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China's Serious Environment Problem   [Copy link] 中文

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Billions for water projects go down the drain

Originally posted by iamdonne at 2006-3-30 22:58
The goverment departments have  realized the seriousness of the environment 's turing worse. But the
effective  measures can not be carried out easily.

You are right but why it cannot be carried out easily. It's about governace.
Auditors: Billions for water projects go down the drain
(China Daily)
Updated: 2006-03-30 06:33

Billions of yuan meant for water conservation projects have been mismanaged or misused, according to a national audit report released yesterday.

The findings were based on a 2004 audit of 71.6 billion yuan (US$8.9 billion) in funds allocated for such projects during 2002 and 2003, or 77 per cent of the total amount, according to the National Audit Office.

Among the key findings:

More than 3.5 billion yuan (US$437.5 million) was retained for no sound reason and nearly 1.4 billion yuan (US$175 million) was used improperly.

Nearly 1 billion yuan (US$125 million) was spent on building hotels or given out as subsidies and bonuses to staff members in some projects.

Other government departments involved in the misuse of public funds returned 4.16 billion yuan (US$520 million) to the State coffers.

The departments also turned over 1.18 billion yuan (US$147 million) to the central budget and reallocated 11.76 billion yuan (US$1.47 billion).

The audit also unearthed 114 cases of suspected malpractice in the use of funds, leading to court sentences for 76 officials and administrative punishment for 213.

Ten of the 12 departments accused of falsifying their budgets have transferred 390 million yuan (US$48.75 million) in inflated expense claims to next year's budget.

On the brighter side, the audit office found satisfactory results with environmental protection along the Qinghai-Tibet railway.

To reduce the negative impact of the construction, 33 passageways all completed by June 2005 were built for wild animals to cross the railway.

According to the Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the number of antelope using the passageways rose to more than 1,500 last year from 400 in 2003. The animals go to Hoh Xil, a traditional mating place.

The report said the government planned to spend 1.54 billion yuan (US$193 million) for environmental protection along the Qinghai-Tibet railway accounting for 4.6 per cent of the total investment on the project of which 1.45 billion yuan (US$181 million) had been spent by June 2005.

Construction of the 1,142-kilometre Qinghai-Tibet railway from Golmud to Lhasa, scheduled to be operational this summer, started in June 2001.

(China Daily 03/30/2006 page1)

I read similar news of mismanagement last year.
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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I won't say it has achieved an early 'victory'.

Just erase some disgrace won't gain 'victory'
Firms hand in proposals to tackle pollution
By Sun Xiaohua (China Daily)
Updated: 2006-03-30 06:37

China's fight against water pollution has achieved an early victory, with 21 factories found to be polluting handing in proposals on how they plan to clean up their operations.

The State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), the country's top environmental watchdog, said in February that 11 factories found to be polluting heavily were told to cleanup their act or close their operations. Another 10 factories were listed by the SEPA as not passing the environmental impact assessment (EIA).

"The campaign aims at stopping potential sources of water pollution," said Pan Yue, vice-minister of SEPA.

"SEPA will take strict measures to supervise the blacklisted factories. Those which do not work out well will be punished according to the newly-issued draft regulations on environmental polluters."

The 11 polluters have submitted their cleanup plans to SEPA costing a total of 400 million yuan (US$49 million).

The 10 factories that failed the EIA have stopped their operations after SEPA's warning.

They have updated their facilities at a cost of 150 million yuan (US$18.5 million).

Since the Songhua River chemical spill last November in Northeast China, 73 water pollution accidents have occurred across the country, Pan said, adding that the task of environmental protection was pressing.

At a State Council meeting hosted by Premier ^^ yesterday, a five-year plan on pollution control and prevention for Songhua waters was passed, together with the regulations of compensation and relocation of the large-and-medium hydro power station constructions.

The pollution control and prevention on Songhua waters has been written into the country's 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10).

(China Daily 03/30/2006 page2)
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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My remark on the article "China's Serious Pollution Problem "

I read the article "China's Serious Pollution Problem ",writed by ChenYu. I think
the writer's opinion is too extreme to be received .He(she) only learn the bad aspect  of  China's environment problem,but not learn the good aspect.

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Yes, that's a serious problem and need to be settled immediately.
As far as I know , actions are being taken , efforts being made.
I learnt yesterday China Daily held a conference about industrial pollution and
sustainable development.
Numbers of  senior economic experts attend it .
Personally , that's a good start , I think.

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groudless speech

Sample Text
china,my beloved country,is always doing their best beutify their coastal developing reality  i feel agreeable to witness the local goverment focus on both economic developments and the enviornment rebuilding .in the rural you must discover the profuond cultural customs are still cherished in people' hearts. wandering  in the country trails ,occationally you will be excited by the vivid folk rhythm with your eyes relishing  marvelous landcapes. if we don't possess the decerning eyes,we must as often as not be deceived by the online news.

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China Trans-century Green Project Plan

For those who are interested in knowing the environmental protection in administration level in China, you can browse the website ... anel=2&column=3
Actually the first stage of China Trans-century Green Project Plan started  from 1996 . The plan covers 15 years, divided into three stages. The first stage synchronizes with the Ninth Five-Year Plan period from 1996 to 2000...

I am not a watchdog on envirnomental issues. Just know there're some improvement over the years. Like using environmental-friendly fuel on bus and taxi, building wind power plants and nuclear power plants for alternatives....etc but certainly not a victory. It's a long way to go.
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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