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Help you to know more about girls. [Copy link] 中文

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What do you think is girls' patent? Why do you think so?
Maybe shopping?
Eating sock?

For the sexual reason, girls are very different from boys in many areas. The contradictions between girls and boys are mostly caused by these things.  Girls like romantic things, they care about many trival things that man never realise. Thus, i think we need to know more about the reasons.

Yeah, man never know why their girlfriends get angry with them.
So dear girls, tell them something about the reasons! Just let them know.

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"Eating sock???" What on earth are you talking about? And with "face-painting," do you mean wearing makeup?

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giggle giggle giggle...
I am SO waiting to hear what "eating sock" means! I hope it has nothing to do with you, sockmonkey!

Cooldaney - your last part is good advice. Men & women both should try to exlpain their feelings in a relationship.

Do you want to know a big chemical difference that might explain some of the mysterious differences?
It's called oxytocin. It's a chemical that is present in all people (maybe all mammals) that is responsible for bonding. When oxytocin is made/released, the person feels emotionally connected to the situation or person. What releases oxytocin? Orgasms (and other good sexual feelings even if no orgasm), childbirth, and breastfeeding. Women have more oxytocin than men, though men have it too. Starting to get the picture? It bonds the couple together for when the baby is born, and it STRONGLY bonds the mother & baby at childbirth and throughout breastfeeding.

When people get sexual and they do not intend to be serious, or are not sure yet, we often see the woman "falling in love" faster than the man, or the woman becoming attached to the man more than he is to her. This is oxytocin's fault. It is NOT because women are wimpy or "too emotional", or weak or needy. It is a physiological (body chemistry) thing that no one can change. Some men say they feel the urge to have sex often, and with many women. Well, men, when you make that woman feel good sexually, you are triggering the chemical that will attach her to you! She will feel the urge to be with YOU just like you feel the urge to be with many other women.

So both sexes can learn from this.

(To kiss or not to kiss? Once you kiss, your oxytocin will start deciding FOR you!) ;P
I am not rich.  :L

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haha, haha,,,,,

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sockmonkey and freaky......

I laughed and laughed and hit the "enter" key...LOL

It is our Chinglish, LOL.....

By saying "eating sock", cooldaney was referring to "eating snacks" between meals, like have some popcorns, chocolates or sweets etc.  There is an electronic dictionary in almost every Chinese user's pc- Kingsoft, by which, if you key in 零食(snack), the dic will tell you it is "sock"... my god!...I squeezed all my wit and at last figured it out....

By face-painting, cooldaney might refer to facial beautifying...using lipstick?...eyebrow pencil?

Don't be afraid...LOL...we don't eat sox...

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Also, I wouldn't call the little things girls notice "trivial." We pick up on detail much better--we'll remember your cat's birthday, your mother's maiden name, that one funny incident in high school you told us about once... they're not trivial bits of info, just details we recall.

I once heard a comedian refer to girls' steel-trap memories as dangerous. Guys will do one little thing or another little thing and think nothing of it... girls file it away in a folder called "Sh*t to Bring Up Later." And trust us, if it's necessary, we will!

Oh yeah, and in regards to "socks" vs "snacks," I once was trying to explain to my tutor what a llama was. Her dictionary had it translated as "camel." I had to go online and find pictures of llamas to show her!

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Originally posted by sockmonkey at 2006-4-2 23:53
girls file it away in a folder called "Sh*t to Bring Up Later." And trust us, if it's necessary, we will!

Gee...I'd better take care every word I post here...otherwise, they will 'bring it up later" and I will get lost...

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