So, from local low courts to the highest supreme court, decisions are made based on not merits, but mediocre majority. The selection of the American President in 2000 by the Supreme court is an example.

One oddity of democracy is the emergence of politicians. Who are this curious lot? They are the relics left over from the days of the monarch, the court jesters. Now, instead of entertaining the kings and queens, they work the common people. But their hidden agenda is to fill the vacuum left by their former boss.

So, who can really make the more sensible decisions for the people?  Most likely
it's not the people themselves, especially when fairness to people with different interests are concerned.   Democracy has served as a battle cry for aggression.  It legitimizes mob behavior and warmongering.  But most of all, it causes deterioration of leadership qualifications in term of fair-mindedness and welfare of the future

The future generations inevitably suffers in a democracy, since they have no vote.
When would the diehards of demobcrazy come to term with Nature's order of things?  The mass of people needs to be served, protected and guided by the best few among them, not to be incited to mob actions by the worst among them, through election campaigns and during international conflicts.
It's effortless for the majority to oppress the minority, but it takes a magnanimous leader to prevent that.

Singapore has taught an American kid a few things about good manner. And it's high time American adults should learn something about Singapore's political system. It's a sytem of government ruled by elders and technocrats, that has proven successful not only in Singapore, but also China and the pre-democratic Taiwan, as well as in Japan, who, nevertheless, still go through the motion of democracy just to please its teacher, America.

Whether democracy or rule-by-elders, two principles must prevail. They are publicness and qualification. Publicness requires that all government officials to give up personal privacy when public affairs are concerned. This begins with excluding relatives from similar public services and any public dealings involving conflict of interests.

Qualification comes next, but only after publicness is not violated. To qualify, a public servant should be selected based on the following three methods:

1.Appointments base on performance
2.Education background

On close examination, it appears that democracy does not satisfy the above criteria. That is as good reason as any to throw it out as demobcrazy, along with the predatory and parasiting politicians.
An intermediate step toward safeguarding the world from democracy's warring tendencies is the introduction of the status of conscientious objectors to war for individual states or provinces.  Depriving the assurance for full mobilization and mass hysteria, such a policy could dampen the urgency  for military buildup  during peace times, a high-priority item typical for democratic countries.

Finally for those democracy hardcores, there is limit beyond which democracy may turn ominous for them.  Although the victorious, democratic countries have given themselves an automatic amnesty at the end of World War II for their past imperialistic wrongdoings,   the ultimate form of democracy, which is global democracy, may still produce the largest lynching mob out of the ballot boxes to bring the hardcores to  justice for their democratic, criminal acts.

If the whole China becomes democratic, Taiwain would have to face a scorch-earth invasion tomorrow.  If  the whole world become democratic, all whites may all have to serve jail times.

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