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Senior US Government official arrested for pedophilia crimes. [Copy link] 中文

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This is a news story about a senior official in the US Department of Homeland Security who was arrested for sex crimes committed against a detective who he thought was a 14 year old girl.  The official works in a very sensitive position because those who handle media relations at DHS must have a intimate knowledg of homeland security issues, what can and cannot be said publicly, and how to advise (softly censor) the media in an event of an emergency.  (Media will be offended at the use of the term "softly censor" because western media maintain their independence of the government even when they cooperate 100% with governmental requests, however there really isn't a system for resisting the government's requests during an emergency.)

The worry for the American public comes from a few different areas.  First, there is the possibility that this is not the official's first offense.  Second, there is the possiblilty that this is not the only senior official involved.  Third, because the official was so willing to disclose his identity and his title, there is a possibility that his motive was not sexual gratification at all, but that he was attemting to make contact with a foreign intelligence service so that he could spy for them.  Finally, Americans must face the reality that because our Western sexual mores are generally offensive to conservative Muslims, those who hate America will surely seize upon this as an example of how America's entire culture is perverted, hedonistic, and immoral.

Then there is also the fact that the 55 year old man was seeking to have sex with a 14 year old.

April 5, 2006

Homeland Security Aide Suspended After Sex Sting

Filed at 2:41 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The deputy press secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was put on leave and his security clearance suspended on Wednesday after being arrested on charges of using the Internet to try to seduce a 14-year-old girl, an official said.

Brian Doyle, 55, was arrested on Tuesday night in a sex- sting operation and accused of obscenely propositioning an undercover agent he thought was a teen-ager.

The Homeland Security department is one of the federal agencies responsible for investigating child pornography and online exploitation of children, through its immigration and customs unit and the Secret Service. Department officials said those agencies were not involved in this case.

``The department is cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation,'' said department press secretary Russ Knocke, Doyle's supervisor. ``We take these allegations very seriously.''

Doyle had been placed on ``a non-pay status and his security clearance, employee badge and facility access permissions have been suspended,'' Knocke said.

He gave no personal information about Doyle, but current and former colleagues expressed shock and surprise at his arrest.

Doyle faces 23 charges in Polk County, Florida, related to use of a computer to seduce a child and transmitting harmful materials to a minor. He was being held in a suburban Washington jail pending extradition to Florida.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Doyle was taken into custody at his home in Silver Spring, Maryland, while he was online with undercover detectives.

A statement issued by the sheriff's office said Doyle contacted a 14-year-old girl whose profile was posted on the Internet and initiated a sexually explicit conversation. The ''girl'' was actually an undercover Polk County detective.

It said Doyle gave his office phone number and his government-issued cell phone number. He also was accused of using the Internet to send pornographic movie clips and having explicit sexual conversations in online chats with the supposed girl.

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This guy will be nailed to the wall and rightfully so.  Good riddance!!!!

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it is not out of expectation, Us person is very keen to sexual crime all round the world. in Japan and Iraq etc, they have left behind their jism soever to women or gals.

some of US gay seem very hard to control their libido. so give an advise to female who had to be business with US gay: keep careful until you make clear the gay along with you have been castrated.

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Reply #1 matt605's post

Good warning and highlight MATT!!!

Maybe could be posted into Love section too!!!

Super, Wunderbar!!!

What FISH has to say????
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Like meiguoracing says, good riddance to the pervert

But I can't believe the fools here who then use this to paint everyone else in the USA as sex crazed fiends.

One may ask just how 300 million yanks are seen as sex maniacs compared to, say, 1300 million Chinese.
Haven't you guys figured out cause and effect?

"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Ah, but we use birth control. You should also remember the explanation that was given in, Monty Python's,  The Meaning Of Life. :)

Oddly I haven’t seen too much about this in the American broadcast media, but it is all over the internet.

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There are some web logs, blogs, that cover it.

Some blogs in the USA have commented on the news.  There was also a second story about how the arrested man had been disciplined at a previous job for use of an office computer to view pornography, but that news story did not specify if he had been using an office computer to view child pornography, just pornography generally.  Some news organizations have focused on the blackmail and national security aspects.  There's no news on whether Doyle was one of several men who sought to seduce teenagers as a form of competition, whether Doyle had other experience with seducing young teenagers online, or whether he had provided his name and position to other investigators whom he believed were either children, or adults working for foreign intelligence services.

There is also an announcement that congress will hold hearings to determine if the Department of Homeland Security is correctly screening its employees.  

This link lists the blogs that comment on the article: ... .html?partnerid=120

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