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Look at the landscape.

Mencius  #10:
1) Taiwan will have to rely on the USA completely and totally if she declares independence ! A million GIs will need to move into position right away if the island is not to be pulverised. China has bent backwards in guaranteeing that NO FORCE will be used unless independence is declared unilaterally. I fail to see why this simple fact is so difficult for some to grasp.So Taiwan will be under foreign control.

2)Hong Kong never enjoyed democracy under the British rule; no elections and not even a choice of appointments of governors. "Take it or leave it "was the order of the day. For mencius to slip in this misinformation about the freedom and democracy " enjoyed " in those bad old days is hypocrisy at its most exqusite.  PRC has enshrined in the basic law a 50 year transition towards election democracy with universal suffrage. NO rule has been broken in the adminstration of the HKSAR. Just because a ' rent-a-crowd ' is gathered on the streets of HK demanding a concertina contraction of these condition does not make it right. These peaceful demonstrations ( one suspects the mischievous hans of the NGOs from London and Washington)  showed the world the advancement in free expression ahead of anything this crowd has ever enjoyed under the British crown. Humbug to say otherwise.

The terrain and landscape as we traverse this road to re-unification look like a peaceful integration first in commerce and trade and then everything else. The feel is one of goodwill and warmth. The only cold breeze comes from across the ocean where to " divide and rule " is the old colonial adage still being fondly clung on to. Sad.

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The last reply by Mencius was correct.  If mainland China and Taiwan could both agree to stop posturing, and threatening the one thing the other fears/resents, you might be surprise how much progress to an actual 'reunification' might occur.

In the west, people being forced to do something, even if the action might benefit them, often chose another path because they resent the idea someone might control their freedom to choose.  In China, this would be the same as 'losing face'.  That is why mainland China's heavy-handed threats are unpopular with the populations of nations with democratic governments.  If this continues, Taiwan will only be pushed further away.  These policies and statements are counterproductive.

Nosferatu, the mainland did not introduce anything new into the dialog; therefore, it cannot
be the one with havy hand. SB Chen, on the other hand ,want change the formality of the
dialog, and this should be up to the mainland to decide; however, it does not look like SB Chen's
proposal is acceptable to the mainland.

I am against any war to settle the issue, and believe the raymondusa's support of a long-term economic solution is the best way to pursue China's goal.  I would add that strengthening ties by stressing the similarities of the two regions would accelerate this goal if it can be reached.

I agree with this idea only within a reasonnable time limit. There are too many people being
deny the usage of their land. I can see clearly a human-right and descrimination issues created
by Taiwan administration, by denying the owner of the land the right to use their land. Hence, it is
the CCP responsibility to expedite this descrepancy to a close for its people.

God blesses all,

Forest Servant.

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