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一个小短文,希望大家指正一下,提提建议 [Copy link] 中文

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也许因为昆仑山太多玄密,所以《山海经》才说海内外有许多昆仑山;也许认为纯属子虚乌有,所以昆仑山居然上不了《辞海》条目,进不了历史、地理教科书;也许因为失落了几千年,所以人们已不知道真正的昆仑山在哪里;也许因为昆仑山的传说太过久远,所以许许多多石破天惊的昆仑山故事早被人们遗忘。也许上面四个“也许”都不存在,真正的“也许”是因为几千年来昆仑山这部“天书”从未被世人读懂过,所以世人既不知昆仑山之地理所在,也不晓昆仑山之天机何在。好在苍天有眼,历经多年考证,2006年初,终于在晋豫边界发现失落了几千年传说中的昆仑山。不仅于此,考察还证实:昆仑山是正对“上天中央”之“大地中央”;是宇宙太极图之原型;是河图洛书之宗源;是中华龙图腾的原型; 是道家学说发祥地;是传说周穆王与西王母相会之瑶池仙山;是盘古开天辟地神话故事原创地——原来如此!怪不得昆仑山在中国文化史上占有如此重要地位,怪不得昆仑山在中国人心目中的地位如此神圣,怪不得昆仑山如此声名显赫,怪不得昆仑山如此高深莫测。

It might be for having so much mystery about Kunlun Mountain, that the Mountain and Sea Scroll said there are many Kunlun Mountains both at home and abroad.
It might be thought no Kunlun Mountain at all in the world, so it can not be seen either in the entries of world ocean or in history and geograpyhy text books.
It might be for so many thousands of years of lost, that people don’t know where the true Kunlun Mountain is any longer.
It might be because the legends about Kunlun Mountain are to old, many shocking stories about it have been forgot.
Maybe the four “might be”above don’t exit, and the truth is that for thousands of years, “the sealed book” of Kunlun Mountain has neven been understood by humans, so they have no idear about either the location or the nature’s mystery of Kunlun Mountain. However, God has eyes, after years of textual research, in the early 2006, the legendary Kunlun Mountain which has been lost for thousands of years was at last discovered along the border between Shanxi and Henan. What’s more, the expedition also proves that Kunlun Mountain, which is right opposite the centre of the heaven, is in the mid of the earth.
It is the antetype of the picture of universe and taiji, the origin of He Tu Luo Shu (map of the yellow river and book of the luo river), the prototype of Chinese totem, the cradle of Taoism, the Yao Chi (abode of immortals where Xi Wangmu lives) and fairy mountain where King Mu in Zhou Dynasty met Xi Wangmu (the queen mother of the west) in legend, the original place of the fairy tale that Pan Gu creating the world. -- That’s why! No wonder that Kunlun Mountain takes so important a position in Chinese cultural history. No wonder that Kunlun Mountain has so holy a status in Chinese people’s mind. No wonder that Kunlun Mountain is so famous and flamboyant. No wonder that Kunlun Mountain is so unfathomable.

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