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Why is China still so backward? [Copy link] 中文

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Should it just be QUALITY OF LIFE or VALUE OF GDP?

Mother Nature is very fair.....

It's either this or that....

But Tyrants which could sway their Sheeps always create humans with the worse qualities.....with final outcome...being the need to fight wars.
Couldn't a Mountain Brigand leader notice that GDP is small but quality of life is great.....from clean air, uncrowded enviroment, healthy food, happy clannish people....
Or the Sea Pirate leader noticed that his manufactured article is cheaper than either the mountain or the river people, and because he does not have much vices, his money goes a long way...
when the people of various culture meets in certain intersection territory, all hell break loose as the various tribes of different cultural roots fights it out to be top dog.....each having preconceived value or menu of choices created by the conditions of their origin...

ha ha ha

Rich? Rich only in monetary value????? Who's the idiot who coined this?

It should be Total Wealth and that includes QUALITY OF LIFE!

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The reason why China is so backward?

Because our parent, grandparent, great grandparent, great great grandparent, ... sold out!!! Either they made bad decisions compared to those in the west or didn't look out for the welfare of the Chinese people in the long run. You have to give credit to the great grandparent of those in the west -- they just went out and took what they wanted from the rest of the world by force by shooting our grand parents. That is why they are so rich and strong now. They were just stronger and more devious than our grandparents. Is there a lesson there for us?

However, that is not the question we should be asking. We should be asking if we will make the same mistakes as our parents did? Are we now capable of making the right decisions compared to those in the west? Or  will our children and grandchildren be asking the same question?

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some advice

the science ability in china is indeed trouble some
i am always doubt why we have so many students so smart and hard working but the techonology are so black ward   we can not build our own airplane so many techonology we can not develop it our self
maybe for high student we are just to busy and have no time to think about the future
and when we in college we are so lazy , as any one can graduate from the school
and the homework are useless   no way to inspiring the creat abitlity of every
the education problem in china is a big problem

in china do research work seems useless   
in our institute the research work in my opinion is back word

i think one of most import thing we should have is we must have confidence
we should believe that the things can accomplish in the world else where we can also do

as the company have no ability to provide reseach work  the country should support the institute and  help the institute
cooporation with the company

we should always pay attention to the education of our country

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The lack of  accumulation ----- economic, political,---any way.
Chinese have get use  to the revolution,or  overturn.  A geart country ,however,need
constant accumulate  by the cost of   several  generations.    China was in the quite oppsite.

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to aquitaine


when you say ‘backward’ I think it to mean undeveloped and behind in the standard of things. The international community sees china as developing. I think it is no secret that most people look at us as being a little backward then. Why is china backward?

Maybe it is for old traditions which are selectively chosen to continue for the please of some. Maybe it is for the education system which is underdeveloped in modern approaches and concepts of thinking. Maybe it is for a workplace which promotes old habits and reinforces the backward mentality. Maybe it is for anti-foreigner attitudes which prevent people from learning from developed nations and people. Maybe it is for the peer pressure toward any of us who try to practice foreign ways, and the threat of being ostracized from our community of friends for trying to live with developed habits.

Maybe it is for our collective and prejudice idea of friendship which does not include anyone who is not Chinese. Maybe this idea of friendship is promoted to simple minded people so they don’t interact with developed people and learn for themselves what they like and want.

Maybe young people are manipulated like children to follow old traditions and never given the chance to make their own decisions and develop their minds. Maybe people are not told how things could be for them if they try a developed way of things, but only made to fear what will happen if they don’t follow the old Chinese way. Maybe it is a perfect circle of fear to not try anything new for what you might lose.

Maybe the practices of making things difficult for us is done to avoid us becoming comfortable with our lives and start thinking of how to improve ourselves in different ways. Maybe we are told to remember old ancient proverbs which tell us to care about nothing so we will never be hurt or experience loss, but are not told that this is not the road to happiness but a false reality of life.

Maybe girl children are led into an overbonding with their fathers, which keeps them from developing inter-dependant relations with others and in turn keeps their minds from developing this way. Maybe these children are emotionally closed off from others for their over dependance on their family. Maybe the idea of family is over done to the point that people don’t interact in the socity with manner and respect with others. Maybe this is why at the slightest conflict we begin to argue and scream and fight with each other in public.

Maybe the Chinese system of communism has kept people poor for so long, including today that it is accepted to provide sex work for extra money to live. Maybe people are told that this is ok enstead of trying to improve things such as developed nations. Maybe men here like this habit and fool girls to think it must be this way, which is not true.

Maybe there has been so much interfamily breeding for the name of close family, that so many of us are genetically disposed to underdeveloped behaviours. Maybe people are encouraged to accept sub standard things so as to not show their envy toward developed ways and accept the truth that china is still developing. Maybe it is the belief that ethics and morals are not needed to justify the behaviour of us, which allows us to act backward and expect others to accept it.

Why is China backward? Because we chose to be, but wont admit that we are.

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Originally posted by dailychina at 2007-1-13 19:32

Why is China backward? Because we chose to be, but wont admit that we are.

Not any more!

In fact, most of the developed countries are becoming backward. In fact, they are in decline. There are tremendous problems facing these countries. Their citizens have lost direction and they are becoming morally bankrupt and unhappy with life. These people are now looking at China and India for the future.

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to changabula

Not any more!

In fact, most of the developed countries are becoming backward. In fact, they are in decline. There are tremendous problems facing these countries. Their citizens have lost direction and they are becoming morally bankrupt and unhappy with life. These people are now looking at China and India for the future.

This now becomes a discussion of the chicken and the egg. tit for tat as some may call it. say a bad thing about my homeland and i will say the same about yours. its a very old and tired method of the infantile and  unlearned. but i suppose this is why we are discussing the topic of being 'backward'!

with no objective viewpoint on such a topic makes a comment next to worthless in its value. this means your opinion is of little meaning. still, i will do you the favour of educating you as my part in helping develope the backward thinking of many, as you show here. YOUR FUTURE COMMENTS WILL GO UNANSWERED for their worthlessness, not for anything else.

You remind me of a chinese boy i knew of when i lived overseas. he would manipulate his simple minded and emotionally sick sister to have sex with him in return for money which she needed. she took this as a helful favour as he would explain it to her. her emotional dependance on her brother prevented her from starting a relation with another male to get on with her plan for life. he would play on her feeble emotions that foreigners of that land were so different from he and his sister that she would never have a good relation with one of them. she foolishly believed the selfish words of her brother who kept her mentally inprisoned to explanations of customs and traditions despite being married himself and having violent problems with his marriage for his pleasurable relation with his sister. she soon began to sell herself for money at the advice of her brother which brought the attention of local authorities who suspected the family of suspicious and illegal activities. she ended up with no real relation of her own with another person, though men were interested in her, and the people of the community came to see the brother as a sick and dangerous person.

Their citizens have lost direction and they are becoming morally bankrupt and unhappy with life. These people are now looking at China and India for the future.

you confuse the need for employment and money to live, with admiration for other lands. developed countries have been throught the cycles of economic change, which china has not. this is not losing direction. if developed countries have begun to show morally bankrupt behaviour perhaps they have regresses somewhat. this may happen in times of severe stress and crisis where the people know better and want better but arent exactly sure what to do in that moment, and at times chose to take the easy way out. keep in mind that morally bankrupt is the common way of china.  are you ready to admit that most people of us here are in severe stress and crisis and that we want better but dont know what to do about it? but to admit this means that china is not perfect and that we have in fact been living backwards and defending it, while critisizing otgher developed countries for doing the same. you sound hypacritical and infant.

i dont imagine i will reply to such jeuvanile posts in the future

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