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In bed, man is a wolf [Copy link] 中文

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Not every woman is good at handling an affection, especially face those mature and experienced men, women won't think much about what after, their clothes are so easy to be taken off by men. Maybe, from the appearance is just clothes, Actually, it's the bottom line of our love.……

    Time flies, age changes, our thoughts change too. open for other countries, open for new technology; open for new thoughts, even open for sex... Human being, especially men, always be messed up with sex, use down part to think more than using their brain, everything is controlled by their needs. Easy to be swayed by his emotions, it leads to give his words away easily.  

  Men, in bed, he's a wolf; after bed, he's a normal man. we don't take off our cloth in front of a man who has his family. it's not something like we are having a closed-mind, it's just we need to treasure ourselves and the bottom line of our love.

      You want him to marry you, the earlier you give yourself to him, the chance to get married is even less. "Early", we don't talk about the age, it's the sex relationship from how long you've been with him.

   Don't know how many people know how prostitutes work. they want you to finish the thing as soon as you can, then ask you for the money. it's not ironic, just want to explain that she doesn't want anything from men, but money. So same as men, rush to have sex with you, possibly is not b/c he loves you.

  Many men has a weird thought: want the one who he's interested in making love to her, hope she could be naked on the first date; However, the one he wants to marry, always hope she's shy and hard to get, if she's a virgin still, it gonna be perfect.(if she's not a virgin, but act like ice still, 50% he will disappointed, and blame her for pretending herself to be naive)

  Everybody knows, no matter the thing how good it is, it's only keep for a period of time. men won't be satisfied with making love to one woman only. once he have the chance, he'd like to try with someone who's younger and more sexy.  

  Under this phenomenon, too early to have sex or co-habit will lose the fresh feeling. Possibily to get bored with each other before a good marriage----no matter from emotion or physical, it's totally not healthy.

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Practicing sex at an early age helps you get a realistic view on what it is all about. It helps you develop your technique, so you (and thereby your spouse) can make it good for you. It makes you concentrate on all the other stuff that can easily be neglected if you are just longing for marriage and the first time. It can make sure you will not be disappointed after being married because of unrealistic expectations.

There are methods to keep up the interest in your partner. There are various positions, many places you can use, and lots of stuff (like cameras) to spice things up and make it interesting. Just use your imagination.

A man will stay eternally faithful to a lady who does him good. But if he's bored, he might look elsewhere.

Incidentally, this is also true for women.

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i'm pretty much with liangzi on this one

as a man i don't wanna be with a woman who doesn't trust me to keepo interest...or who holds back affection because she thinks if given too early i will leave....i think most men have a similar attitude...if we're looked after, if we're in a warm affectionate relationship, why would we leave?...also the thing that babyfox said about wanting to marry disturbs me...if you meet a man whom you want to marry - even more the reason to look after him well...for men want affection, and if they see the only way to get it is to be someone not good enough for marriage then many will reduce themselves to that level....women and men should lok after a relationship they should work as a team...and they should act naturally and do what feels right and good...that's what i think

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A one sided relationship is a dead relationship.....

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I'm coming for you freaky...

white wolf.jpg

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LOL.... otis, you're getting frisky!

Originally posted by pinko7 at 2006-4-5 10:05
...and they should act naturally and do what feels right and good...

Did you hear that otis??? We should act naturally and do what feels right and good.

And spiritrace said we shouldn't be one-sided. I'm glad to see you're as enthusiastic as I am so we're not one-sided. :D Hold on... ehem...

I can say from experience that I've had some relationships where we had sex right away, and others where we didn't, and ... well.... I'm not married to any of them today, so I guess in my experience it didn't matter. BUT, one where we got together right away lasted several years. I always wondered if that had an effect on the way he felt about me, but HE DID IT TOO, obviously, so it shouldn't have an affect on how a man sees a woman any more than how she sees him.

But we live in a world of societies where men & women are not seen as sexually equal.
I am not rich.  :L

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I like to play the draculas chasing the lady

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